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Aging Process

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But it does not block the action of free radicals and the reducing effect is not provided and stimulation of metabolic processes. But at the heart of the new drug Hyalual (Gialual) is a unique patented formula is a combination of hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate (Sodium succinate). Because of this effect is carried out on all the major pathogenetic mechanisms of aging and reached a powerful integrated anti-age-effect: hyaluronic acid eliminates dehydration skin due to the shortfall of water in the tissues, and stimulates proliferation of fibroblasts, increasing synthesis of endogenous hyaluronic acid. As a result, maintain normal hydration and skin tone; sodium succinate provides a powerful antioxidant and restorative effects, effectively blocks the free radicals, provides the effect on metabolic processes in the skin increases cellular respiration, ion transport, protein synthesis and a strong stimulation of energy production (ATP), which determines its high efficiency in the reconstruction of cells, increase skin elasticity, tone, color and texture of the normalization of the person eliminate signs of aging and fatigue. As a result, implementing a highly effective approach to rejuvenation and slowing the aging process of skin – by the maximum moisture, ensuring antioxidant and restorative effects, effectively blocking the free radicals, positive impact on the metabolic processes of the skin, etc. Indications for use of the drug reduction skin tone face, neck, neck due to aging; periorbital wrinkles and perioral area; more wrinkles (folds) between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds; dehydrated skin; dry, decaying skin; periorbital dark circles zone, hyperpigmentation; ptosis of soft tissues.

Medical Cosmetology

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Look in the mirror and see in it a beautiful reflection of the wish every one of us. However, the nature, unfortunately, appearance is not bestowed upon a compelling each of us. But this is easily remedied! Medical Cosmetology person and a better dentistry allow anyone to look brilliant. Even if your problem – it is, in your opinion, the hairiness of the body above the norm (though close and say that waxing salon you do not need), or no one conspicuous wart, get rid of it, you raise your own self-esteem, so – and your weight in the eyes of others, as long known that we are valued as much as we do appreciate you. If you have to visit to the dentist (no matter for what specifically: put dental fillings, dental fotootbelivanie, ultrasonic teeth cleaning, strengthening teeth, make teeth, or simply remove the tooth pain) – this kind of visit is always a thrill. After him will come in handy Roller massage or hand massage, or just a neck massage – something relaxing to relieve anxiety. But for the successful completion of the day, visit and study cosmetology.

Medical cosmetology just works wonders! Laser removal of warts (or the removal of warts with nitrogen), removal of Kandil, depelyatsiya, laser removal of birthmarks – all steps towards perfection. But, of course, only when work is done by professional hands. You will probably have to visit all the best dental clinics in order to understand where best to treat where the teeth better, many offices and cosmetic hair removal before you can find different artists that will be trusted, do what Do you want to, and such simple procedures as electrolysis, and as complicated as setting the lingual braces or composite veneers. If the clinic of aesthetic dentistry (which is aesthetic, since there are not only treated, and easily "cover their tracks" treatment) and beauty salon nearby, their visit is to combine. And if they are in the same building as, say, the clinic "Filstom" – it is more convenient twice. Sometimes it like after all procedures have some tea, sitting in a cozy cafe … and if the cafe on the banks of the Volga River, and that tea drinking was preceded by another walk around the historic center of Moscow … then a charge of vivacity for many days ahead and romantic mood guaranteed!

Raw Foods

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You stick to healthy eating? You eat oatmeal? Kashi help thousands of consumers save money and eat healthy food. If you have problems such as cholesterol levels, and you spelled a lot of drugs – the situation is bad and drugs are not always there to help. Most of the drugs on the market today have side effects that cause weight gain. Make the right choice for a healthy lifestyle, give up drugs, go to a healthy diet and do not notice how loose the extra pounds. Recommended to eat porridge, it can help in the fight against high cholesterol.

Bunting is common in England, Scotland, Ukraine and Russia. For a taste you can add a little sugar, salt, molokoa, butter, jam and fruit. Among other things, gives the oatmeal a lot of power, that's why horses have long been fed just oatmeal. Porridge is ideal for the treatment and prevention of gastritis and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, is struggling with carcinogens, is good in the prevention of heart disease and blood vessels, low fat content helps stabilize blood sugar levels and much more. I eat oatmeal twice a day, and the rest of the other useful products.

