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Medical Cosmetology

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Look in the mirror and see in it a beautiful reflection of the wish every one of us. However, the nature, unfortunately, appearance is not bestowed upon a compelling each of us. But this is easily remedied! Medical Cosmetology person and a better dentistry allow anyone to look brilliant. Even if your problem – it is, in your opinion, the hairiness of the body above the norm (though close and say that waxing salon you do not need), or no one conspicuous wart, get rid of it, you raise your own self-esteem, so – and your weight in the eyes of others, as long known that we are valued as much as we do appreciate you. If you have to visit to the dentist (no matter for what specifically: put dental fillings, dental fotootbelivanie, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, strengthening teeth, make teeth, or simply remove the tooth pain) – this kind of visit is always a thrill. After him will come in handy Roller massage or hand massage, or just a neck massage – something relaxing to relieve anxiety. But for the successful completion of the day, visit and study cosmetology.

Medical cosmetology just works wonders! Laser removal of warts (or the removal of warts with nitrogen), removal of Kandil, depelyatsiya, laser removal of birthmarks – all steps towards perfection. But, of course, only when work is done by professional hands. You will probably have to visit all the best dental clinics in order to understand where best to treat where the teeth better, many offices and cosmetic hair removal before you can find different artists that will be trusted, do what Do you want to, and such simple procedures as electrolysis, and as complicated as setting the lingual braces or composite veneers. If the clinic of aesthetic dentistry (which is aesthetic, since there are not only treated, and easily "cover their tracks" treatment) and beauty salon nearby, their visit is to combine. And if they are in the same building as, say, the clinic "Filstom" – it is more convenient twice. Sometimes it like after all procedures have some tea, sitting in a cozy cafe … and if the cafe on the banks of the Volga River, and that tea drinking was preceded by another walk around the historic center of Moscow … then a charge of vivacity for many days ahead and romantic mood guaranteed!

Temporomandibular Joint

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The mechanism for the dislocation of the temporomandibular joint (Dr Alireza Rouhi Shalmaei) Ukraine-Poltava)) A large number of clinical variants of pathological processes in the temporomandibular joint (arthritis, arthrosis, dysfunction, etc.) instability in the relationship of anatomical structures of the joint, leading to its functional disorders, is one of the few developed dental problems. The structure of the TMJ requires to consider it as kinematically active, multifunctional, adaptive biological microsystem-related musculo-ligamentous and occlusive component of the masticatory apparatus. Particularly important in the development of instability in the TMJ, manifestation of which may be a dislocated joint, is the spatial arrangement of its internal structures in relation to each other in all three planes. ted topic. A norm accepted location of the articular disk above the head mandible and the overlap of the articular surface of the head, the articular fossa and articular tubercle in the longitudinal and transverse planes. Based on literature data and results of clinical examination and treatment patients with dislocations of the mandible, it seems that most of these patients have an anatomical instability elements of temporomandibular joint (articular head, intra-articular disc ligamentous apparatus). It is well known that an important component of an adequate function of the TMJ on the background of the permanent load is a system of maintaining optimal symmetric mechanisms and biomechanical status autoregulatory stabilize the joints, which cause dynamic anatomo-functional position of the lower jaw, lower jaw stability in its movements. Anatomical instability temporomandibular joint (TMJ) should be regarded as either a reactive or a pathological state, which has a distinctive clinical manifestations, reflecting the characteristic shifts: violation base function of the joint surfaces – unintentional violation of the motor function of one or both joints of uncontrolled displacement of the lower jaw) – the appearance of unusual movements of the articular head lower jaw by discoordination of masticatory muscles and inadequate displacement of contacting surfaces of the joint – the emergence of serious intra-noise (crackle, crackle, etc) – the development of pain, and likewise kind of symptoms we observed 23 patients appeared after a visit to dentists in different fields.