The Beauty In The Book

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Dostoievski, not by chance one of my favourite writers, in its book ' ' The Idiota' ' , of – us a beautiful example of as a man can be truily Beautiful. Michkin, the prince, main personage of the narrative, is somebody exempt of individualism or egoism and searchs through the knowledge of itself and the recognition of ' ' outro' ' , the Beauty. For its character, Michkin represents the man in its More beautiful side. That one that does not import with the way for which will be judged by the others, since that it above all places the supreme goods of the spirit and its potentialities. The Prince can be understood as the union of Dom Quixote, as for the attachment to justice and the goodness; Christ? man, capable of the most immense ternura and also of great indignation, face to the unjust one. To understand Michkin she is necessary to use the ways tracings for Plato for the true agreement of the Beauty.

The idea of Beauty in Plato distance of our vulgar conception of beauty. The platonic Beauty represents what of more it has raised than mortal condition can reach: something as the man to come close itself to deuses. It is not easy project to understand the book in its essential beauty, therefore in modernity this idea of Beauty was counterfeited on behalf of one maken a mistake personal accomplishment. The modern man constructs ' ' castelos' ' that nothing it has to see with its talentos, displaying flags that will belong never it, but that, inevitably them they are you deliver as if they were its. The platonic Beauty teaches to search a true accomplishment; accomplishment this that is guided by the truily Beautiful one. The existencial search must go in direction of what if it is, that is, of the individual talentos of each being, that are the engine that must guide the life.

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