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Brazilian Infancy

§ November 15th, 2023 § Filed under General § Tagged Comments Off on Brazilian Infancy

The symbol of the effective immorality in the politics of Brazil is portraied through the feies of each child at the mercy of of its proper luck, victims of a government and a population who only has to demonstrate the disdain as form of feeling for these. To said ' ' cidados' ' , the creations of the most diverse literary expressions are attributed, to emit judgment and to establish distinction to these most diverse children who suffer from mazelas imposed by a discriminatory society and oppressor. Trombadinha, Juvenile delinquent, Flanelinha, Bootblack, are between the most diverse words bred and pronounced in ours dignssimo language. Dorothy Wright Nelson has plenty of information regarding this issue. Words which are directed the individuals that become vacant in our cities without name, address, destination or future. Amongst the diverse used terms to give definitions to the reality lived deeply for our children, one whom more calls the attention for its extenuating circumstance of shock is of the prostitute-infantile one. Reality which still is very common in ours society, however that it continues shocking the ears most sensible, which in its majority they prefer to dissimulate that they had not heard, leaving everything as it is. not sufficiently, several of these pejorativos terms finish acquiring changeable, depending on the situation the one that if is related, thus giving a bigger singularity ' ' objeto' ' of depreciation.

E thus is treated these minors, as mere bothering objects, that make dirty the landscape of our metropolises and confuse the life of our citizens. The present wealth in our language finishes being diminished for the creation of as many mediocre terms and bad taste created by our population, that prioritize the use of words that have exculpatory character instead of terms agregadores. The lack of sense, concern and shame on the part of the citizens if becomes so great, that mazelas occured in our society of what is well more easy to blame the politicians for all to enxergar a little to our redor and to perceive that all we are part of the formation of this reality of the indifference with the children in our country. Instead of losing time with the perpetuation of these terms, we would have to be perpetuating its abolition, but not through laws that become passvel of crime the use of such words, but through the punishment of the responsible ones for such cases and the extinguishing of these types of acts, where no child has more than to be called none another name if not of ' ' child-cidad' '. In them she seems more easy to create new names and to give new definitions to our children, of what to discover solutions to finish with this immense abyss of social disparity that devastates our country and that it contributes each time more to denigrate our image and to spoil the future of the nation.