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Here's a rough translation: "Wretch dog, the son of Hall's brother, snickavshego glory of Justice, which betrayed him, his cowardice, fled from the despised Yukov and dropped his Tor. Yes, the almighty will punish you. Let life derives from you, a slow stream of suffering, who will block your way to Valhalla, and your blood, freezes into ice, breaking up your icy heart with fear. " These letters can be explained as follows. Under most conditions Rand Paul would agree. Brother Hall's brother leader, one of the tribes, which led a relentless war against another tribe, Yuka. Obviously, this man scared on the battlefield and thus doomed race leader, to the eternal shame.

For this, he betrayed the penalty, the stigma rune Isa, which means physical death, but a painful and very slow. This rune, the ancient Vikings to give the ice. Everything she touched, stopped and froze. It indicates the freezing of all processes. This rune symbol designated tactical death, but only for a moment, as the mass of ice could melt.

And after freezing can occur revival. The unfortunate, which put such a terrible label, given a chance to correct situation and to atone for his disgrace. The noblest death that craved all Scandinavians, was the death in battle. Since, after the death in battle, the warrior got the right to end their way into Valhalla. It was bliss, to which sought, almost from childhood. And just because the accused was a close relative of the leader, he was given a second chance. And if he had not used, then died a horrible death. Archaeological studies indeed confirm that among the many found the remains of the ancient Vikings, there are those who died as a result of rupture of the cranium of the head.

Trauma Formation

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Taking the example of the relationship between an infant and her mother would say that his continued presence as excessive absence, they contribute equally to the formation of trauma. As the name of the Father who by way of the paternal metaphor gives rise to the role of mother, be reflected in the two cases cited his forclucion or psicotizante traumatic effect for the child according to the degree of recurrence that has experience in time. What trauma necessarily implies a lack of interruption, edge, cut significant. As reality that which is defined to be continuous, the trauma is a failure of the symbolic to mean something on the order of a real emergency. See Cindy Crawford for more details and insights. In neurosis the trauma manifests itself as a hole in the symbolic, in the case of psychosis, however, it is an absolute lack of symbolic, indicating also the dimension of suffering psychotic. In "About the Father and of metaphor," says "(…) Pinciroli primitive data of perception does not register an objective reality, but what of the symbolic operation allows you type, (…)" that is the reality with which the subject relates is a representation created by the combinations and significant substitutions, outside of this reality is reality, which bursts out of the network significantly, the traumatic, the unmentionable, things outside meaning. If Lacan defines phallic significance as a whole and the presence of the phallic signifier of sexual difference is exhausted in phallic and castrated, a gap is defined then, in relation to the question "What is a woman? That is no symbolic support that she can tell the female genital, the universal premise of the phallus can only get to make a lack in the symbolic place where something should be said. .

Russia Business

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Owners of businesses in Russia striving to evolutionary transformations that will not stop in front of difficulties. Cunning Rat will give an opportunity with minimal effort to achieve maximum success in business, which generates no small profit. In spite of this, many will work hard to further strengthen its credibility, for the sake of your career and financial situation in the face of fierce competition. Having already serious capital, businessmen will be forced to continue his improvement and self-education, in order to gain more experience and new knowledge. Without hesitation Jim Hackett explained all about the problem. Stand out from those who have as strong – not an easy task. Year of Earth Rat poses this very difficult task in front of the business world in Russia. Busy schedule, often leaves no time for personal life. With tremlenie be the first – all this will have an emotional “pressure” on members business world, which can lead to nervous and cardio – vascular disorders. Actress is often quoted on this topic.

Particularly strong fight will be in show business. New and talented will be blocking the path to stardom by experienced, well-known, held creators. In parallel, the business world, will grow and develop the underworld, who is not averse to profit at the expense of the first. Therefore, the owners of the business will often be in the role of victims because of robberies and assaults. The biggest “Bait” will be public people in show business. Nevertheless, the enormous financial and business success, great opportunities of the country will have good luck in the promotion of new projects and future plans.


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Source, causing these emotions and feelings do not match their intensity and the real situation. It is important to recognize that in situations of experience "disproportionate" emotional expressions, people tend to be in prisoner of the illusion, its findings often do not correspond to reality. Learn more on the subject from Senator From Kentucky. Depending on the features of his emotional warehouse, personal life stories it can complement the "wrong conclusions" new facts, to find they confirm. There is a kind of "game of the mind." Thus there are real negative emotions and creates real problems in relationships with important people to him. As a result, psychological "elaboration" a man realizes the true cause of what is happening with him and is relieved of the impact. As a result, it increases their ability to not only realistically see and evaluate the actions of others, but adequate for them respond. If the "disproportionate reaction" is often seen, accompanied by strong emotional states, it can create serious problems in life. What are the dangers of "disproportionate" emotional reactions? Firstly, because the basis of disproportionate reactions are predominantly negative situations that have not been taken by man, gave him pain, their activation also creates stress, crises and conflicts.

For example, a woman in situations where it believes violates the dignity of women, aggressively responding to the abuser. This behavior occurs in situations of contact with the dominant, authoritarian men who associative recall of her father. As a result, the reaction starts the relationship with him, planted in childhood. These relationships with the boss can not only lead to conflict, but also to the loss of jobs.

Women and Health

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The main difference between this and the physics are that the physical violence involves acts of corporal aggression to the victim, to the step that the psychological one elapses of words, directed gestures, looks it, without necessarily occurring physical contact. (Et HISSES. Al, 2007). In one it searches done in the clinics of attendance in the Center of Reference of the Health of the Woman of the Hospital Byington Pearl, So Paulo (to see TAVARES, DINALVA, 2000), the psychological violence appears as recurrent complaint between the attacked women. The men reach the woman in order to leave it fragilizada, to make to feel itself it humiliated, affecting negative auto-esteem of the same ones. This exactly study points with respect to some resultant effect of this type of violence, that acts many times as form of torture or threat, ' ' prendendo' ' the woman to the violent relation.

As they place ALVIM and SOUZA (2005), the psychological violence is an established concept having as parameter the limits and the convivncia rules, moreover, are a category of difficult violence of being identified by third and also of being denounced, since it does not possess materialidade.SILVA (2007) goes more beyond, indicating that many of the times the psychological violence is not identifiable not even for the victims. The author defends that the violence if initiates of slow and quiet form, that progresses in intensity and consequences, a subtle movement that, many times, is imperceptible in such a way for the aggressor how much for the victim. In turn, ALVIM and SOUZA (2005) except that this type of violence consumes the relations and of in such a way happening again itself, finish if becoming ' ' naturais' ' for the involved ones. It is important to pontuar that the psychological violence cause serious problems of emotional and physical nature and seems to be condition for the deflagration of the physical violence.


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Self-esteem is extremely important for the quality of human life. This affects all aspects of life. Our emotions, desires, values largely depend on our self-esteem. People with high self-esteem are generally more positive, agreeable and effective in their actions than people with low self-esteem. It is a measure of how you are healthy, hardy and flexible when faced with the inevitable ups and downs of everyday life. Your self-esteem determines your level of inner satisfaction and peace of mind. In addition, this quality is closely linked to the health and energy level.

Then how much you love and respect yourself, determines the quality of your relationships with others people. The more you yourself like you, the more you will like the others, and the more they will love you. In fact, when self-esteem in some way injured, the first in that it affects, it is relationships with people. That achieve the best results in their work and experience for yourself the very best sense, its own self-esteem necessary to continually adjust and maintain a high level. I suggest some simple techniques that enhance self-esteem: Conduct an inventory of their personal qualities.

What would you like to improve or change? Can improve self-discipline and improve relationships with other people? Try change it. Work on one at a time quality. Periodically check your progress. Think of yourself as an amazing and special person. Do not worry about mistakes you made, they are inevitable. Use mistakes to learn from them. Respect yourself and others will respect you. Understand what you want. Set a clear goal. The definition for a serious, challenging goals, and develop plans for their achievement, enhances self-esteem. A person with clear goals in life is feeling better and more confident. And everyone made toward your goals step raises self-esteem. Be active, enterprising and resolute in his actions. The best way to improve self-esteem is proactive with respect to the selected target. Indecision and passivity alienates a person from achieving what he wants, and lead to a reduction self-esteem. Treat others how to represent for you a great value. Analyze how and what you say. Negative statements about lower self-esteem. Try to use the phrase “I can”, “I do” etc. Such positive statements raise self-esteem. Do not disappoint, if you have something does not work. Be persistent in trying and not give up. Motivational article on the site newgoal.

The People

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It will be able to also function, as I stimulate the people who have interest in knowing the universe of the narcissism. It is important still, in the measure where, the inquiry of the subject searchs to understand the significao of the narcissism, in the inquiry of the evolution of the concept of narcissism in the workmanship of Freud, searching the relations of approach with the contemporaneidade. In the scope of the clinic, this research is important still, therefore it provides to place itself in the place of a very particular researcher, that must be intent to reflect on all these singular questions of the culture contemporary and, at the same time, to reflect on we ourselves, and our paper as professional, that is, to reflect about the therapeutical work that we develop, and the theory supports that it. Therefore, the return the Freud, in the direction to explore its primcias and its contributions significant (as well as of other authors), it places in them, with bigger precision, in the way for our reflection in the profession of psychologists. It is in the daily clinical confrontation with our patients who our reflections gain body. The relevance of the research consists of the theoretical aspect, in the understanding and communication of the concepts, looking for to establish the systematization of a chaining of ideas, that can support its practical. The work is structuralized from a bibliographical research of the texts of Freud, psychology and sociology etc and, mainly, around the terms narcissism, citizen, and culture contemporary. Making a survey of the characteristics of the contemporneidade, bringing as counterpoint the paradigmtico model of modernity, and the set of psychological transformations. (LAZZARINI, 2006) the NARCISSUS MYTH will be weaveeed brief consideraes on the myth of Narcissus, without adentrar in the mitolgicas questions, for being the interest of the psychological order. It will also go, to compile aspects that interest the psicanaltica boarding directly.

