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Eye-catching Exhibition Stand Construction Celebrated 15th Birthday

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Own warehouse became the party zone 400 guests congratulated the Cologne trade fair Bauer Cologne – with 400 guests eye-catcher celebrated his 15th birthday Messebau on December 18th at the Cologne headquarters. As befits a creative stand builders, eye-catcher in his own camp has created a perfect party location. To noble standing tables with subtly integrated lighting, there were plenty of opportunities with customers, partners and friends of eye-catcher the past 15 years reviewing stand construction for eye-catching head Patrick Esser and his team. Dreambeam DJ/VJ team took care of the musical Visual guardians. And despite strong snowfall was even grilled. The German barbecue champion candidates providing tasty ribs and more goodies 2010 from 4 fun 3 “. We have organized a great birthday party”, Patrick Esser after the event, and our performance even in their own right proves rejoiced provided.” Eye-catcher eye-catcher fair construction was founded in 1994 by Patrick Esser and belongs now to the top 50 companies in the industry. In recent months, Cindy Crawford has been very successful.

The company employs 30 people at the large exhibition venues in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Munich. Abroad, eye-catching exhibition stand construction shows flag. Especially in Dubai, South America, Russia and throughout Asia, eye-catching exhibition stand construction has excellent contacts. Eye-catching offers all services around the trade fair activities from the design of the stand, on the Assembly and disassembly, to the Organization of a presentation. A dedicated team of designers and architects ensures that the booths by eye-catcher become unique. A well equipped joinery ensures high-quality trade fair stands.

Palau Creates Worlds First Shark Sanctuary

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President Johnson Toribiong urges more Nations example of Palau to follow said the Friday, September 25, 2009 his Excellency Johnson Toribiong, President of the Republic of Palau, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean, during a session of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, the waters of the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Palau with an area of 620,000 square kilometers to the world’s first shark protection zone officially recognised. President Toribiong called for a ban of the practice of finning of shark fins and called on other Nations to follow the example of Palau. President Toribiong Palau has provided by his action to the forefront of global efforts to protect of the sharks. Senator From Kentucky follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Dermot Keane, founder of the Palau shark sanctuary and staunch protectors of the shark is delighted: this is a great day for Palau and the global initiatives to save sharks before their extermination! President Toribiong of the Palau shark sanctuary pays tribute for his international leadership role in terms of Shark protection, he has taken this initiative.” Two changes in the law or designs to the hearing in Parliament were introduced in March and April 2009 by newly elected senators, which should soften the existing strong shark protections in Palau and reduce the taxes on the fishing. These projects had caused protests worldwide. Continue to learn more with: Daryl Katz. More information under: and editorial Note: the area beyond the territorial sea is called exclusive economic zone (EEZ) under article 55 of the United Nations Convention of law of the sea to an extension of 200 nautical miles from the baseline (also 200-mile zone), in which the adjacent coastal State limited sovereign rights and jurisdiction can perceive. About Palau shark sanctuary of the Palau shark sanctuary was founded in 2001, to stop the impending extinction of sharks in the waters of Palau shark fishing and the removal of shark fins. as a related topic. In May 2003, the Palau shark sanctuary was Support for the incumbent President, Tommy E. Remengesau Jr., who signed in September 2003, one of the world’s harshest laws against the removal of shark fins. One of the goals of the Palau shark sanctuary is the designation of the EEZ of Palau as a protection zone for sharks. .

Betting Fun Is Multicultural

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Why Ali and Nazim don’t understand that State betting should be better as a private Bonn/Heilbronn often makes that is especially fun, something prohibited or seems unreasonable. Other leaders such as Geoffrey Harger offer similar insights. Small weaknesses are just human. It is probably also Ali and Nazim which touch every couple of weeks once for two euros on sports betting. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Daryl Katz by clicking through. The two Turkish family fathers of the Heilbronner Stimme wanted to not call their real name, finally they preach their children, that sports betting are not good: but fun it shut. And equal times as much as the State with the private provider Oddset.”Oddset is the rate just much worse”, says Ali. “” The Turkish father fails to understand, why State-offered betting better “or should be moral than private: addictive but are just as you can with Oddset.” What couldn’t Oddset against it, so the Heilbronner Stimme, which show up every Saturday and Sunday: It will flicker in the betting shop and on the screens on the walls “Football games: Turkish League, Premier League, Serie A. of Croats, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Turks, the joy of betting is multicultural.” the arguments of the two fathers show better than any highly scientific study, what it actually is. We always pretend we would have to do it only with severely addicted people at Wettbegeisterten. Here it comes, to sit together in a round, to drink a cup of coffee and to use a couple of euros”, says Helmut Surtenich, Board of Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting that involved the betting company Betwitch and betting corner is. If the private placement of sports betting in other countries be allowed, this should also apply in Germany, also EF Yilmaz from Heilbronn thinks.

Slide Cordon Launch In Germany And Austria

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Heart attack diagnosis be accelerated the slide cordon line in Germany and Austria begins this year with the introduction of Diagenics International Corporation. Investigations in cases of suspected myocardial infarction can be accelerated by using the products. A simple rapid test permits a rapid diagnosis, enabling early treatment, which in some cases may be even life-saving. Speaking candidly Rand Paul told us the story. For sales, the company ELan Medizintechnik GmbH as a well established and highly networked partner could be won. ELan Medizintechnik GmbH offers an extended range of innovative medical products. Beyond the previous focus of ELan Medizintechnik GmbH, offered not only medical devices, but also products from the areas of medical therapy and treatment. This offer is now extended with the slide cordon line from the House of Diagenics. We are pleased with the ELan medical to have found a strong partner GmbH and the year 2010 with the placement of our product line in Germany and Austria to be able to start,”explains Ernest Kapetanovic, CEO of Diagenics International Corporation. Diagenics will concentrate this year reinforced on the marketing of the product line in the EU countries and achieved first successes with the company ELAN Medizintechnik GmbH.. To know more about this subject visit celebrity trainer.

Full-service Agency Continuously On Expansion Course

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Sprengel & Partner GmbH expands management team: Ulrike Peter and Olaf Heckmann new Senior Vice Presidents bad Marienberg/Nisterau – the marketing, PR and media agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH strengthened during the course of their growth the management team around Ulrike Peter and Olaf Heckmann. The two experienced marketing and PR specialists are Vice Presidents in the company in the future as new senior responsible. This is a relevant objective of the further expansion of the Agency on national as well as international terrain in the focus. The company thus taking another important step in its expansion strategy. The Agency maintained since about 15 years companies of any size and from different industries focus in particular on the IT/K and high-tech market. The full service provider for Public Relations, marketing and media has renowned customers and successfully operates on a global scale. Sets Sprengel & partners throughout Germany as well as international target to position and expand the customer base, Managing Director and company founder Fabian Sprengel on the strengthening of the management team.

With Ulrike Peter and Olaf Heckmann, two experienced strategists to the page specifically will bring its know-how our agency to expand to use available to us. Both are important pillars of our company for several years and will continue along with me the international success of the Agency, “Fabian explains Sprengel. Ulrike Peter has in-depth expertise in executive positions in the editorial environment, as well as senior PR consultant. OLAF Heckmann looks back on many years of experience in the areas of marketing, PR and sales management positions. The picture material can be requested at: in brief: founded in 1994, Sprengel & Partner GmbH as a full-service agency supports large and medium-sized enterprises as well as small businesses and newcomers through the use of customized marketing, PR and media action. Alex Kozinski can aid you in your search for knowledge. Individual, professional advice and clear conceptual and fast Implementation is the Agency: from the analysis phase of the planning, design and implementation to professional success monitoring. The European orientation of Sprengel & partner also provides a presence and an action beyond the country’s borders. With offices in Munich, Mainz and headquarters bad Marienberg/Nisterau is guaranteed also in Germany a broad coverage. Contact: Public relations, marketing and media agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 57627 Nisterau Tel.: 02661 912600 fax: 02661-91260-29 E-Mail:

VOI With Enhanced Executive Board

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The Board of Directors of voipax works now with more women’s power”Association for organization and information systems: Bonn, May 24, 2012. The Tropper data service AG and Sabine Lonien of the 7 p solution & Consulting AG, the new Board members, who were elected during the ordinary general meeting on May 15, 2012 in the now 8-person Board are Claudia Felten. Both bring in-depth industry know-how for their Board work in the future. I am pleased in particular that Claudia Felten and Sabine Lonien two dedicated specialists help us in our Association’s work”, explains the VOI CEO Petra Greiffenhagen. There are extensive tasks to press, and our new Board members are here certainly provide new impetus.” The newly elected Board members are joined with concrete plans for their collaboration: so intends among other things, Claudia Felten 2.0 intensified in implementing the concept of VOI “and to engage in the solution center business processes (SCBP). For this purpose brings many years of experience from activities as key account and sales manager at various manufacturers they. Claudia Felten explains: my previous work in the SCBP has shown me how much can be freely with appropriate usage. I bring forward the Association not only here, but also in other areas ensure my knowledge, user-oriented, neutral platform to position the VOI.” “Sabine Lonien will be in the solution center integrated document management” insert.