Kashi is in any supermarket, is not difficult to find something that pleases you. A variety of cereals can choose the most tasty. Not necessarily use it oatmeal, try buckwheat, millet, rice, barley. Barley diet – one of the lowest effective diets, does not require much effort to prepare the daily ration of food. Barley diet traditionally used after food or alcohol poisoning Cook barley porridge, crumbly without salt, sugar and oil. After cooking grits do not rinse. Eat cereal for five to seven days, without adding anything to the diet another. Difficult to sustain, but the barley diet guarantees the loss of up to 5 extra pounds, the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. Cleansed skin, swelling subside.

Temporomandibular Joint

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The mechanism for the dislocation of the temporomandibular joint (Dr Alireza Rouhi Shalmaei) Ukraine-Poltava)) A large number of clinical variants of pathological processes in the temporomandibular joint (arthritis, arthrosis, dysfunction, etc.) instability in the relationship of anatomical structures of the joint, leading to its functional disorders, is one of the few developed dental problems. The structure of the TMJ requires to consider it as kinematically active, multifunctional, adaptive biological microsystem-related musculo-ligamentous and occlusive component of the masticatory apparatus. Particularly important in the development of instability in the TMJ, manifestation of which may be a dislocated joint, is the spatial arrangement of its internal structures in relation to each other in all three planes. ted topic. A norm accepted location of the articular disk above the head mandible and the overlap of the articular surface of the head, the articular fossa and articular tubercle in the longitudinal and transverse planes. Based on literature data and results of clinical examination and treatment patients with dislocations of the mandible, it seems that most of these patients have an anatomical instability elements of temporomandibular joint (articular head, intra-articular disc ligamentous apparatus). It is well known that an important component of an adequate function of the TMJ on the background of the permanent load is a system of maintaining optimal symmetric mechanisms and biomechanical status autoregulatory stabilize the joints, which cause dynamic anatomo-functional position of the lower jaw, lower jaw stability in its movements. Anatomical instability temporomandibular joint (TMJ) should be regarded as either a reactive or a pathological state, which has a distinctive clinical manifestations, reflecting the characteristic shifts: violation base function of the joint surfaces – unintentional violation of the motor function of one or both joints of uncontrolled displacement of the lower jaw) – the appearance of unusual movements of the articular head lower jaw by discoordination of masticatory muscles and inadequate displacement of contacting surfaces of the joint – the emergence of serious intra-noise (crackle, crackle, etc) – the development of pain, and likewise kind of symptoms we observed 23 patients appeared after a visit to dentists in different fields.

Dealing with Issues

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When the "cat scratching" at heart. Many people have such a situation where the head hit by a very serious problem, and, had the impression that all of them, specifically, there were at one time. In the same time, it seems that the worse can not be, and that these problems do not disappear when not already. But it is not, but in order to be confident in their abilities and improve your mood, you need during the day to repeat the following proposals: Today you have to live as if he is the last day of life. And it really is such because it can no longer be repeated. I know today I will have a good mood and I can give joy to others lyudyam.Ya today pamper your body: relaxing in the bath for an hour, I'll look great, I'll do a nice haircut and spend the night in parke.Obyazatelno today read an interesting book or magazine, get new knowledge, my pleasant dushe.Segodnya I think about what exactly in my nature is the cause of my bad mood. I find the code that cause in itself, it will make every effort so that it no more.

I have no right to convictions relate to other people because I do not idealen.Moi today's actions will only be good. Through these actions I can escape from bad habits and problems that now exist in my mind. Today, I will direct all their efforts on getting rid of your problem. I will try to delete it permanently from memory. Today I'll write a routine of your day and try to follow it completely. At the end of the day to draw conclusions from that I could make out of the plan, but that could not, and think about why I could not do it. This approach to the situation, I would be much more disciplined and be able to better manage soboy.Nachinaya today, I will devote an hour to spend it in quiet rest.

This is the time when I would not think there is nothing, but just going to relax. Because of this I will add energy to continue the struggle with their problemami.Segodnya for me there will be no fear. After all, the cause of all problems is the fear of being with them face to face. If I'm not afraid, then, finally, I can be happy. I want to be happy, and I will happy! Stick to the above recommendations in this article, and you see how your life situation will improve significantly!

Weight Loss and Excess Skin

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You worked hard on yourself – limit yourself to certain foods, exercise regularly and lose weight, sadly discovered that the skin has lost elasticity and even sagging. Difficult to describe in words the joy experienced by a person who was able to again wear his old jeans. Those in which, as it seemed, would never squeeze into. Only one thing can spoil the joy – sagging and lifeless skin. But it is possible lose weight without losing elasticity.

