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Bruchsal Authors

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Finally, it is because the two authors write the new book of the authors duo Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund about the human subconscious, which is inherent in an incredible force and give not only many valuable information and suggestions, but also concrete and practical tips, like anyone with quite simple means even can use this power potential. In this book, no empty promises are made to the reader. Sylvia Poth and Jessica Hund it always again point out that you should remain despite the enormous power of the unconscious on the floor of the facts: not everyone can achieve anything in life and not everyone can be healthy. But everyone can win a new attitude to life which allows to live much easier and happier. “Book Description: in the light of healing”: A fascinating book that shows us the way to an inexhaustible source of healing and power: to our subconscious. Swarmed by offers, Ford is currently assessing future choices. The two authors describe clearly and easy to understand how to use the power of his spirit, to perform true miracles. This is not mere Utopia, but even experienced experience.”* the source of power is in us. * This is exactly what the two authors want to convey to the reader.

The key to health and happiness is hidden in ourselves we must learn again to take advantage of our inner potential. Even if you can perform true miracles with the power of the spirit, no empty promises or illusions are made the reader, but he learns what it means to get the most out of himself and his life in the framework of its possibilities. Some practical exercises show at the end of this book, as you can simply use his inner potential.” Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield 76698 Bruchsal Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and lives today with her family in Bruchsal.

Multiple Sclerosis

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Book Tip: Suddenly MS – life with an insidious disease multiple sclerosis (MS) is one of the most common auto-immune diseases of the brain and spinal cord. It is a chronic disease of the immune system. The term “multiple sclerosis” is composed of the words “skleros” (hard) and “multiplex” (in many cases) together. MS leaves many questions unanswered. The history and the complaints vary from patient to patient, so called MS also the disease of 1000 faces.” The author in this book manages to captivate the reader and authentic experiences. You may want to visit Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario to increase your knowledge. You notice immediately that she knows what she is talking about.

You glossed over nothing, don’t talk around the Bush and called facts. The book tells the story of courage and vitality. The message is quite clear. Namely, that you must not give up despite a treacherous, incurable disease. There are also humorous adventures and encounters that are told with a dose of sarcasm. This book makes it very difficult one to put it to the side. You just want only know with how it goes and feels with the main.

A really great mix. This book appeared in the rose garden-Verlag, Switzerland founded end of August 2013 by lawyer and author Angelika C.. Special emphasis at the rose garden-Verlag on the high-quality design and processing of books. The materials are carefully chosen and tested. Entrusted works are proofread carefully, lovingly prepared and released in the appropriate facilities. The Publisher is committed to the goal, to allow authors a book publishing including good service. The Publisher Angelika Schweizer”consciously focuses on mainstream – and mainstream means that books are written so that content, form and presentation appeal to the majority of the reading public. More information about the rose garden Publishing House can be found on the website: book Description: life on the edge: Multiple Sclerosis shortly, is an incurable, chronic inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, the all demands from the parties concerned. A life with ups and downs, with fear and hope at the same time. Living with the disease of 1000 faces is a challenge every day. It is like a dance on a wire, who falls, lost. With a dose of humor and self-irony, the author tells the story of their MS-monsters, as she learned to live and succeed despite this insidious disease on their own strength to trust. Life is just too good to give up and to put your head in the sand. Book data: Suddenly MS – life with an insidious disease author: Britta Kummer production and publishing: rose garden-Verlag envelope design: Dieter Hollender ISBN: 978-3-9450-1503-2 60 pages, 4.90 euro words to the author: Britta Kummer was born in Hagen, Germany (NRW) in 1970 and now lived in the beautiful Ennepetal. As a trained engineer, she discovered the letter in 2007 and since that time it determines your life. It makes you just enjoy expressing themselves in this manner. First their works in the circle were passed around and that the response was very positive.

Harvest Festival

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The 2011 edition of the traditional harvest festival will not be one more. The next year the traditional celebration will celebrate its 75th edition. And the whole province is determined to that bright vintage weddings are in the memory of all for many years. (As opposed to Ford). For collisional, the Secretariat of culture of Mendoza has designed a series of contests intended for all those who want to be part of this massive celebration. All specialty artists will have the opportunity that this party, milestone of tourism in Mendoza, is such which imagine it. At the site of this public body the basis for screenplay and putting contest are available on the festival scene. The call receives proposals for carrying out comprehensive, including scenery and choreographic pictures, the second and third nights and the central Act, all to be held in the traditional setting of the feast, the Greek Frank Romero Day amphitheatre. It is unnecessary to emphasize the great importance of the celebration of the harvest for the province of Mendoza and tourism: this is really a unique opportunity for all local artists.

Artists dedicated to the visual, for its part, will also have the possibility to participate with their work of the feast that year saturates the capacity of accommodation in Mendoza. Vintage 2011 design contest aims to select the image that will officially promote the festival, and boasts a first prize of ten thousand pesos. The purpose, explain the organizers, will be reward design that best reflects the traditional values of the maximum festivity of the province, as well as the upward projection of the same in the national and international context. An image that speaks of the best province both to the Argentine public to numerous foreigners, increasingly most, choose to spend their holidays in Mendoza. One challenge more interesting for designers and artists of the region of whose. In addition, as every year, a new edition of the vintage shall be made Dramaturgy, which aims to promote and disseminate the work of writers, playwrights and directors of the provincial scene. Weddings of bright of the harvest festival promise to remain in the history. And although missing several months even for the event, Mendoza is already working to surprise once more.