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Here's a rough translation: "Wretch dog, the son of Hall's brother, snickavshego glory of Justice, which betrayed him, his cowardice, fled from the despised Yukov and dropped his Tor. Yes, the almighty will punish you. Let life derives from you, a slow stream of suffering, who will block your way to Valhalla, and your blood, freezes into ice, breaking up your icy heart with fear. " These letters can be explained as follows. Under most conditions Rand Paul would agree. Brother Hall's brother leader, one of the tribes, which led a relentless war against another tribe, Yuka. Obviously, this man scared on the battlefield and thus doomed race leader, to the eternal shame.

For this, he betrayed the penalty, the stigma rune Isa, which means physical death, but a painful and very slow. This rune, the ancient Vikings to give the ice. Everything she touched, stopped and froze. It indicates the freezing of all processes. This rune symbol designated tactical death, but only for a moment, as the mass of ice could melt.

And after freezing can occur revival. The unfortunate, which put such a terrible label, given a chance to correct situation and to atone for his disgrace. The noblest death that craved all Scandinavians, was the death in battle. Since, after the death in battle, the warrior got the right to end their way into Valhalla. It was bliss, to which sought, almost from childhood. And just because the accused was a close relative of the leader, he was given a second chance. And if he had not used, then died a horrible death. Archaeological studies indeed confirm that among the many found the remains of the ancient Vikings, there are those who died as a result of rupture of the cranium of the head.

Russia Business

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Owners of businesses in Russia striving to evolutionary transformations that will not stop in front of difficulties. Cunning Rat will give an opportunity with minimal effort to achieve maximum success in business, which generates no small profit. In spite of this, many will work hard to further strengthen its credibility, for the sake of your career and financial situation in the face of fierce competition. Having already serious capital, businessmen will be forced to continue his improvement and self-education, in order to gain more experience and new knowledge. Without hesitation Jim Hackett explained all about the problem. Stand out from those who have as strong – not an easy task. Year of Earth Rat poses this very difficult task in front of the business world in Russia. Busy schedule, often leaves no time for personal life. With tremlenie be the first – all this will have an emotional “pressure” on members business world, which can lead to nervous and cardio – vascular disorders. Actress is often quoted on this topic.

Particularly strong fight will be in show business. New and talented will be blocking the path to stardom by experienced, well-known, held creators. In parallel, the business world, will grow and develop the underworld, who is not averse to profit at the expense of the first. Therefore, the owners of the business will often be in the role of victims because of robberies and assaults. The biggest “Bait” will be public people in show business. Nevertheless, the enormous financial and business success, great opportunities of the country will have good luck in the promotion of new projects and future plans.


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The harmony of the soul comes for intermediary of the learning of music and the mathematics; the harmony of the body through the gymnastics; e, for that they will be apt, the exercise of the dialectic for the contemplation of the truth. This would determine the governing of the city. Plato considered, then, an aristocracy, but well different of the athenian. An aristocracy formed for a rigid and extensive system of education, and completely established and interested only in the justice idea. The governing would have to accept to be in the government to only make the good to all, without becoming instrument of being able. In ' ' Myth of the Caverna' ' , where prisoners in the subterranean, chained of front for the wall can see only the shades that they reflect in the wall.

One of them is become free and come across with the reality, distinct of that one of the shades. Made an impression, she comes back to the interior of the cave to count its friends on the real world that existed outside, but they oppose to believe and finish killing that one that it came back to free them. Plato projects a world where the men are educated to enxergar the light and always to doubt the shades, never to believe the first certezas and so only the appearances, and always to receive that one that come to show the truth. Aristotle In Atenas, Aristotle established the school where if he congregated with its disciples, the 2 secondary school. He had platonic formation and he frequentou the Academy per 20 years, leaving after the death of Plato, and therefore he can yourself be perceived very of the thought of it in the texts of Aristotle. Aristotle the same had starting point of Plato, but the platonic thought served of matureness for its ideas.