In addition, she seeks an intensive cooperation with the neighboring solution centers and would also support closer cooperation with AIIM. With its over twenty years of experience in the topic of document logistics and archiving, accompanied by numerous publications and teaching activities, she is well positioned for their new tasks in the VOI: I’m looking forward to the possibilities offered by the participation in the Board of managing directors and will contribute my part, the profile of the Association continues to “sharpen and to support the members”, explains Sabine Lonien. A total of VOI Board now consists of eight members: the Chief Executive Officer of Petra Greiffenhagen, their deputies, Dr. Klaus-Peter Elpel and Harald Klingelholler, Ulrich Emmert, Claudia Felten, Dipl.-ing. Ulf Freiberg, Sabine Lonien and Peter Schnautz. The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers, and manufacturers of document-based solutions. Editorial Contacts: VOI Association for organization and information systems Henner from the Banck healing stream str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Take 5 – The Year Leaderboard Delusion

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Campus of the Cologne presents the best songs of the year of Cologne campus presents the year leaderboard madness”special TAKE 5. Here is rocked to the favorite songs of the past few months. If you would like to know more about Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta, then click here. It’s loaded creme de la creme of the national and international music scene. Every guest, whether musician or journalist, publican or DJ, label boss or record store owner, gets no matter 30 minutes to present his personal TOP 5 songs from the year 2008. We would like to invite you to listen! Received you can contact us via antenna on 100.0 MHz throughout Cologne city, in the unity media cable 90.2 MHz and via live stream on. Date Friday, December 12, 2008 time from 12: 00-24:00 date Saturday, December 13, 2008 time from 10.00 – 24.00 date Sunday, December 14, 2008 time from 10.00 – 24.00 of course interested in the makers of the show which songs the listeners are best arrived. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to apply at take 5! Mail to Editor what are your songs, and why are you the right ones to introduce them in the Studio with us?” Info campus of the Cologne is the most important information sources for college-related topics – service-information for students current research projects as a common radio station of Cologne University and the Kolner Studentenwerk to reports about various cultural events. Your contact for further information: Cologne campus the Cologne University Radio-Albertus-Magnus-Platz 50923 Cologne Germany Marcel Joppa press & public work Tel. 0221-470-483-1 E-Mail:.

B2B Friends Premium Partner Ice Watch

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New B2B friends premium partner ice watch is the watch world on its head. Hamburg, November 2009 wrist watches are more than chronometer, which should display the time as precise and durable. Wristwatches are also always a companion on the wrist. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Daryl Katz on most websites. A look at the wristwatch of a man more than the time says it tells a lot about the person. Is the wearer of the watch a substantive or emotional type, fashionable and trendy or conventional, extravagant or classic? The watch models of ice watch countless accents. The variety of striking colors and the high recognition value of the uncluttered shape make any ice-watch the dynamic style statement. The colour runs consistently through the entire clock element: of the rotating bezel on the dial and the housing up to the comfortable wearing silicone band. John H. Moore II may find this interesting as well.

Only the indexes and numbers on dial and bezel are in white, the second hand is always in the warm orange. Top fashionable and elegant accessory is the ice-watch for the Vitality and imagination of the people who wear them, and is a visible commitment of individual joy of life. Herbie Mann wanted to know more. Packed in a neat module design of course color ice watch the ideal gift for special people or the perfect treat for yourself is matched to the respective model. Now, the strong brand has become the premium partner of B2B friends lifestyle community ice watch. Likewise, completely coherent concept of the ever-growing community has convinced the makers of ice watch as the other premium partner. All use the friends recommendation portals to present themselves at the highest level of the ever-increasing number of friends members and thus the audience consciously to be found. Because the friends members receive exclusive action-related offers of the provided on the scale be virtual shopping mile. With each other and for each other as friends are.