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Aciclovir Therapy

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You present/display ampollosa wound in your intimate zone, you look for methods to disappear it at least momentarily, since the pain is unbearable, if these asking to you like eliminating the herpes genital, exist a proven treatment that can be effective, we talked about the episodic therapy. The episodic therapy consists of the ingestion of antiviral specific for the herpes in the first hours of detected the first symptoms of a sprout again. Unlike the supresiva therapy, the medication is not taken on a daily basis during many months, but this is taken in a lapse of 5 to 7 days from the first manifestation of the virus. When the feeling a creeps in the zone of the genitals, especially in the zone where sometimes it appeared a herpetic blister, can be known with certainty that soon it will appear a blister again, but is necessary to examine other symptoms more. The slight pain and comezn the area, can be one of the first symptoms. At general level, we will undergo a sensation as if we were with influenza, since we could feel malaise and in occasions fever.

It is there where we initiated the episodic therapy immediately. The therapy consists of the Aciclovir ingestion 5 times to the day during about 5 days from the first symptoms. Also it can be decided on the ingestion of Valaciclovir or Famciclovir, can take anyone from these two, 2 times to the day, during 5 days. The objective of this therapy is to diminuir the intensity of the attack, to diminish consequently the symptoms and in this way to obtain a fast lightening. To a certain extent aid to eliminate a herpes genital, since the infection cannot settle down with the same intensity that in some other previous occasion, in this case the virus has backed down and it will stay inactive by some time that varies of a few weeks, until several months. It discovers as you can eliminate the buds of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very peculiar method doing click here.