The Fragility Of Life

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A siren fled, swishing, running with a dead road of death Eugenio de Nora. THE advance of the science leaves back to safety preventive techniques, the occupational medicine and the improvement of the statistics allowed us to know better than at any time the first cause of accidents, an evil that is still endemic and charged, after the year, millions of human lives. The violent death has two large sources. One is the derivative of natural cataclysms, with those who occasionally reminds us the nature our weakness and helplessness before inevitable phenomena. The other source of violent death is that which comes from the tecnologico-agresivo component of men, or their alleged negligence in the use and abuse of new techniques and procedures. It can be said that human life against the consequences of the industrial and technological development support with resignation, unacceptable costs. The dramatic list of deaths and disabilities in accidents of circulation is a proof of the enormous disproportion between costs and development to which we made reference. You can say that there is no scientific improvement that does not come accompanied by an inseparable servitude with regard to risk.

Up to own medicine, where, instruments and technical procedures to save lives come from the arm of a dangerous and growing series of specifications of risk. The victims of negligence come, mostly neglect under those circumstances. The career of scientific progress has failed to leave far behind measures of security, prevention and protective technology. On the other hand it happens, that not all countries met with equal interest to the need to move forward in a balanced way, i.e. ensure a growth accompanied by prevention. International competition makes many countries wishing to shorten distances to do so based on the sacrifice of the security chapter. The competitiveness of an increasingly unforgiving global market, is causing that certain activities such as fishing, mining, construction, metallurgy, etc., constitute sources of high professional risk, as this is demonstrated by the high number of deaths in accidents at work in them registered.

We are faced with a struggle in which the fate of humanity is at stake. Because, or reestablish the balance between moral progress and material, between social and economic progress, between technology and prevention, or we will be swallowed up by the machine created by our intellect, to enhance and prolong life. Therefore, we believe that this slogan of the World Health Organization (who) about the fragility of life and the rejection of violence and negligence, deserves more than a simple reflection. Not in vain, the poet said: because we know that the soul / falls when asleep / wake up in another dream / which will not be in this life. Francisco Arias Solis the importance of peoples must not be measured by the square kilometers, but by the culture and the illustration of its inhabitants. Health and freedom. (Phrase, Fermin Salvochea Muse in the book: 102 reasons to remind Salvochea) Portal of Internet for peace and freedom and free forum.

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