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Emergency Services

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Two grooms moved to emergency services. (Source: After the punctual eruption of the rocket, the herd has started from los corrales de Santo Domingo clustered and headed by the meek, but soon a black bull is ahead by taking the head of a career that clean has elapsed for this stretch, where some runners have fallen without contact with animals. With this bull ahead, the Group has gone through the Town Hall square and the street merchants, whose access to Estafeta curve have saved without bumping into the fencing.

Two grooms emergency room the length of this stretch has led to a stretch of the animals, which have continued in two groups, the first with two black bulls and two halters have exchanged his position of head on several occasions thereafter. The rest of the animals have closed the race, always in a clean and more uneventful than the typical falls of runners, two of which have had to be transferred to the Complejo Hospitalario de Navarra with various bruises. Already in the coso, the Bulls have entered that order in the stalls without entertain themselves in the sand or cause problems for the runners, who have been retained in the alley by the shepherds having been one of the halters lying on the floor for a few seconds. Source of the news: the first closures of the sanfermines, very clean and quick.

Trainings Healthy

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A time to this part, and with increasingly large social concern for physical well-being, has been unleashed across a fever by training of abdominal that in principle, and like almost everything, it is very healthy while not become obsession. As for her, there are some specialists and experts in fitness that have begun to warn of side effects that can cause train the abdominal muscles with healthy but wrong intention to dispose of a bulging abdomen. In that regard, they appeal to common sense and define the training of the abdomen as the one that is oriented to strengthen the perimeter of waist and to achieve a correct functionality of the abdominal girdle, since training abdominals to that end, else that wants to get (definition and healthy-looking) comes in addition. -To reduce waist circumference is essential to a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercise frequently. Now only that the abdomen has another aspect. -The following is the training of muscle that looks less, that is the transverse.

Your laxity or absence of force determines how to see the torso on the outside. It is important to train this muscle, because his tone depend on even some back problems. -Exercises for this training relate to breathing and the contraction of the abdomen for a few seconds, the same cat that with pelvic elevation position. As it shows a strengthening, reduces the contact surface with the ground (raise arm, leg, trunk line). -To reinforce this inner band waist tends to constrict, and gets an optimal tone.

All this in terms of health and physical well-being is concerned: A slim and healthy defined abdomen does not require more training. Efforts to a larger size or definition of the muscle group, should be consulted with a professional who will be who better evaluate the status and possibilities of intensive training of each person. I found a program to develop an abdomen marked for anyone who wants to see results in 21 days. This program is designed so that you can start to burn fat and lose weight faster than you think it is possible. You can learn more by clicking here.

Ovarian Cysts

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Follicles that grow each month prepare to the egg for reproduction, between days 12, 14 and 16 women can get pregnant after the start of the menstruation, when the follicle containing the egg will not open, hardens or grows more and when he is recognized as a cyst is already located on the outside, surrounding, or internally from the ovary, although they can also occur in the uterus, and close to the fallopian tubes. Treatment of ovary cyst consists of the same cyst puncture when it is remarkably small front ultrasonography or imageneologia as computed axial tomography tests, some doctors indicate hormones to control the increase of the cyst and restricting a surgical removal. The observation is another form of treatment of ovarian cyst, this is only monitoring already that 70% to 90% of cysts in the young are absorbed by itself alone, a small percentage teratomas requiring surgery occupy it. Body luteum cysts have s origin upon the completion of the menstrual cycle, not requires greater treatment of ovary cyst if it detects in its first development, and in stages of 5 weeks of control especially if women extensively is brewing pede present them even without symptomatology that warns the fact disappear of itself, where eating habits are correct for women both as to the fetus. In some cases it is misleading to lower body weight to control the hormonal changes that contribute to these formations, this type of treatment can vary in women who are waiting for a baby for the same conditions requiring the proper development of the fetus during the entire period of alberge within the mother. Or it can also be adjusted to high levels of glucose and triglyceride with a diet rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals of different groups of natural products, without affecting the health of the child in time-out in nothing. Want to know how to treat ovarian cysts in a non-intrusive way? Please Click here to read about a method that you can eliminate the symptoms in as little as 12 hours.

