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Tower Bar

§ October 11th, 2018 § Filed under General § Tagged Comments Off on Tower Bar

New gastronomy at a very high level, there is no other building in North Rhine-Westphalia, where you can enjoy his cocktail in a bar height of 168 metres. And it is especially proud in the city. After nearly two months of construction was a lounge in timeless modern ambience, which is bright and friendly. A trendy cool atmosphere should be provided with the spirit. The entire bar area with its natural stone look conveys a cosy loft character.

The warm earth tones create a cosy wellness feeling atmosphere. Of course the guests from every seat in the extraordinary views in the nighttime distance. The best that goes with one of the nearly 60 cocktails, which the internationally experienced bartender Jorg Kalinke has in its portfolio. Rhine Tower and Gunnewig form a successful duo for three decades,”Walter E. Niemoller is looking forward to further cooperation.

Now, we still topped the whole thing and top. For the anniversary year, we have We made something special. The bar & lounge is also a gift for the Dusseldorferinnen and Dusseldorf, wishing to spend their after work height of 168 metres. “Or for the many tourists, the on this unique views in loungy ‘ atmosphere to enjoy.” Lord Mayor Dirk Elbers is pleased the new gastronomic offering high above the rooftops of the city: with this new offer, Dusseldorf’s highest landmark Gets a new attraction. From this vantage point, our city with the grinding of the Rhine offers an impressive picture again and again. For citizens and citizens as well as visitors to Dusseldorf a driveway on the Tower worth more now.” It looks like Denis Rauhut: other cities must close its television transmission towers. We take a different approach and extend our offer to a new attraction. Now Dusseldorf has a bar & lounge at the highest level.” Bar & lounge is open daily from 17: 00. It is of course continue giving coffee and cake during the famous opening of the Rhine Tower. The culinary offer is complemented by delicious specialities such as antipasti and tapas, which offers the kitchen between 12 and 22. And also the welcome people who want to experience this unforgettable panoramic view over Dusseldorf or the fine cuisine are of course in addition to bar visitors want to experience restaurant top 180 in the Gunnewig.