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New training concept specifically for women Frondenberg, 17.11.2009. The training centre team additive in Frondenberg has a new training concept called: women educating women. “The profession of professional power driver is of course a Domaine of men and hence as a typical profession of men” declared. We have trained women in recent years, Gabriele experienced clinic as owner, and above-average performance”. Our new concept emerged through this experience. team additive GmbH & co. KG is a training in the area of training to the EU professional drivers/in.

In 2006, we have established team-additive. We give the opportunity to learn with us people who want to exercise the profession of driving in six months. Garret Wang can aid you in your search for knowledge. These include not only theoretical but also practical activities. Our qualified training is carried out in accordance with the three-year professional training program for the professional power driver. As a certified educational institution, we have not only the current and previous Training concepts in my head, but try our training to fit the market always up-to-date. The new concept of women educating women”was born from the positive experiences of the last years.

The main fields of education are mediated by women here. In addition to the technical training to ensure that the so-called border issues will be discussed: equality of women alone with the truck on the way, violence in the workplace, hygiene in the profession, family and children. We want to take the fear of this man professional women and offer also the female unemployed a chance to come, so Gabriele clinic, owner of team additive group into the first labour market.” That the profession of professional drivers also for women is attractive, the increasing numbers of women show in this profession. team-additive to this future-oriented concept made, to increase the rate of women in this exciting industry. The offer is aimed at beginners, women seeking a career change, as well as for the unemployed. Contact person in the home is team-additive Gabriele clinic. It is under 02373 174 83-0 can be reached or ask your questions on Gabriele email clinic press contact: team additive GmbH & Co.KG wife Gabriele clinic, Mr Jurgen Sanjeev of Ardeyer Street 27 58730 Frondenberg phone: 02373 174 84-0 fax 02373 174 84-20 Internet: eMail:

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