Dealing with Issues

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When the "cat scratching" at heart. Many people have such a situation where the head hit by a very serious problem, and, had the impression that all of them, specifically, there were at one time. In the same time, it seems that the worse can not be, and that these problems do not disappear when not already. But it is not, but in order to be confident in their abilities and improve your mood, you need during the day to repeat the following proposals: Today you have to live as if he is the last day of life. And it really is such because it can no longer be repeated. I know today I will have a good mood and I can give joy to others lyudyam.Ya today pamper your body: relaxing in the bath for an hour, I'll look great, I'll do a nice haircut and spend the night in parke.Obyazatelno today read an interesting book or magazine, get new knowledge, my pleasant dushe.Segodnya I think about what exactly in my nature is the cause of my bad mood. I find the code that cause in itself, it will make every effort so that it no more.

I have no right to convictions relate to other people because I do not idealen.Moi today's actions will only be good. Through these actions I can escape from bad habits and problems that now exist in my mind. Today, I will direct all their efforts on getting rid of your problem. I will try to delete it permanently from memory. Today I'll write a routine of your day and try to follow it completely. At the end of the day to draw conclusions from that I could make out of the plan, but that could not, and think about why I could not do it. This approach to the situation, I would be much more disciplined and be able to better manage soboy.Nachinaya today, I will devote an hour to spend it in quiet rest.

This is the time when I would not think there is nothing, but just going to relax. Because of this I will add energy to continue the struggle with their problemami.Segodnya for me there will be no fear. After all, the cause of all problems is the fear of being with them face to face. If I'm not afraid, then, finally, I can be happy. I want to be happy, and I will happy! Stick to the above recommendations in this article, and you see how your life situation will improve significantly!


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As the lucidity is present in 75% of the cases, the family finishes believing that the limitations patient it are ' ' propositais' '. Feeling itself diminished, the parkinsoniano costuma not to ask for helps nobody, wanting to affirm its self-sufficiency. If she will not be very intent, the family finishes at risk placing it. The parkinsoniano wants to make everything alone and hides many things. It can take a tumble and, for pride not to count nobody (BRANDO, 1998). The solidarity and the affection of the family, allies to the conviviality with the support associations, are basic to rescue the independence of patient, normally depressed and isolated of the society. Family, doctors and friends must show to the patient who is possible to coexist the illness. To make with that the patient if feels it useful and active will leave more stimulated to react to the illness.

2,2 Psychological factors Beyond the identified more visible motor signals in the parkinsoniano, the psychological aspect of these individuals also is affected. In agreement Silberman et al. (2004), the dementia and the depression can aggravate and bring negative consequences during the treatment of the illness. Many of these are presented estressados and overwhelming. The tax of prevalence of depression between individuals with DP varies of 20% 70%. Mohr et al. (1996), they had observed that the anxiety and the depression can exacerbar the presented motor difficulties. The cognitiva function of the individuals with DP according to Mder apud Teive, (2000) is harmed.

The author tells that these individuals frequently complain of difficulties to concentrate the attention the recent facts. The capacity of memorization, also is affected, mainly when it has depressive aspects associates. It stops beyond the situations that if it relates, where if does not find a true biological relation between the two illnesses, it can say of depressive symptoms associates to the proper illness of Parkinson.

Memory And Aging

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Who never forgot nothing that shoots the first rock! The discovery biological bases of the functioning of the memory has been one of the main concerns of the Neurocincias. But what it is memory? For we, memory nothing more are of what the capacity who we have to hold back and to recoup information and, with this, to modify our behavior in function of previous experiences. However, before continuing our quarrel, it is important to remember that the brain functions as a whole, from regions specialized in the processing of different types of information. Being thus, ' armazenamento' on information he depends on alterations in the structure and the function of nervous cells, as well as of its connections, in different regions of the nervous system. That is, our brain possesss certain ' plasticidade'. However, this plasticity (neural and mannering) varies with the age. That is, the more old, lesser the capacity to occur alterations. Therefore, we consider the memory as optimum biological marker for the aging.

However, although to cause upheavals, the esquecimento is normal in any age; that is, we are passveis to suffer ' amnsia' , that nothing more it is of what the lack or it fails of the memory, in general, of the call declarative memory, that is, those related souvenirs the facts, events, people, etc. The memory problems are most common in the medical doctor’s offices, however, we must distinguish the circumstantial pictures in result from stress of the really pathological pictures. It enters the main causes of the amnesias we can detach stress; the depression, that is more frequent; until dementias more serious as the evil of Alzheimer. But this is not alone! Also the evil of Parkinson in its more advanced periods of training; the chronic and serious dependence of alcohol, cocaine and of other drugs; the vascular injuries; the craniano trauma repeated (in boxe for example) and the exposition the metals weighed by long period (more than twenty years) are between the causes of the amnesias.

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