Daily Life

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Our way of being and acting, is largely all that throughout our life intervened for our training, as it is; values, education and culture both at home and at school, we were taught, but personally I think that when we make a decision, for which we have complete freedom to do so, it is depends on our maturity, because our level of responsibility and respect enables us to measure the outcomes of every decision that we take here the great importance of analyzing each one of our actions before making them, since all have an effect and outcome. Ethics studies what is morally, as a moral system is rationally justified, and how has this subsequent application to different spheres of social life. In everyday life it constitutes a reflection on the moral fact, find the reasons that justify the use of a moral system or another. Ethics has a fundamental role in our training, since in the gait of the knowing, know and learn, as humans we can make mistakes, the important thing is that every experience will enable us to be better every day. The human being is not a fact, an object between other susceptible of being exhausted in descriptions and definitions; he escapes to the intelligibility of the universe of the bodies own and however raises the need for a new and broader field of intelecciones. In that task in which man is articulated and constitutes as a virtual point where cross the wires of the universe is where the roots of ethics are based. Whole goal to be achieved requires a lot of effort and perseverance, situation that is not easy but to go to enjoy the pleasure of the good results, encourages us to continue making progress in all aspects of our lives.

Nurse Contagious

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Parents are studying filing a collective lawsuit against the Gemelli Hospital in Rome Centre. The nurse is currently admitted at another hospital. Tests have been made to 1,128 children who were born between January and July 2011 at the Center. Ninety-six babies have contracted the tuberculosis bacteria after coming into contact with a nurse on the Paediatric Department of the Gemelli Hospital in Rome that had that disease, so now parents study present a collective lawsuit against the Center. After learning that the disease of the nurse, who still currently entered in another Roman hospital, the Gemelli began testing the 1,128 children who were born between January and July 2011 and could have had contact with the health aide. Of these, 96 babies have given positive to tuberculosis bacterium and, although medical authorities require that this does not mean that they will develop the disease, have had to undergo prophylaxis of these cases. These days grew up the fear that an epidemic occurred in tuberculosis among the newborns, but after the publication of the latest data, health authorities say that everything is under control. However, now the parents of infected children are studying filing a collective to clarify how it was possible that a person with TB does not inform the hospital.

The parliamentary and lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, whose 7-month-old son has also been subjected to tests, but with negative result, announced that it would submit a collective demand together with other families. We will submit a complaint at the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome. Parents do not want only an economic compensation but that want to discover who is guilty of everything this, said Bongiorno. Source of the news: A nurse of TB infects 96 babies in an Italian hospital

The Fragility Of Life

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A siren fled, swishing, running with a dead road of death Eugenio de Nora. THE advance of the science leaves back to safety preventive techniques, the occupational medicine and the improvement of the statistics allowed us to know better than at any time the first cause of accidents, an evil that is still endemic and charged, after the year, millions of human lives. The violent death has two large sources. One is the derivative of natural cataclysms, with those who occasionally reminds us the nature our weakness and helplessness before inevitable phenomena. The other source of violent death is that which comes from the tecnologico-agresivo component of men, or their alleged negligence in the use and abuse of new techniques and procedures. It can be said that human life against the consequences of the industrial and technological development support with resignation, unacceptable costs. The dramatic list of deaths and disabilities in accidents of circulation is a proof of the enormous disproportion between costs and development to which we made reference. You can say that there is no scientific improvement that does not come accompanied by an inseparable servitude with regard to risk.

Up to own medicine, where, instruments and technical procedures to save lives come from the arm of a dangerous and growing series of specifications of risk. The victims of negligence come, mostly neglect under those circumstances. The career of scientific progress has failed to leave far behind measures of security, prevention and protective technology. On the other hand it happens, that not all countries met with equal interest to the need to move forward in a balanced way, i.e. ensure a growth accompanied by prevention. International competition makes many countries wishing to shorten distances to do so based on the sacrifice of the security chapter. The competitiveness of an increasingly unforgiving global market, is causing that certain activities such as fishing, mining, construction, metallurgy, etc., constitute sources of high professional risk, as this is demonstrated by the high number of deaths in accidents at work in them registered.

We are faced with a struggle in which the fate of humanity is at stake. Because, or reestablish the balance between moral progress and material, between social and economic progress, between technology and prevention, or we will be swallowed up by the machine created by our intellect, to enhance and prolong life. Therefore, we believe that this slogan of the World Health Organization (who) about the fragility of life and the rejection of violence and negligence, deserves more than a simple reflection. Not in vain, the poet said: because we know that the soul / falls when asleep / wake up in another dream / which will not be in this life. Francisco Arias Solis the importance of peoples must not be measured by the square kilometers, but by the culture and the illustration of its inhabitants. Health and freedom. (Phrase, Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.