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Pilates Sports

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Pilates was born in the 20s in New York. Joseph Pilates developed a fitness program so slow and controlled where he worked the body as a whole and which also involved the mind. In the past 10 years have seen recognition of Pilates as a way to achieve muscle balance, strengthening weak muscles and stretching the muscles acortados.Es a valid method for all, whether beginners or advanced athletes, even integrated in rehabilitacion.Hacer Pilates programs is particularly suitable for pregnant and older to maintain good muscle tone and prevent musculoskeletal problems. The basics of Pilates CONCE Betrayal: required for the coordination of breathing and exercises. CONTROL: the art of controlling our body. FLUENCY: the grace and rhythm of movements. Cindy Crawford understands that this is vital information.

PRECISION: the method for perfection. BREATHING: all controls. Breathing is a vital parameter in the pilates method. Some advantages of Pilates Method are: improves posture. Relieves back pain. Increases abdominal muscle development. Enhances agility.

It promotes coordination skills Promotes Promotes Promotes the body's balance flexibility. It promotes blood circulation promotes toning major muscle groups without forgetting the small, deep muscles. Strengthens muscles without increasing muscle mass (hypertrophy), it is ideal for those who want style without increasing the body muscles. Promotes improved physical and mental condition of the practitioner. Develops concentration and attention favors the treatment of osteoporosis, and that stimulating bone formation, reduces the risk of fractures. Reduces anxiety and stress, since this discipline requires good concentration to perform the exercises and that clears the mind of personal problems. The Pilates system increases the repetitions of the exercises and the amount of them in gradually, therefore produces almost no aches or pains.


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Do your feet – the sky. Behind your back – the wind. You're rushing forward with stunning speed. You conquer the peak, to who gets one, swim in mountain rivers, frightening his quickness, and jumping from rooftops and bridges. You – a person who lives this life. You – extremals! In recent years, extreme sports are becoming increasingly popular, especially among youth.

The world of extreme sports is very different from the daily routine. Here are its laws, there is no place for boredom and dullness. Extreme sports – is the best way to escape from reality and thrown toward the most amazing adventures! Extreme sports – it's an occupation for the active, daring and risky people. For those who have to be happy one must live to the fullest. Are you ready for the dizzying adventure? Then consider what kinds of extreme sports are most popular. Let's start with the "veterans".

Bicycling has been around for more than a century. However, in the recent road bikes give way to mining machines and in parallel with the mountain-biking is actively developing bmx. BMX – is not just skating, it bicycle stunts. Having mastered the technique and buying the right model of bike, you can learn to perform amazing and beautiful things always stand out from the crowd. Another class of well-known sports – it's hiking, climbing, climbing and caving. These classes will suit those who love nature and at every opportunity to strive to escape from the stifling city. Walk on untrodden roads, climb to the summit, the clouds and watch as beneath you spread out valleys and rivers – is neither an incomparable pleasure and passion that spans a lifetime. For those who contemplation of mountain landscapes seem too simple, there is white water rafting (rafting impassable portions of water), and in winter – Snowboarding (descent from the snow-capped mountains on the board). There are other kinds of extreme sports related boards. This sendbording (downhill on sand dunes) and wakeboarding (riding a board on the water after the engine vessel) and kite surfing (skating on water and slightly across the sky followed by a kite). That is – a real extreme! If the city you do not want to leave, and routine business days quite tortured, it's worth a try himself in the city extreme sports. For example, do parkour. If you think that parkour – it's just running around and climbing on smooth walls, then you are grossly mistaken. Parkour – a whole philosophy, philosophy of life and liberty, the absence of limitations and the ability to live to the fullest. See Rand Paul for more details and insights. Can also be in contact sport, which has already become traditional in the extreme environment – for skateboarding. Facilities and freedom – what could be better? If the land you adrenaline not found, then welcome to the sky – here extremals settled very firmly. Parachuting, beysdzhamping, paragliding, roupdzhamping and more give you the feeling of flight, weightlessness and unusual impressions. Extreme – the case of young, energetic, strong and healthy. If you want to be so, the extreme sports set for you. Freedom, adrenaline, and once again freedom. Forward and non-stop! Original in

Football Shape Kit

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Football kit Football kit does not exist simply in order to cover his muscular body player. Football kit, primarily intended to indicate affiliation to the player of a team. But this – yet half the battle. Shape for soccer – sports uniforms, so it subject to special requirements, like any other physical shape. It must create the conditions most favorable to the athlete, which is subjected to extreme loads during the game. That is, the freedom of movement, to remove moisture, protect from overheating or overcooling, protect vulnerable sites from possible injuries.

With all that in an ideal form should be minimal, invisible to the player weight. Modern football uniform has all the listed qualities. Also, thanks to the efforts of designers of sportswear, it also inspires the players on victory. It was not always. Most recently, in the 70s of the 19th century the standard form of football called "plus four", as was out of his pants, high socks, shirts and hats. Earlier in football played in any rough clothes – in fact it was the common game: hard work or army boots, baggy trousers, belted straps, tight shirts, sweatshirts, caps and even cylinders.

Naturally, in a form easily applied people to each other trauma and injury. The first matter changes were made footwear – shoes to attach steel spikes, which greatly increased the effectiveness of soccer shoes. Gradually began to produce special athletic shoes for soccer, that is boots. Pants were replaced with long shorts, which also changed and turned into the football pants. Then it came to shirts, T-shirts have become. Large-scale changes in the field of football came in the form the second half of the 20th century with the introduction of synthetic fibers: acrylic and nylon. Sportswear made from these materials are much more fit for purpose. Football kit is different from the synthetic wool and cotton, above all, it does not absorb moisture, it remains dry, while maintaining its original weight.


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The passive gymnastics is gaining ground in recent years, mainly because that the rhythm of life that we not allow us too much free time to go to the gym often as we would like. In the last years have arisen numerous fitness equipment that enable our body to perform recommended daily exercise without that we barely notice the effort and fatigue. arles Brandes for more clarity on the issue. Vibratory platforms were are undoubtedly the main reference in the field of passive gymnastics. Just ten minutes on vibratory platforms produce the same effect as between half an hour and an hour of intense exercise. But vibratory platforms are not only passive gymnastics devices used in most modern gyms.

The latest trend in passive gymnastics is the inversion table, a still little known device for those who do not go to the gym regularly. The inversion table lets go turning the human body from its normal vertical position to a totally contrary position, vertical head down. More recent studies have shown that the inversion table is indicated especially to correct back problems, such as Herniated discs and slight deviations of the spinal column. Your continued use of the inversion table also allows you to improve blood circulation to the area of the brain, helping to reduce fatigue and stress and fluid retention problems. Oddly passive gymnastics does not imply really no effort is not as well, so that the human body is put in the form it is necessary that your muscles work, although we do not perceive that effort. Therefore, it is not more to always have a heart rate monitor that controls at all times our heart rate, allowing us to stop in time if necessary.