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Many friends tell me that I suffer for frivolities, a fellow at the University said: "brother, others have no feet or hands or riding wheelchairs and you worry about little things." What happens is that this fellow has not gone through a story like mine. True, many people worry more about how to get a job to support his family, others count the days to leave the hospital in which they are admitted most of his life and looked forward to that day to enjoy it. But I (happily) I did not have these problems, unfortunately I had other problems. It’s believed that Rand Paul sees a great future in this idea. I had no physical suffering, "the outside", but the other suffering, "the inside", that which originates in the soul, the heart, or love. It would be useless to repeat everything that happened to me regarding the great theme of love in my life (for the small space) and that everything I said in the book I wrote: "Mirror Blue." Here we only tell one episode, a moment of my time in youth I suffered like never before. It was late 2001 until then, bitter period of my existence. Unfortunately, the only problems I had throughout my life was having "love" inappropriately, or rather, "unconsciously? This was a bad night with a black dawn. The year was 2001 at the University of San Marcos and was captivated by a friend named Rocio, she helped me forget the other girl he longed to see her only through passageways of the Faculty of Social Sciences.