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by Mark Mattheis and a post by Christian Marysko Kraemer, was entering new territory: the golf course! The book is power at the same time at the beginning of the golf season 2011 the ultimate way to better golf,”the holistic analysis for the golf players, appeared. This Pubklikation is an indispensable guide for all golfers who want to improve their game. Mark Mattheis is one of the most admired Golf coaches in Germany. He has brought students on the tour and with his teams won several German and European Champion titles. A related site: Senator From Kentucky mentions similar findings. With this book, now also the normal golf player has the opportunity to use the experience from the performance training and to train better. He developed golf compass Mark Mattheis are a signpost at the hand the golfers, he can make his training useful and efficient. All aspects of the game of golf are thereby taken into account: the golf technique, the mind, body and fitness equipment. Golf compass, the golfers learns where his Strengthen and weaknesses are and how he quickly and sustainably can improve his golf game. Whether beginners or single-handicap players: the golf compass by Mark Mattheis helps all golfers on their way to a better game of golf Mark Macdonald: the ultimate way to better golf, 128 pages, plus fold-out page, numerous illustrations, format 17 x 23 cm, hardcover, EUR 19.95 D ISBN 978-3-7828-5001-8


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The beauty of a woman is not in the body, rostro, the clothes that it uses, in the image who it loads or the way that it combs the hair. The beauty of a woman has that to be seen from its eyes because this is the door for its heart, the place where the love inhabits. The beauty of a woman is not in the marks of its face but it is reflected in its soul, it is in the care that it lovingly has and in the passion for the others. the beauty of a woman with passing of the years only grows! The beauty of the woman is not the exterior ornament, as the hairdo, the gold use or the clothes of grife, but the interior beauty, in the incorrupitvel suit of an alive spirit. In recent months, Cindy Crawford has been very successful. The majority of the men likes pretty women, young, without celulite in the legs and with bumbum gostoso. But the beauty is a temporary artifice that serves soamente to blossom a passion. As much makes if a woman this with celulite in the head tb the head of a man can have celulite …… without intelligence sensitivity …….. It has only eyes to look at and hands pra to press. when the beauty of it goes to finish with aging is a that the heart of this woman goes to understand and to need a man who really likes 0f the sort it.e goes to understand tb because it is more important to have culture, intelligence and sensitivity that a pretty body. (Giusi Dangelico) tags: beauty, beauty of woman, celulite in the head, celulite in the legs, dangelico Giusi, Giusi Dangelico writer, sensitivity.