How? 1. Drink. Try to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. What to drink? All what is not sugar – plain or mineral water, tea without sugar. 2. Try to lose weight gradually.

The slower the reset weight, the better for the skin. Do not hurry – slow weight loss for many reasons better fast. 3. Avoid fluctuations of weight. Various high-speed diet eventually lead to the reverse weight gain. In such cases, the person again 'Rushes into battle', and again rapidly losing weight. These differences adversely affect the weight of the skin condition – it loses its elasticity, wrinkles and stretch marks. 4. Quit smoking. Smoking increases the production of free radicals that trigger premature aging of the skin. 5. Sleep. Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. In the dream, the whole body is restored, including the skin. 6. Give yourself a moderate aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is an integral part of any program for weight loss, and now also an additional incentive – healthy skin! Take 4-5 times a week, preferably outdoors. 7. Protect your skin from the sun. Sun is the enemy number one for the skin. Be sure to use a barrier cream that helps reduce the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. 8. Eat a lot of different vegetables. Vegetables contain substances that are actively struggling against free radicals, destroy the skin. Particularly useful are the red and yellow vegetables. 9. Eat carbohydrates that are rich in fiber. Whole wheat bread, wheat germ, and various grasses. These foods are rich in vitamin B and help maintain elasticity. 10. Do not forget about enough of the protein. Poultry and lean beef must be present in the diet at least 3-4 times a week. 11. Add the oil. 3-4 teaspoons of olive or canola oil day is very important for healthy skin. But remember that excess fat diet harm. Consider the fat consumed and do not go to the daily norm.

Obesity Surgery

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Obesity causes difficulties in health, such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. The Bariatric Surgery, like any other, also entails certain risks and complications, but the risk of obesity is much greater than the risk of Bariatric Surgery. In a support group at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Lori Silverman announced that in the past seven months he has lost 48 kgs. Mrs. Silverman, 42 years old, weighed 138 kgs and expects to reach the 54 kg of weight. One by one, other members of the support group were similar victories: 64 kgs in 3 months, 39 in 3 months, etc. Many kilos less, more applause, more porras; testimonies from people who, thanks to the treatment for losing weight, no longer need medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart complications, arthritis or gout.

Some have been able, after several years, fit into the film or aircraft seats, Crouch and put on their own shoes. All these successes are not due to any diet. These people, who previously had morbid obesity, have tried and failed with all diets that have been invented so far. The extraordinary transformations in the lives of these people were due to the surgery, but not liposuction, which removes only some kilos, but bypass surgery gastric in which most of the stomach is cut to achieve a decrease in the amount of food that can be eaten, and that rearranges the small intestine to reduce the amount of calories that your body can absorb. The surgery, which can be done in different ways, is known as Bariatric Surgery, a term that means treatment of overweight. This procedure, which increasingly becomes more popular, reflects the increase in obesity and the failure of diets, exercise and medications for weight loss. In 1990, 44 per cent of Americans were overweight, now, more than half of Americans suffers from it.


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Myths, legends and reality. Reflections on ozone Recently it was reported in the press, scientists from the University of Innsbruck Ozonizers air called almost principal enemies of office workers. As you know, in Europe Ozonizers are one of the essential attributes of the premises of large firms. Indeed Ozonizers or air, designed to improve the atmosphere in the office, are harmful to our health? Head of Innsbruck study, Dr. Armin Vistaler argues that when exposed to ozone, which emit ozone generator, carbonyls and carboxyls stand, severe allergies, contribute to the development of asthma, dry skin, fat disappears film from its surface, which prevents the penetration into the body of pathogenic bacteria. However, ozone produce not only ozone generator, and Xerox (and other office equipment). Council at this one – breathe fresh air, Ventilate the room. How to treat such statements? It is reasonable – the doctor's advice.

Ozone is actually a strong oxidizer. And, like everything else in this world has both positive and detrimental to human performance. In all necessary measure. If Ozonizers air produced a small amount of ozone, it heals the body in large quantities to act negatively. Therefore it is necessary to understand how, when and where to apply Ozonizers air. High concentrations of ozone, which produce Ozonizers to the premises, are widely used to disinfect, but are not suitable for rehabilitation. Low concentrations do not affect protein structure and function positively. It is known that ozone gas kills nearly all bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast fungi and protozoa.

