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Alejandro Martinez

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In the warm morning when the sun is imposed on the horizon and shed its light of life on the mountains, plains and forests, I think of your sweet name while I continue to look a swallow in its flight into the vastness me invited to look to the sky blue unlimited and infinitely extended in time that the brush has outlined the pages of history. Your name starts with A, I think as firm in my hands rests a fragrant flower, soft and indescribably beautiful that would be designed to spice up your night table if not interpose the power of the distance and the final opinion of reason. Your name begins with the dawn A perfumed with the aroma of our fields of leafy green upholstered embedded in the friendly soil in which a seed traveling, coming from distant places, find the open furrow to start a romance with destiny and lead to indescribable miracle of life. Your name begins with A warm and scattered sand on which they land softly on your delicate feet your transit to the other side of your reality where your dreams meet with your desire to drink the world drop until you declare your sweet but firm voice, that you are the owner of what you offer and the shaper of the future that your styling with libertarian ideas. By the same author: