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Prevalent Illnesses

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Pneumonia is an infectious disease involving the terminal airways and alveoli, caused by infectious agents. It is classified the Community, nosocomial atypical, and may be bacterial, fungal or viral. Epidemiological This study examined the profile of patients hospitalized with pneumonia in public hospital in So Lus – ME. the research was descriptive, retrospective quantitative approach. Other leaders such as Rand Paul offer similar insights. This study was undertaken a research field in public hospital in So Lus, Brazil, from October you November 2010. The surveyed date ploughs shown through graphs and tables will be which one could see prevalence of pneumonia in male patients to younger than two years, with co-morbidities associated with pneumonia and asthma pathology with the highest percentage of association.

Regarding diet prescribed will be patients 10 (40%) were using diet zero, and the diet prescribed, followed by breast milk with diet 4 (16%) patients and 19 (76%) patients received nebulization. According you the study 13 patients (52%) received intravenous hydration, the pharmacological class of drug most commonly used in drug therapy was the antibiotic penicillin crystalline 11 (34%). The sodium dipyrone was the medication of choice will be treatment of such pathological changes in body temperature. Keywords: Pneumonia. Child. Pharmacological Treatment. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS AND ACRONYMS AIDPI- Attention Integrated to the Prevalent Illnesses in Infancy AIDS Syndrome of Acquired Imunodeficincia CDC- Centers will be Disease Control and Prevention CNS- National Advice of Acid Health DNA- dexorribonucleico HIV- Virus of the Imunodeficincia Human being ANGERS respiratory Infections acute ITR- Infections of respiratory treatment ITRI- Infections of respiratory treatment inferior OMS – World-wide Organization of Health the CAP Pneumonia acquired in community PNI- National Program of Immunization PSF- Program Health of Acid Family RNA- ribonucleic Rx- Rays – X SARS- Acute Respiratory Syndrome Severe SUS- Only System of Health TC- computerized Cat scan UNICEF- Foundation of United Nations for Infancy UTI- the Unit of Intensive Therapy LIST OF FIGURES Figure 1Amostra of Haemophilus influenzae 22 Figure 2Amostra of S.

Alimentary Supplements

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Today we will speak on Alimentary Supplements. You already know some product that is considered alimentary supplement? You have seen as the market of alimentary supplements has grown in web? One of the virtual store of this branch that more call the attention in web is Athletical the Supplements: . Ours relationship politics always aims at the customer in first place. We place its disposal a modern system of sales, beyond a service of innovative attendance. This leaves a direct communication between the customer and Athletical the Supplements. We work with the most varied marks, the best plants. They are products of quality and with excellent price. Athletical the Supplements are a website directed toward people who have desire to have a body in form.

We supply athlete, gymnasts, fighters, etc. That is, any person whom it desires to work its body. We make use of: (Hipercalricos and Protenas? Energy Whey Protein), emagrecedores, repositores, amongst other categories. Our design is to vender health to our customers. Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes will not settle for partial explanations. However, making use of an immense gamma of products. with well competitive prices.

Our Values Our form of internal work is empolgante and innovative. More generating and more return in the attendance. Focamos the work in team with a clear communication and needs. We always have a quality philosophy, placing the customer in first place. Security Purchase 100% insurance? To guarantee an operation 100% insurance, the data of its purchase are criptografados. We use the criptografia, that codifies the confidential information, pair that no person can have access to the data. All the data, of all the transactions in our store, are codified. Its privacy is guaranteed We takes care of intelligently of our data base. The information that we collect are basic information. This will only serve for the sending of the merchandise and to enter in contact in case that it has some problem. The contact data are only used if we to need to enter in contact with some customer. Credit card: Security the Pagseguro has been ours partner. All the transactions are assured by one of the biggest suppliers of Brazil. We have an environment of safe navigation through. The protocol leaves a bigger security in the transactions. All the data alone can be read by the administrator of its card. It is not possible that one human being comes to have access to these data.

Emergency Situation

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A aspect that called attention in this question is that it had stories of that the grippe is an emergency situation When questioned on which procedure is taken in the occurrence of an emergency situation, 100% of the interviewed ones they had told that the aged one is directed for the hospital. It is observed that until arriving at the hospital, it could be offered interventions with the objective to minimize the suffering of this, that if finds in conditions of aggravates to the health. We understand that a survey of the necessities could be made, taking as starting point to the real difficulties of the field of performance of nursing technician. In accordance with Silva and Seiffert (2009) it is important to stand out that one program of continued education requires efficient and efficient planning to be, with necessary flexibility for the adaptation to the reality, the daily one of the work, the necessities of the professional, the sector of work, the institution and the technological evolution. Wehbe and Galvo (2010) mention that it is of basic importance the clarification and training for the attendance of the emergency situations.

Therefore, the constant update, is necessary, therefore, the nursing technician develops abilities so that they can act in unexpected situations of objective and synchronous form in which they are inserted. FINAL CONSIDERAES the boarding of the subject represented a great challenge for the lack of specialized literature the respect, since similar studies do not exist, that the comparison of the data allows. The data of the research had allowed in them to verify that the education continued with emphasis in situations of emergency to the aged ones is not implanted in way adjusted in the ILPI? s searched, but that the participants of the study, possess critical necessary on its importance, ahead of the requirements and challenges found in the ILPI? s.

Tumors and Cells

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The Ginkgo also contributes for apoptose of tumorais cells. Recent research demonstrates that the Ginkgo is capable to inhibit the cellular proliferation of the ancestry of the breast cancer (CHESTNUT; FUNKE; FRANCE, 2007). Its farmacolgicas properties are based on the neurocerebrais protective effect, therefore it improves the permeability of the cellular membrane that inhibited edema cerebral. With passing of the age, a reduction in the muscarinrgicos receivers at this moment occurs, if the Ginkgo will be ingested, will occur reduction of the receivers, improving the hill absorption for hipocampo, increasing the performance of memory and of the learning capacity, improving the properties of the sanguineous flow (BALLONE, 2008). An opened study was carried through, controlled to measure the effect of coenzima Q10 combined with the extract of Ginkgo biloba in voluntary individuals with clinical diagnosis of fibromialgia syndrome. The participants had received doses saw of coenzima Q10 and 200 verbal Ginkgo biloba mg per day during 84 days.

He had a gradual improvement in quality of life of patients who suffered with the symptoms of resultant corporal pains of the illness. In the end of the study one was observed significant difference folloied by an improvement of 64% of patients with fibromialgia 9% Alleging to feel worse. The adverse effect had been light (ARRANZ; CINNAMON; RAFECAS, 2010). It is used in the practical clinic for treatment of the riots of memory, cardiovascular Syndrome of Alzheimer, riots, cerebral isquemia, increase of the activity and sexual libido, psychiatric illnesses and depression, it has its proven action in the treatment of the cerebral insufficience characterized by symptoms such as: difficulties of concentration, confusion, indisposio, fatigue, reduction of the physical performance, giddiness and chronic headache. It is also used for the treatment of related illnesses of the sanguineous circulation with the age, as well as asthma and cancer (MILK; WHITE, 2010). 3,4 Collateral effect They are described collateral effect as gastrointestinal riots, diarria, flatulence and circulatrio upheaval increasing the fall of the arterial pressure and bleeds, beyond chronic headache.

The Measles

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To verify if the students they apply its knowledge about this pathology in its familiar context. To know the way of I infect and the source of infection of the measles, enumerating the signals and symptoms of the pathology. To more identify to which the age and the population affected by this illness. To observe the interest of the students in helping in the awareness of the inhabitants of its quarters or other communities regarding the importance of if taking the vaccine against the measles. 3 JUSTIFICATION the infectious illnesses have devastated the humanity since its primrdios. Traditionally felt for the o man as of strange origin and great threat to its life and the proper race human being, they had been therefore, perceived as a bigger challenge of what the other diseases.

In terms of the great epidemics, its listing in all the historical periods is only enormous, esteem itself that they have caused more deaths that all occured in the somatria of all the wars (TONELLI and FREIRE, 2000 P. 62). Second studies of the UNICEF (1988), in the year of 1987, had died 14 million five year minors in the developing countries, of which 10 millions for causes of infectious illnesses: 5 million for diarricas illnesses, 3 acute million for infection respiratory and 3 million for imunoprevenveis illnesses, as the measles, the ttano and coqueluche. The poverty and the lack of professionals to guide these populations are the main cause of the premature deaths, the precarious health and the unsatisfactory growth of as many children of the world. Thus, this research if makes of great relevance, therefore, the pupils of 5 and 7 semesters of nursing of the FASB need a good formation so that they can be professional qualified and to develop the capacity to intervine in the reality of the minor families purchasing power guiding to adopt measured them it of prevention against the infectious illnesses and consequentemente to improve the quality of life of the same ones.

