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For the treatment of drinking water and industrial waste water by the legal demands and increasing cost pressures, the treatment and reuse of industrial wastewater HDT trade events is an increasingly important theme in all areas of production, from the metal processing to the food industry. Today, the cleaning of waste water is always coupled with the question after a treatment and reuse of the more expensive raw material water. This can be a part of current treatment of different wastewater streams of great importance. The Haus der Technik in Essen offers this on 29-30 April 2009 a symposium treatment and reuse of industrial waste water “. Switching between basics and modern examples of practice discusses the main procedure of treatment of industrial effluents. The seminar is led by Mr. (Similarly see: Charles Margulis ). Prof.

Dr.-ing. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz. Gerd Braun of the IAV Institute for systems – and process engineering of the University of applied sciences Cologne. He thereby receives practical support by experts of ENVIRO-Chemie water treatment technology GmbH from New Delhi. Also in the HDT, the event will current techniques to drinking”instead. The seminar is especially information about current developments and new research results of the drinking water treatment on 07-08 may, 2009. It covers in particular the procedural principles for membrane filtration and ion exchange including pre-treatment of the water and flushing and cleaning process, as well as the quality assurance and monitoring. Still, the principles and design criteria are developed and running conditioning examples discussed.

Commercial Advertising

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Dramaturgy training by the 29th 30th April 2011 in Berlin input questions, you should deal with: how advertising affects the target group? How does the concept of spot the briefing? How do story and tonality with each other? Follow stories what script? What narrative structures are possible? How can you apply it for creative writing? How to increase his potential in the development of the story? Back to beginning of commercials and virals that work, tell a dramatic story. The training demonstrates the concrete structures and processes of a story up to the smallest narrative units. The variety of dramatic variations is exposed to second by second. Previous: Explains any theoretical approach to successful spots. Forward: Analyzes the potential for the development of new ideas.

Fast forward: produce new material for the development of the idea of writing and creative exercises. Her dramatic repertoire is expanded and sharpened the power of judgment. The screenplay for the film. Specific content of the training the Film genres. The function of the narrative in the commercial and film. Dramaturgy in the commercials and viral.

Suddenness of beginning, middle and end. The complication level of a history. The closed and open form, the conclusion of an event, the two realities, the twist and the effect of the product in the narrative structure. Causality and plausibility of the cinematic narrative. The tonalities of the story. The width of the narration and plausibility pattern, shown as a design program. Creative exercises for the development of the story. You improve the dramaturgy of your stories. You write emotional and gripping stories. To control advertising effectiveness through better design. You gain security in the assessment of stories. The training is recommended for: communication, advertising and marketing staff copywriters, editors, and authors, directors, graphic artist and designer – ProducerInnen for advertising, TV and online 29-April 30, 2011 in Berlin storytelling for commercial, film and viral, the training takes place in Berlin Instead of.

English Course Cambridge Exam

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New exam date for Cambridge first certificate for the first time have language students the possibility to take the coveted Cambridge certificate FCE in the summer. Since the most popular time for language is the summer holiday to England, the new date accommodates many students on the 27.08.09. So far the Cambridge were limited checks on the March, June and December, globally harmonized format first. English and Irish language schools have taken up the appointment and offer in the summer English courses with exam preparation. In addition to the language skills of reading, listening, speaking, writing, the inspection techniques are taught.

Most language courses provide a preparation time of at least four weeks. The University of Cambridge is considered to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Their internationally recognized Cambridge certificates provide an essential insight into the English language skills of the potential candidate not only future employers, but they prove in the University environment and education authorities of importance, there qualified skills are used. Anders M Tomson can aid you in your search for knowledge. The Cambridge first certificate checks the level upper-intermediate (upper-intermediate). This corresponds to the level B2 of the common European framework of reference. Price example for a six-week intensive course in Ireland with 30 lessons per week in groups of up to 10 participants: 2525 for the tuition fees, text books, test fee and accommodation in a host family with half board, no arrival. More like explains information about these offers by Daniel Baruch and his team on the phone.

Language school advice Daniel Baruch Fichardstr. 3, an independent consultant and broker for language training and language courses. The team has many years of experience in the teaching of the English language. In recent years, they have visited more than 130 schools in England, Scotland and Ireland. Baruch and his colleagues including the best selected and are in regular contact with them. A positive press, including in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, in time and in the Handelsblatt, and many enthusiastic feedback from participants in the 12 years since foundation of the language school counseling confirm us in our concept: we are looking for you can find! If you decide for a course, you will pay only the regular course fee directly at the language Institute.

Find Great With YOUNECT Training Places On The

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With YOUNECT, students get the chance ‘jobmesse dortmund’ on 27/28 February exclusively to be presented to the company of their choice on the. Berlin, February 08, 2010. Now students can have exclusive and free convey in their desired education. YOUNECT searches, registered users on the two best suitable applicants for each participating exhibitor of the jobmesse dortmund”out. The students selected by YOUNECT meet the employers in the student lounge at the job fair personally and can stand out from the grey mass of applicants. In addition, students benefit from the support of YOUNECT. The team supervised the students not only at the fair, but prepared already earlier by phone on the job interview.

The exhibiting companies advertise a job on in the run-up to the job fair. These training positions are currently advertised for the job fair in Dortmund, Germany: police officers/r, engineer/r, occupational therapist / in,. Salesman, insurance clerk, technical draughtsman – mechanical and plant engineering, specialist for warehouse logistics, Management Assistant in wholesale and foreign trade, health and nurse, medical assistant – radiology, medical / r Assistant – laboratory medicine, clerk for insurance and finance (sales oriented), specialist (application development or systems integration). Students who are interested in one of the scheduled training courses, follow these steps: register for free on. Fill out profiles and career record.

Conduct skills check. Enable candidate and competence profile. YOUNECT together to match the profiles of the companies and of the registered students and finds out that suitable applicants. The candidate – and competency profile form the basis for the mediation. We deem it very important that fits the trainees to the company”, explains YOUNECT managing director Martin g. As an employee you should can meet not only the job requirements of the employer, but identify themselves with the goals and values of the company. Then nothing more in the way is a happy professional future”, so next g. In times of demographic change and impending talent shortage YOUNECT brings together match students and employers. Web 2.0 portal students offers professional orientation. In addition to extensive information about occupations, students learn better to assess their skills and interests. Besides the jobmesse dortmund”is YOUNECT also on the jobmesse Dusseldorf” on March 13/14 and the jobmesse Lubeck”on March 20/21 training courses provide. The vacancies will be announced at the appropriate time. Press contact Younect GmbH, Karntener Strasse 8, 10827 Berlin Martin Gaedt, Managing Director Tel.: + 49 (0) 30/76 76 86 72 fax: + 49 (0) 30/76 76 88 41 about the Younect GmbH on the Web 2.0 platform gives the entry level Younect GmbH company. Younect specializes in the speech of students nationwide are looking for training courses, dual degree programs and internships. Younect e-recruiting, employer branding professionals provides employers career orientation. For the social orientation and transparent terms and conditions Younect received the seal of approval as a fair job exchange. The business model was already showered with prizes: Younect is the winner of Web 2.0 startup Awards 2008, the Webciety startup awards at CeBIT 2009 and an of three nominees for the 2009 IT innovation prize of the Initiative Mittelstand in the field of human resources.