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Myths, legends and reality. Reflections on ozone Recently it was reported in the press, scientists from the University of Innsbruck Ozonizers air called almost principal enemies of office workers. As you know, in Europe Ozonizers are one of the essential attributes of the premises of large firms. Indeed Ozonizers or air, designed to improve the atmosphere in the office, are harmful to our health? Head of Innsbruck study, Dr. Armin Vistaler argues that when exposed to ozone, which emit ozone generator, carbonyls and carboxyls stand, severe allergies, contribute to the development of asthma, dry skin, fat disappears film from its surface, which prevents the penetration into the body of pathogenic bacteria. However, ozone produce not only ozone generator, and Xerox (and other office equipment). Council at this one – breathe fresh air, Ventilate the room. How to treat such statements? It is reasonable – the doctor's advice.

Ozone is actually a strong oxidizer. And, like everything else in this world has both positive and detrimental to human performance. In all necessary measure. If Ozonizers air produced a small amount of ozone, it heals the body in large quantities to act negatively. Therefore it is necessary to understand how, when and where to apply Ozonizers air. High concentrations of ozone, which produce Ozonizers to the premises, are widely used to disinfect, but are not suitable for rehabilitation. Low concentrations do not affect protein structure and function positively. It is known that ozone gas kills nearly all bacteria, viruses, mold and yeast fungi and protozoa.

Its content in the range of 1 to 5 mg / l kills 99.9% of streptococcal mukobaktery, intestinal and Pseudomonas sticks, Proteus, Klebsiella over time from four to twenty minutes. As early as 1976. (Journal "Nature"), Soviet scientists conducted an experiment with two groups of people for five months with the use of ozone generators. The essence of it is this. They took two groups (control and testing). To test the ozonator air created in the room ozone concentration of 15 particles on a one billion particles of air. Tested reported well-being, reduced irritability, recorded an increase of oxygen in the tissues and blood, further increased the immune system, the pressure returns to normal, increased stress levels. The amount of ozone, which appears in room, equipped with ozone generator for air domestic destinations, can suppress the vital activity of viruses and bacteria, but the cells of the human body is not damaged. The fact that healthy human cells have natural defense mechanism against oxidation. Simply put, the selective effect of ozone in relation to living organisms on Earth. However, there are precautions. Here they are: when running the ozonator air indoors is better not to be, after ozonation should be aired, and the ozone generator for children should not be accessible. Thus, we must remember that the ozone generator – no fridge and no computer. Work during the day at the office he did not must. Xerox and other "ozonoproizvodyaschie" office equipment must be in separate offices, where there are no permanent jobs, and work on them as necessary requirements. If necessary to comply with the rules, then ozonator air can only benefit and help your staff to avoid infection during the off season and a flu epidemic. Ozonator