Protection State

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They had had to be cultivated by the slaves, those that to cultivate the particular properties will belong to the proprietors, already the ones that to cultivate public lands will belong to the state. Aristotle warns the importance of if using foreign slaves and that they are cowards, in order to prevent possible riots or revolts. (p 130) Correlation the procreation Aristotle says: ' ' the limit of the college to have children, for the men, to the seventy years when very, and to the fifty for the women (…) agrees, therefore to fix the marriage of the women in the eighteen years, and of the men in thirty and seven, or little menos.' ' (pg. 142). It fixes a limit of age between men and women, in sight of the procreation and the marriage, in order to prevent complications in the pregnancy and to favor the conception of children preventing problems me the formation in the babies.

The children badly? formed, according to philosopher, will not be able to have the protection of the state, therefore only the healthy ones deserve to have the protection of the state. Formative process of the children of the citizens the education of the young would have to be priority of all the legislators, in order to guarantee the unit of the customs between the citizens, therefore Aristotle is against any form of private education, therefore he defends that the state would have to be the responsible one for the education of the children of the citizens. (p 149) It establishes a curricular grating that had to be followed by all the legislators, composing itself in the following parts: ' ' the grammar, the gymnastics and music, they if adding to the times desenho.' ' (pg. 150)? it warns that the gymnastics would have to be practised in moderate rhythm until the phase of adolescence, being after that substituted by the studies of the grammar and music.

The Beauty In The Book

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Dostoievski, not by chance one of my favourite writers, in its book ' ' The Idiota' ' , of – us a beautiful example of as a man can be truily Beautiful. Michkin, the prince, main personage of the narrative, is somebody exempt of individualism or egoism and searchs through the knowledge of itself and the recognition of ' ' outro' ' , the Beauty. For its character, Michkin represents the man in its More beautiful side. That one that does not import with the way for which will be judged by the others, since that it above all places the supreme goods of the spirit and its potentialities. The Prince can be understood as the union of Dom Quixote, as for the attachment to justice and the goodness; Christ? man, capable of the most immense ternura and also of great indignation, face to the unjust one. To understand Michkin she is necessary to use the ways tracings for Plato for the true agreement of the Beauty.

The idea of Beauty in Plato distance of our vulgar conception of beauty. The platonic Beauty represents what of more it has raised than mortal condition can reach: something as the man to come close itself to deuses. It is not easy project to understand the book in its essential beauty, therefore in modernity this idea of Beauty was counterfeited on behalf of one maken a mistake personal accomplishment. The modern man constructs ' ' castelos' ' that nothing it has to see with its talentos, displaying flags that will belong never it, but that, inevitably them they are you deliver as if they were its. The platonic Beauty teaches to search a true accomplishment; accomplishment this that is guided by the truily Beautiful one. The existencial search must go in direction of what if it is, that is, of the individual talentos of each being, that are the engine that must guide the life.


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Modernity, the Man and the Anguish Emerson Martins Garci’a Words key: anguish, existencialismo, history, man, individual, century XX. Summary: This article, in the search to identify the reasons of the anguish feeling, sucintamente covers the line of history from the end of the Average Age, looking for to point out the Man in the registered contexts and the possible difficulties found for it to dedicate the proper knowledge to it of itself. From Sren Aabye Kierkegaard (1813? 1855) and of the existencialismo, are in century XX that the Man if identifies individual, and, therefore, soon if to come across with its freedom and consequentemente with the anguish. I? Introduction This work searchs to show the reason of the sprouting of the feeling of anguish in the Man, as defined and perceived in century XX, in a existencialista boarding. The adopted method consisted of contextualizar the Man in history and diverse cultural shocks for it suffered, taking it gradual if to discover as individual, therefore, one ' ' to be aberto' ' , placed ahead of the freedom of the choice imprisons that it, as we will see in Giles. Being overcome it line of history, leaving of the end of the Average Age until the century XX and the beginning of this, inexorable is, quantitatively and qualitatively, the number of occured transformations in the humanity, for it, and for it. Between the consequences and inheritances of these deep mutations, unstable and always not lasting, the Man did not find space to be able to identify and to live its feelings and emotions, being to the edge of its individuality. The anguish, this close feeling of oppression, continuous intranqilidade, tension front to the world, vertigo ahead of the blackness of the choice and that, at the same time it grows to if coming across with more freedom, only finds space to disclose themselves and to be identified as such in century XX, after authors and philosophers, mainly Kierkegaard, to desnudarem the existencial question of the Man.