PLUM Illness

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Ahead of this question which the cares that the nurse can give to the carrier of Parkinson? The objective of this study is to investigate the cares that the nursing professionals, can give to the carriers of the illness of Parkinson, in order to provide it quality of life better. The choice of the subject is justified for the interest in deepening the knowledge on the illness of Parkinson, in order to give the cares of nursing necessary to the carrier and thus to provide it better quality of life, considering and respecting the individual necessities of each parkinsoniano. One is about a bibliographical research. According to Gil (2002), bibliographical research is developed in elaborated material already, constituted mainly of scientific books, magazines and articles. After the bibliographical survey in pertinent literatures to this thematic one, was carried through a multicriteria election of the read material, evaluating the opinion of the specialized authors. Finally, the theoretical referencial for reach of the objective intended with the research was constructed. LITERATURE REVISION the illness of Parkinson (DP) is a degenerative riot that affects the pigmented neurons of the black substance of the brain, responsible for the dopamina production (inibitrio neurotransmitter) which controls and co-ordinates the voluntary movements of human being (SMELTZER; BARE, 2002). The D.P is proceeding from a disequilibrium of the central nervous system, not it is transmissible, it can acometer all the races and present high incidence in the world. The men more are affected than the women, the risk to develop increases with the age, the initial diagnosis is purely physician on the basis of the signals and symptoms gifts in the individual and the treatment can be symptomatic, surgical, and the multiprofessional performance is essential to the measure that the illness evolves (BENNET; PLUM, 1997). In accordance with Adoni (2011) the Parkinson term was a homage to the English James Parkinson the idea of of the o name of the doctor to the illness, was of the neurologist Martin Chacot (father of neurology).

The Children

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In another one she speaks, we find the abandonment of the children as cause of the solitude: ' ' she is to be alone and to my thus to abandon me children of not almost, do not visit me ' ' S. 11 the lack of the children makes with that the aged ones if feel alone, this can lead to the solitude for feeling the abandonment. The solitude and the abandonment constitute heavy packs for the aged ones, therefore the families tend, not rare, to exclude those had excessively as bothering. Also she has people that, for its experiences and experiences, they possess the feeling of abandonment throughout the life, not only in oldness (HREDIA; CORTELLETTI; 2005 MARRY). FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY That is proven from reply given for the interviewed ones: ' ' I pay rent, surplus almost I do not swim.

&#039 is a bit difficult; ' S. 10 Most of the income of the aged ones, in Brazil is deriving of the resources of the providence, that answers for the incomes of 60,3% for men and 79.3% for urban women. (FREITAS, 2006,). Although the values of pensions and retirements are, in general, reduced, these benefits have if showing important in the income of the aged one, to the universalizao of the Social security, it results in improvement of the life conditions (CAMARANO, 2003). NO DIFFICULTY In general, the aged ones evaluated positively its condition for liveing alone. We got the following affirmations: ' ' I do not have difficulty none. S.1 ' ' I do not have nenhuma' ' S. 4 ' ' I for the time being I do not find ' ' S. 5 ' ' I find pra me I am easy, thus to live alone I I do not find no.&#039 difficult; ' S. 6 Acreditamos that the health of the interviewed ones that they tell not to have difficulties, has narrow relation with the autonomy for the accomplishment of the main activities of the daily life, is these of physical, mental, social or economic domain.


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With respect to the medicine propaganda, if it observes a permissividade. Although the legislation forbids the propaganda of ethical products, for ways of spreading that not directed them to the medical category (reviewed specialized, direct mail for doctors, separatas, etc.), in what respect says to remedies of line popular (those whose promotion of sales and commercialization is not submitted to no prohibition), the propaganda is carried through intensely by the medias of bigger penetration. The promotion of medicine sales of ethical line never is carried through directly the consumer. In this in case that, the privileged agents of commercialization are you would drug them (or ' ' farmcias' ') the doctors; that in fact they are considered, always, ' ' targets lgicos' ' of the medicine promotion, according to proper language of the pharmaceutical industry. Second To sound (1992, page 15), data and opinions of specialists ' ' (…) they prove the systematic use in Brazil of papal briefs with excess of therapeutical indications for each product and minimizao, at the same time if not complete omission, of the collateral references and effect or against-indicaes' '. Its study he also concludes that ' ' Of thirty vendidos medicines more of a group of ten companies he verified himself that only two presented papal briefs fidiciary offices those demanded in its native countries. Of these two, one mentions the product of exclusive sales in hospitais.' ' In relation to the importance of the propaganda in the act of if automedicar, To sound has opinion that it is resembled of Santi, alleging that currently the pharmaceutical advertising obtained to also distort the medical vision and of the public that discovered a more easy way, fast and cheap of if treating. ' ' Today nobody can escape of it (the propaganda), through posters, radio, television, periodicals and magazines, this everything with the objective to assure that all are informed on the greater number of different products, that if define to the mass consumption, being that these medicines can easily be bought in pharmacies without prescription mdica' '.

