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Psychotherapist Syntonized With Cause GLS

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Indications for abusca of a psychotherapist syntonized with cause GLS As a reaction front to the social preconception, in the half GLS this if becoming common, the practical one to search a therapist syntonized with the necessities of its members, are individual or group they. The search of a professional who has accepted and receives the orientation, practical sexual and the ertico-affective object of the citizen (a), GLS as an expression of the affective capacity of the human beings, or a natural expression of the desires, is basic so that it if does not find in the difficult situation of being discriminated by this professional, that is, that it reedits in its work the social homofbico speech. When I bring the subject of ' ' psicoterapia' ' or ' ' therapy for gays' ' , I am not placing in quarrel the homossexualidade or bissexualidade as cause of psicopatolgicos upheavals, since independent of the desire object, any person to poderapresentar at one definitive moment of its life difficulties in its relationships, with suaauto-they esteem, auto-image or other emotional and affective problems. In the United States the APA (American Association of Psychology), divulged a list with some criteria that must be observed by publish GLS to it at the moment to search support psychological. CEO of Ford is often quoted as being for or against this. Had to the cultural differences, I am not in favor of no type of translation for most intentioned that are, but at last, below they follow some item, uses its proper criterion and assertividade. With respect to the figure of the therapist the American association recommends: – That the psychologist the same respects and values as positive the relationships between people of sex. – That the psychologist is conscientious of the difficulties that the members of group GLS face due to the social stigma, the physical violence and the homofobia, and that these dificuldadespodem to at risk place well-being and the mental health of them. . Add to your understanding with mark burnett.

Parkinson Patients

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When the manifest illness if before the 40 years is called precocious parkinsonismo. In young individuals, with inferior age the 21 years youthful parkinsionismo is called. Others including celebrity trainer, offer their opinions as well. The more young she will be the patient with the symptoms of the illness, greater will be the possibility to have a involved genetic component of coordination of movements. (TEIVE, 2000; ANDRADE et. al, 1998). The depression approximately occurs in 40% 50% of the patients with Illness of Parkinson.

Being this a factor that contributes for a bigger occurrence of dficits cognitivos for these patients. Normally it has certain difficulty in diagnosising the depression in a parkinsoniano, since signals as bradicinesia, alteration of sleep and reduction of the libido already is gifts. However, it makes necessary a possible precocious diagnosis thus to initiate the treatment. ( FILGUEIRAS, 2008). Thus being, this article aims at to verify as if the patients feel, who beyond coexisting the illness still have that to deal with the depression and which the difficulties biggest that it causes; to identify the factors that develop this type of problem; to analyze which the factors of bigger risk; to verify if all the patients with illness of Parkinson can suffer depression. Ahead of the displayed one he questions yourself: What the person who suffers with the Evil of Parkinson can make to prevent the depression and will be affected what to make to win it? Leaving of the estimated one that some type of physical and mental activity can brighten up the effect of the depression beyond improving the quality of life of the patient, it would be important that from the diagnosis of the illness this patient of this beginning to some activity, as well as the practical one of physical exercises that could contain pictures of depression, loss of memory and capacity of reasoning. A depression in patients with Illness of Parkinson not yet well is understood and accepted, even so nor all the patients present the same symptoms.

Women and Health

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The main difference between this and the physics are that the physical violence involves acts of corporal aggression to the victim, to the step that the psychological one elapses of words, directed gestures, looks it, without necessarily occurring physical contact. (Et HISSES. Al, 2007). In one it searches done in the clinics of attendance in the Center of Reference of the Health of the Woman of the Hospital Byington Pearl, So Paulo (to see TAVARES, DINALVA, 2000), the psychological violence appears as recurrent complaint between the attacked women. The men reach the woman in order to leave it fragilizada, to make to feel itself it humiliated, affecting negative auto-esteem of the same ones. This exactly study points with respect to some resultant effect of this type of violence, that acts many times as form of torture or threat, ' ' prendendo' ' the woman to the violent relation.

As they place ALVIM and SOUZA (2005), the psychological violence is an established concept having as parameter the limits and the convivncia rules, moreover, are a category of difficult violence of being identified by third and also of being denounced, since it does not possess materialidade.SILVA (2007) goes more beyond, indicating that many of the times the psychological violence is not identifiable not even for the victims. The author defends that the violence if initiates of slow and quiet form, that progresses in intensity and consequences, a subtle movement that, many times, is imperceptible in such a way for the aggressor how much for the victim. In turn, ALVIM and SOUZA (2005) except that this type of violence consumes the relations and of in such a way happening again itself, finish if becoming ' ' naturais' ' for the involved ones. It is important to pontuar that the psychological violence cause serious problems of emotional and physical nature and seems to be condition for the deflagration of the physical violence.

The People

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It will be able to also function, as I stimulate the people who have interest in knowing the universe of the narcissism. It is important still, in the measure where, the inquiry of the subject searchs to understand the significao of the narcissism, in the inquiry of the evolution of the concept of narcissism in the workmanship of Freud, searching the relations of approach with the contemporaneidade. In the scope of the clinic, this research is important still, therefore it provides to place itself in the place of a very particular researcher, that must be intent to reflect on all these singular questions of the culture contemporary and, at the same time, to reflect on we ourselves, and our paper as professional, that is, to reflect about the therapeutical work that we develop, and the theory supports that it. Therefore, the return the Freud, in the direction to explore its primcias and its contributions significant (as well as of other authors), it places in them, with bigger precision, in the way for our reflection in the profession of psychologists. It is in the daily clinical confrontation with our patients who our reflections gain body. The relevance of the research consists of the theoretical aspect, in the understanding and communication of the concepts, looking for to establish the systematization of a chaining of ideas, that can support its practical. The work is structuralized from a bibliographical research of the texts of Freud, psychology and sociology etc and, mainly, around the terms narcissism, citizen, and culture contemporary. Making a survey of the characteristics of the contemporneidade, bringing as counterpoint the paradigmtico model of modernity, and the set of psychological transformations. (LAZZARINI, 2006) the NARCISSUS MYTH will be weaveeed brief consideraes on the myth of Narcissus, without adentrar in the mitolgicas questions, for being the interest of the psychological order. It will also go, to compile aspects that interest the psicanaltica boarding directly.

Parkinson Disease and Depression

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In the truth, the resultant chemical alteration of the degenerative process that is in the base of the illness of Parkinson can also affect implied regions of the brain in gnese of the depressive symptoms. Thus, motor symptoms and psychological symptoms are developed in simultaneous and progress the pair. It is necessary in this height to treat both the situations, even so the correction of the motor component with the appropriate frmacos can also improve the depressive component (CALDAS, 2008). The human behavior is object of study on the part of psychology, but it is the human brain that more interests for the psychological studies. The physical limitations and the decurrent psychological repercussion of this fact it is the objective of the psychological treatment of the carrying people of the Illness of Parkinson (DP) since the physical organism, emotions and feelings are constitution instances human being with much more relations in common of what initially if it can imagine (GRISOLIA, 2006). 3.

EFFECT OF the DEPRESSION the depression can be related to the reduction of a called neurotransmitter serotonina. Any new situation can make with that the patient if feels unsafe and fearful. It can prevent to travel, to leave and many they finish if retracting and preventing social contacts. Dependent of the family can lose the motivation and become excessively. The depression is a syndrome that can aggravate and bring problematic consequences in the evolution of the process of the Illness of Parkinson. In the cases where the depression is part of the called illness ' ' maniac-depressiva' ' , where the depressive episodes alternate in the time with episodes of great excitement, it can be necessary constantly to adapt medication of the neurological illness to the state of mood of the sick person, since in the depressive period it needs levedopa of what more in the phase where if it finds in ' ' mania.' ' (CALDAS, 2008).

Bodies Illness

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In the Illness of Pick and the Bodies of Lewy, the definitive diagnosis is only possible through autopsy, as well as in the Illness of Alzheimer. Although in the majority of the dementias not to have cure, its evolution can be late and until reverting some symptoms, as, for example, to recoup the cognitivo damage. Patologias that can evolve for a demenciativo picture *** DepressoDoena de HuntingtonDoena de Parkinson – With decline of the cognitivas functions – She is hereditary – It evolves for dementia – Occurs in adults between 25-50 years of age – Neurodegenerativa – Reaches the coordination – It can evolve for dementia when drawn out or in people above of 70 years Characteristic distinguishing of the patologias can evolve for dementia Bodies of Lewy? accumulation of these substances in the cerebral cortex; Illness of Pick? comprometimento frontal and fronto-weather, but mainly, is not common in aged and is very rare; Vascular dementia? trombose or has spilled? blockage of small cerebral arteries; Depression? serious depressive picture, drawn out, where it has a comprometimento of the cognitivas functions; Illness of Huntington? The gene that provokes this illness bes situated in the short arm of chromosome 4; Illness of Parkinson? diagnosis of Parkinson; The Illness of Alzheimer Amongst the dementias, the Illness of Alzheimer is most common. One is about a degenerative, gradual illness, that it leads to one total disability of the individual throughout the development of the illness. The diagnosis is difficult therefore other dementias presents similar sintomatologia and its cause is unknown.

