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Cirque Du Soleil

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Number of tickets to Cirque du Soleil decreases with catastrophic force. Although du Soleil with its new show "Korteo" in Moscow will perform about 2 months from October 9 to December 12. In Moscow, there are several popular and well known in circuses around the world. We show your submission gymnasts, acrobats, magicians, animal trainers and clowns of course, as without them. Children, the main visitors to circuses, like most the last paragraph – the clowns.

They are funny, funny. The auditorium is transformed into one big, happy organism, which did not look everywhere smile. Another thing is Cirque du Soleil. Action for those who want to get into the story, feel full, genuine admiration directly as a child. That is, you realize that you buy a ticket to Cirque du Soleil show at the "Korteo" – this is an opportunity to get to another world.

No modern technology 3D, 4D, 5D, can not convey the full feeling under the big top du Soleil. Show "Korteo" – this is another original idea in the repertoire of Cirque du Soleil. "Korteo" in Italian means cortege. It was a motorcade procession past the theater or the audience is an illusory world of dreams circus clown with different themes, unusual characters, mysterious events. World Clown is extremely versatile and critically complex and simple, happy and sad. He opens his heart and gets the crowd to look at ourselves from the side. The atmosphere of the show "Korteo" cleverly supported by music specially modeled for the show. Songs are performed in more than 60 votes in a relaxed, playful and sentimental manner. Directors have even invented an unusual, dreamlike language for some tunes as a sort of collection of all languages. Several European languages on a par with his invention used during the show. The sound complements the show and it becomes a direct participant, helping viewers to go all the way Korteo a magical aura view. It remains to add that the show "Korteo" from Cirque du Soleil will be held several times a week in October, November and early December 2010 in the UK "Luzhniki" in the arena of the circus tent du Soleil. As they say, order tickets to Cirque du Soleil in advance ticket agency MosKiosk Tel: 8 (495) 227-61-64 mud on the site.