Michael Foucault

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Front to this transitoriedade of being able, the study directed for the analysis and understanding of the relation of being able in the experience of the practical professional of the nurse, using itself of the problematic one, as develops the power in the practical one of the nursing professional, the leader? The story of Severino (2002) how much to the aiming of the scientific discovery, in the development of the research is that: ‘ ‘ the scientific discovery is, without a doubt, provoked for the tension generated for the problem. From there the necessity to be living deeply a situation of problematizao’ ‘. The stimulaton was to the necessity of the agreement, in believing that the nurse, while leader can adopt strategies that this authoritarian conformistical behavior does not allow/, of it stops with who withholds the power, or of control for who it is submisso. Having as objective generality to analyze as the practical one of the power it is exerted by the nursing leaderships. The proposal is the acquisition of the confidence of that the nurse ahead of the power does not exert an established managemental behavior in the medical principles of ‘ ‘ owners of saber’ ‘ , and yes in the ethical power, based in the right and the truth of the power.

According to Minayo (2006, P. 35) ‘ ‘ in the society Occidental person, science is the hegemonic form of construction of knowledge, even so either considered for many critics, as a new myth of the present time, because of the pretension of being the only engine and criterion of verdade’ ‘. The estruturao of the work of – in four chapters, distributed in way that if presents a logical order of understanding and development them its stages.

Bardana Arctium Plants

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Therefore one becomes necessary to become a toxicolgico survey basing on you evidence clinics. One prescription of fitoterpico treatment for it I medicate homeopata Jose Brown Alberto: ' ' 1 month: 1 Fortnight: 1 Nasturtium watercress officinale 2 Bardana Arctium lappa, L 3 Potato of purges Operculina macrocarp 2 Fortnight: 4 Root of brave Cararu 5Chapu of Echinodorus leather grandiflorus 6 Liana a thousand cymbifera Aristolochia men 2 month: 1 Fortnight: 7 tooth of Tarascacum lion officinale 8 Grass of Bugre Casearia sylvestris 9 Citrus Lemon limon 2 Fortnight: 10 australis Woods of iron 11 Sabugueiros Sambucus 12 Sasaparilha 3 Month 1 Fortnight: 7 Tooth of Taraxacum lion officinale Weber 8 Grass of Bugre 9 Citrus Lemon limon 2 Fortnight: 19 lianas a thousand nucifera cymbifera Aristolochia men 20 leathers, coconut of Bahia. 21 sugar canes of Costus monkey spicatus 4 Month (…) 5 month 1 Fortnight: Tiririca Cyperus rotandus L. Murta Syzygium cumini L. Jatob courbaril Hymenaea L. 2 Fortnight: (…) Reiniciar the treatment above of 4 months and meio' ' Had access To restart the treatment above for 4 months and way. The prescription is of the Brown professor the Roque priest below dealt with 2000 carriers in Moambique with formulas: Plants to decompose virus HIV Camomila (recutita Chamomilla L.), Cypresses, Sunflower, African Parsley, Manjerona (Origanum vulgare L, Tiririca).

Optional sugar cane-of-sugar 2 Stage Plants to decompose virus HIV wild Aloe (Aloe vera L), small African (nepetaefolia Leonotis (L.), aveloz, small lace of frade- (nepetaefolia Leonotis L), banana tree (Paradisiacal muse), sugar cane-of-sugar, Jamelo (Syzygium cumini L.). Optional: Avocado. 2 Treatment Plants to decompose virus HIV 1 Eucalipto phase (Eucalyptus globulus Labill), cantaloups of Is Caetano (charantia Momordica L), barbatimo (Stryphnodendron adstringens (Mart.) Coville, graviola (Annona muriata L.), salsaparrilha (Smilax japicanga), pico (pilosa Bidens L.) and liana a thousand men (cymbifera Aristolochia). Substitute Artemia (Artemia absinnthiumL.) 2 phase: Titnia (flower of the Amaznia).

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