Its content in the range of 1 to 5 mg / l kills 99.9% of streptococcal mukobaktery, intestinal and Pseudomonas sticks, Proteus, Klebsiella over time from four to twenty minutes. As early as 1976. (Journal "Nature"), Soviet scientists conducted an experiment with two groups of people for five months with the use of ozone generators. The essence of it is this. They took two groups (control and testing). To test the ozonator air created in the room ozone concentration of 15 particles on a one billion particles of air. Tested reported well-being, reduced irritability, recorded an increase of oxygen in the tissues and blood, further increased the immune system, the pressure returns to normal, increased stress levels. The amount of ozone, which appears in room, equipped with ozone generator for air domestic destinations, can suppress the vital activity of viruses and bacteria, but the cells of the human body is not damaged. The fact that healthy human cells have natural defense mechanism against oxidation. Simply put, the selective effect of ozone in relation to living organisms on Earth. However, there are precautions. Here they are: when running the ozonator air indoors is better not to be, after ozonation should be aired, and the ozone generator for children should not be accessible. Thus, we must remember that the ozone generator – no fridge and no computer. Work during the day at the office he did not must. Xerox and other "ozonoproizvodyaschie" office equipment must be in separate offices, where there are no permanent jobs, and work on them as necessary requirements. If necessary to comply with the rules, then ozonator air can only benefit and help your staff to avoid infection during the off season and a flu epidemic. Ozonator

Flavorings And Food Additives

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To improve the taste and smell of food in the diet are widely used flavors: spices and seasonings. They do not contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but rich in flavor and aromatic substances. Flavors have pronounced physiological effect, caused by a reflex secretion of gastric juice under the influence of these substances through the organs of smell and touch to the food center. This increases the appetite, "In addition, flavorings are chemical stimulants secretory activity of digestive glands. It is well known, and the negative impact of these substances in the body. For example, excessive use of vinegar causes the breakdown erythrocytes.

To spice or spices include pepper, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, ginger, vanilla, cumin, etc. are used as a seasoning salt, mustard and vinegar. Black pepper – dried unripe fruits of tropical plants family of pepper grown in the southern latitudes of the globe (India, Philippines, Java). Hot pepper flavor and its flavor due to it contains essential oil and piperine alkaloids. Cinnamon – bark of evergreen cinnamon (Cinnamomum ceylonicum) of the laurel family, dried and rolled into a tube. The aroma of cinnamon is due to the contained cinnamic aldehyde and acid.

Cinnamon is used for baking pastries, with the making of sweet dishes, sauces, marinades, national dishes. Pink – dried flowers unblown allspice from myrtle family. Used in the manufacture of cooking stews of meat, fowl, in marinades for mushrooms and vegetables. Vanilla – dried or dried unripe fruit of a tropical plant of the orchid family.

Pregnancy Complications

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Physiological complications of pregnancy (normal) is considered to be the result of a pregnancy, being in cephalic presentation (final position of the fetus in the uterus by the deadline set approximately 34 – 36 weeks), no complicated by signs of threats interrupt the ongoing 37 – 41 weeks. Pathological (or complicated) can be called a multiple pregnancy, and pregnancy in breech presentation (on these two points obstetrical reporting significantly changed over time, and even now opinions of obstetricians often can not match). Very frequent complications are miscarriage, as well as its perenashivanie (at the mother – placenta – fetus can lead to placental insufficiency, fetal growth retardation, its hypoxia (oxygen deficiency), which is also a deviation from the normal physiological flow pregnancy. Also to factors that could significantly complicate the pregnancy include intrauterine infection and development of immunological incompatibility between the mother's blood and fetal abnormalities by recent years has increased significantly due to the widespread introduction of reproductive technologies such as IVF. Accurate diagnosis is ultrasound. The frequency of complications in multiple pregnancy is significantly higher than in singleton, which does not relate it to the physiological, as previously thought.

The most frequent complications in multiple pregnancies are miscarriages, gestosis, anemia, placental abruption, placental insufficiency. Methods of delivery in twins depend on gestational age, location and condition of the fruit. For Caesarean section is necessary to resort more frequently than in singleton pregnancy. In triple cesarean is considered optimal. Pregnancy breech fetus at delivery in breech adverse outcomes occur in about 5 times higher than in the brain that do not different obstetric hospital is different (from 30% to 70%). To spontaneous birth in the case of breech ended successfully, the size of mother's pelvis must be normal, the child's weight – the average, the age of the mother – The classic triad of symptoms – swelling, the presence of protein in the urine, high blood pressure.