Goals and Exercises

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Often I'm asked questions that need to take when no one wants to do. Or when there is a specific purpose, but not the strength to achieve them. For the former, I say so. If you do not want to do anything, you need to understand yourself, remember their childhood dreams and desires, see how they can be transformed into today's adult life, and immediately begin doing so. First of all, one likes will give you an additional supply of energy. Secondly, you will have specific goals for realization that you also start to produce energy. And if you already have a clear goal, but a person can not bring himself to act, there is need to work with the very goals. The first reason – the goals are not yours, but you imposed from outside.

The same logical, if one wants to do, then, the soul resists, as the soul can not fool (you also always have enough energy to go into the kitchen and take in the fridge to eat something tasty, or go to the boss for a salary). Therefore, we must seek their goals by asking the right questions and performing specific exercises. The second reason – your goals, but you do not have painted for myself clearly enough. That is something you want, but what exactly is unclear. Goals are like a fog. Here, too, need to perform special exercises to clarify your goals for the pump.

That is a result of these exercises, so you should burn your goals. But there may be other problem. You'll engage your goals around the clock seven days a week and your family slowly begin to worry about your condition. But it is quite normal. When you go to your goals, you can work day and night, and quite no rest. As said Celentano in the wonderful movie "The Taming of the Shrew": "tired when doing something that does not like. And I'm doing my favorite thing and never get tired. " Let us once again reiterate the most important points: 1. Energy does not just happen. She was always there for something, to achieve a certain goal. 2. Than global is your dream / goal, the more you get energy. 3. Dream is to be big, but real for you. You have to believe in its implementation. If you do not believe in it, then do not get energy. 4. Energy can not accumulate. You can only create the conditions where you can always get it in the right quantity 5. If you do not want to do, remember your children's games and transform them into an adult occupation. 6. If the goal does not inspire, then she or is not yours, or not thought out and articulated. In principle, all the basic information has already been said here. As a conclusion: your primary goal – Come up with such dreams and formulate them in such goals, that they not only inspire you, but forced to tremble at the thought of them. And then you will not have to force yourself to do something to motivate or something else. This is already will not be a problem. You will have to restrain myself sometimes contrary to some cool his ardor. I wish you dream of inspiring things and you easily reach your goals.

Psychology Of Gender: The Role Of Men And Women

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The study of psychology, men and women, their difference from each other, has direct relevance not only to themselves, but to society as a whole. Issues related to the particular sex and psychological differences, recent often the most discussed issues in society. The main reason for this is that the role of men and women varies significantly with time. Social psychology of gender – is a huge industry for the study of prejudice, discrimination, social perception, self-reflection, self-esteem, and the concept of social norms and roles. In psychology, the concept of gender – it's just a biological characteristic with which people determine the male and female. Social psychologists believe that the main reasons are the traditional definition of gender and information pressure. The traditional pressure "explains the mechanism in which a person forced to conform to society's expectations, so it was not rejected. Punishment for disobeying sexually roles can be very cruel.

The ruler of Iran, Ayatollah , from 1979 to mid-80s, overturned a law that gave the woman any rights, and sentenced to death more than 20,000 women who did not obey the rules of conduct and dress codes. Fundamentals of social differences can be seen even before birth. For example, the desire of parents and others to know who will be born, boy or girl. Much envy of how the child would be called, what clothes and toys will buy until the child grows. By three years the child is already safe to identify themselves to a male or female gender.