The Psychosomatic Origin Of Some Physical Pain

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Wikipedia has an exact and precise definition of the term “psychosomatic disorder is defined as one who having psychological origin, physiological symptoms that may cause alterations in the body. It therefore applies to the physical pain that people have that are not caused by organic disease but as a result of psychological problems resulting in physical pain “Overall, traditional psychology posed in these cases work to cognitive-behavioral therapy several levels, an intervention on the agent that is causing the stress (the couple, family, work), two changing dysfunctional cognitions (change the way the person looks at the problem) and three relaxation strategies following recognition of a stressor before it is fired. However, there are other existing techniques in the last decade are spreading worldwide. Celebrity trainer: the source for more info. Although still at an experimental level and there are many that psychologists use in their consultations with patients who arrive in pain or physical problems without their doctors have found a physiological origin. I am referring to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technics) a self-help technique that has proved effective in 80 percent of cases where it is used, many with physical ailments of psychosomatic origin. If you still do not know the EFT basic recipe, you can download a free manual Questionnaire physical pain of psychosomatic origin Rue Hass, one of the worldwide experts on EFT, works with clients who come to your question saying that suffer chronic pain questionnaire asking them Do you feel tight and constricted all the time? Do you feel the weight of everything around you is on your shoulders? Sometimes you crave: “If only I could be who I really am …” Do you sometimes have the feeling that shows a picture of who you really are not? Ever feel the world is confused, and you know what they need, but nobody listens to you? Can not you dare to tell others what you think if you think you’re funny? Would you like to be more visible to the world? .

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