In this in case that, the necessity of a constant adaptation of the family exists to support, among others situations, the proper difficulties of the evolutivo cycle of the illness. To follow we will detach important aspects on the Alzheimer, central subject of our study. KNOWING THE ALZHEIMER ILLNESS (D.A.). 5. KNOWING THE ALZHEIMER ILLNESS (D.A.) The Illness of Alzheimer is degenerative, characterized for a gradual atrofiamento of the cerebral cells, leading to the death of the same ones. They are cerebral injuries caused by a called protein beta-amilide*, that it has toxic effect on the neurons, forming senile plates. Another damage observed in the image examinations, is entangled in the essential structures of the neurons, having formed true we. Consequently it has a gradual deterioration of the language (aphasia), of motor abilities (apraxia) and of the perception (ack of knowledge). Its cause not yet well is defined, however, the genetic inheritance is enters the greater possibilities

Healthful Development

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When the child tries to contribute for the necessities of the family, being arranged the bed, making candies (clearly in accordance with its age and capacity) and is recognized for the mother, praised, feels-and composing ' ' quadro' ' familiar, necessary as person and member of this home. If this does not find ' ' espao' ' for ' ' ser' ' , it can grow needing to destroy what one became, meaningless, what not it of ' ' frutos' '. At the beginning, when baby, the simple smile of the mother makes with that if he feels accepted, existing, therefore still the symbiosis is present mother-baby. With elapsing of the time, she is necessary to be taken the serious one for somebody. If its ' ' produes' ' they are ignored, jede, makes with that it occurs a sensation of impotence and uselessness, what will be able to unchain with the time, an explosion of aggression and destruction. This phase is long, and important for the construction of a fortified identity. We can find signals of concern and guilt in very small children, but of one it forms consistent and openly observvel for the adults, Around more or less five years of age. When the child already if v' ' separada' ' of the mother, the father enters in scene, not as one clone of the figure materna, but as somebody that can be um' ' libertador' ' , in the measure where it is a strong figure; he will protect that it, hindering that any badly happens.

If the familiar environment cannot offer to this support due the absence of the father, Depression of the mother, for example, this will have that to adopt an auto precocious control of the impulses, before being in conditions to make it. In these cases the inhibition of the impulse is a permanent fear of that some destructive aspect runs away its control. The constant fight enters the good and the evil, stopped for the human being if it aggravates in these situations, therefore the individual with passing of the time, moves away itself exactly from itself. They are long years of therapy for ' ' to make the way in return ' ' , therefore until then, it served only of sustentation for a problematic familiar dynamics. When the environment is adjusted, propitiating sustentation to the infantile development, the construction of the identity becomes natural, ' ' normal' '. During all our life, we will be in fight with internal conflicts, in more or less overwhelming way, depending on our familiar origins. Therefore when deciding to be parents, we must be well conscientious of ' ' espao' ' affective to be opened for the inclusion of a new member in the family!

Psychology Of Gender: The Role Of Men And Women

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The study of psychology, men and women, their difference from each other, has direct relevance not only to themselves, but to society as a whole. Issues related to the particular sex and psychological differences, recent often the most discussed issues in society. The main reason for this is that the role of men and women varies significantly with time. Social psychology of gender – is a huge industry for the study of prejudice, discrimination, social perception, self-reflection, self-esteem, and the concept of social norms and roles. In psychology, the concept of gender – it's just a biological characteristic with which people determine the male and female. Social psychologists believe that the main reasons are the traditional definition of gender and information pressure. The traditional pressure "explains the mechanism in which a person forced to conform to society's expectations, so it was not rejected. Punishment for disobeying sexually roles can be very cruel.

The ruler of Iran, Ayatollah , from 1979 to mid-80s, overturned a law that gave the woman any rights, and sentenced to death more than 20,000 women who did not obey the rules of conduct and dress codes. Fundamentals of social differences can be seen even before birth. For example, the desire of parents and others to know who will be born, boy or girl. Much envy of how the child would be called, what clothes and toys will buy until the child grows. By three years the child is already safe to identify themselves to a male or female gender.