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MS Exchange Server

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What is Network Backup? Network backup allows you to perform the task of backup data from multiple computers, managed on the network. The administrator is who creates the task and not the user. In fact, the user can continue to work without realizing that your ordered data have been saved, since the task is run in the mode Windows service in the background, without interfering in the work of the user. Architecture of Backup Network there are three main elements of a network backup: Coordinator, client and server. Backup of Server program is installed on the Administrator’s computer and has a graphic interface that allows you to create backup, synchronization and restoration tasks. The backup for Coordinator program is installed on any computer in the network; It must be in view of all customers to run own use and a funcionamieto. Within a few time intervals all clients communicate with the Coordinator to confirm that they are accessible for the backup.The backup of Clients program is installed in the computers of the users whose data should be stored. Run mode Windows service and not have the graphic interface.

Clients allows the server to connect directly to the computers of users and realize the back up of data from these computers.For example, Server, Client and Coordinator are compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. Run – mode Server (pcs) backup program interpellates the Coordinator on that computer is available at this time in the network. Coordinator mark a list of the computers of users – Server pcs directly addresses each computer on the network’s backup and requires a list of directories available on every computer.-manager chooses data on each user’s computer goes to the back up, adds this data to the backup list, and controls the execution of the backup task. The administrator can create a task separately for each computer or a task only for all computers. In addition to Network Backup, you can make the back up of ODBC databases compatible, MS Exchange Server data, database Lotus Notes, both how to create the disk image on your corporate server.