Touring The City Of Mendoza

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The San Martin Park in the city of Mendoza is already long-centenary: was established in 1896 as part of a project to populate the sector West of the provincial capital. However, its power of attraction is more valid than ever, and today is, without doubt, the forced meeting point of the Mendoza in the warm nights in summer and one of the biggest attractions for tourism in Mendoza capital. The Parque San Martin houses inside the Cerro de la Gloria, elevation from whose Summit you can enjoy an unparalleled panoramic view of the thriving city of Mendoza. A vantage point for visiting couple during moonlit nights, and family during the sunny afternoons. On top also the monument to the army of the Andes, a stunning group sculpture of bronze and stone that recreates scenes from the life of General San Martin and the heroic exploits of the Andes, as well as pay tribute numerous people of all professions, origins and social extraction who made possible the feat he amassed throughout a continent. But this famous monument is nothing more than one of the attractiveness of the Park.

In this lush and green space, the mendocinos congregate and enjoy in it for several hours, so it is very common, during summer nights, be a point of great animation until late morning. He is elected also as an ideal place to train or for the practice of different sports, and always performed there walks, bike rides or gymnastics outdoor classes. The Park also has an interesting Museum of Natural history, where archaeological findings tell the story of the now extinct fauna of the province and of the primitive inhabitants of the territory of mendocino, the Huarpes, with its rich culture. Special mention deserve the Lake race and beautiful sculptures that dot the Park, and it is worthwhile to learn and discover. Also the nursery of the Park, where branch and plant species production tasks are made. Those who spend their holidays in Mendoza with children small has the option to visit the Zoo there municipal, an excursion ideal to bring the entire family a fun afternoon and learn more about the fauna of the province and throughout the Republic Argentina.

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