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The line to patrilinear is relatively recent in history human being, having gained more force with the advent and growth of the Christianity. The base of the masculine dominncia was initiated in the prehistoric period, when the human groupings lived of the hunting and the collection of roots and seeds. While the hunting was a masculine activity exclusively, for the physical force and constant availability that it demanded (pregnancy and cares with the procreation made the women not to be always apt to this activity), were still the hunting the greater and better source of feeding for the human groupings (Laird & Victor, 1995). He was only with the development of agriculture during the Neolithic period (12,000 the 4,000 B.C.) that the women had started more consistently to participate of the means of production and feeding them groupings, and had started to exert leadership papers gradual. As curiosity here, a time that our subject is leadership, is interesting to know that it was with the establishment of the agriculture that the threat of the feminine leadership became tangible in the determination of the paternity. Still leader in bigger number, the men were worried in having the certainty of its hereditary succession in the transmission of the tools and the agricultural lots, the productions and the slaves who were contingent of the disputes between povoamentos.

The institution of the marriage appeared, thus, together to other uses, customs, traditions and superstitions, to guarantee that the men would be giving support and leaving inheritance the children who would be certain to be its (Aquino, 1980; Scorsolini-Comin, 2009). Unhappyly the feminine inferiorizao from this period finished taking many societies human beings to develop overwhelming systems and vitimizadores of women, many surviving until today (Laird & Victor, 1995). It has been a long history to understand the leadership concept well, during which the different interpretations are overlapped.

Psychotic Incidents

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Currently it has easy very serious cases of depression to decide. It is alone to have conscience and to face the truth of the problem. Read more from Cindy Crawford to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In the mind human being everything is born of a restrained desire the person keeps that negation trying to conform with the situation But the unconscious one, does not forget easy and wants the long desire Until one day of I occasion it to the nothing can unchain in action. Some stimulatons are enough, this to happen definitively If the person already is depressive and uses of the psicofarmacologia It at any given time can uncontrol impulsively and to go to run behind the desire that was restrained at last on this day This personage wanted to go for its adorable beach house to take a walk That although simple possua something very special for it One room that was favourite its cantinho of reflection and to dream In it he had workmanships, and marks special of the personality of it. at the moment that it desires its husband not it with depression could travel not Then, with the shaken mind decided It caught a simple stock market, it placed three pairs of summer clothes and a bank card, a bag of remedies and for street ran Already he had taken remedies, its state age of total mental confusion Five antidepressants p to try to cure a fine artery and with low flow He left eats clothes of the two body and bolsinhas, living its unreal world Caught a bus, was for road, asking without it always leaves In the road it caught money in the box and it bought ticket the brain ordered to buy for Bertioga that was swilling But the mouth speaks that its destination age Is Vicente, the origin Our personage was scared and wanted the money, devolution attendant called a very thick it insane person and if it ordered But the personage was to the manager and made threat to go to the PROCON beautiful young of the other sector and said stimulated you Searchs its money goes that you for Bertioga.