The Measles

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To verify if the students they apply its knowledge about this pathology in its familiar context. To know the way of I infect and the source of infection of the measles, enumerating the signals and symptoms of the pathology. To more identify to which the age and the population affected by this illness. To observe the interest of the students in helping in the awareness of the inhabitants of its quarters or other communities regarding the importance of if taking the vaccine against the measles. 3 JUSTIFICATION the infectious illnesses have devastated the humanity since its primrdios. Traditionally felt for the o man as of strange origin and great threat to its life and the proper race human being, they had been therefore, perceived as a bigger challenge of what the other diseases.

In terms of the great epidemics, its listing in all the historical periods is only enormous, esteem itself that they have caused more deaths that all occured in the somatria of all the wars (TONELLI and FREIRE, 2000 P. 62). Second studies of the UNICEF (1988), in the year of 1987, had died 14 million five year minors in the developing countries, of which 10 millions for causes of infectious illnesses: 5 million for diarricas illnesses, 3 acute million for infection respiratory and 3 million for imunoprevenveis illnesses, as the measles, the ttano and coqueluche. The poverty and the lack of professionals to guide these populations are the main cause of the premature deaths, the precarious health and the unsatisfactory growth of as many children of the world. Thus, this research if makes of great relevance, therefore, the pupils of 5 and 7 semesters of nursing of the FASB need a good formation so that they can be professional qualified and to develop the capacity to intervine in the reality of the minor families purchasing power guiding to adopt measured them it of prevention against the infectious illnesses and consequentemente to improve the quality of life of the same ones.

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