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I miss you and I yearn for you. Serafin Alarcon This Christmas will not be the same for many families because it will be the first or second Christmas after suffering the loss of a loved one. Some will not see a brother, father, uncle or friend. Where Christmas is not that special person with us. Only in our memories have to relive other night when we shared and celebrated Christmas together.

Some even take out the photo albums and secure many tears spill down her cheeks. A photo, a memory … And as to appease the pain on a special date? How to celebrate and if that is not someone today? … I try to explain with words and really can not find them. As some will know it first … Why did you leave? It resonates in our minds. Far too far away to hug them again to tell you a ATe amo! ATe or want! So hungry I head for the source of comfort I get the word of God and of course, prayer. There I dig, there is me relieve dizziness from time to wonder …

This Christmas, when human wisdom is no longer good for anything, this Christmas when you miss him more now … And the pain will not go if I meet dawn in a bar … The freedom and soul asks Christ alone can give you. Requests, pray for this to be so dear, entrust to the arms of the creator. When gold is almost like when I play piano, do a poem or paint a flower … Pray gets the better of us and puts us in perspective. Read the word is the same, is an exercise that speeds up the pace when we walked through the streets of longing and nostalgia. We pray that the kingdom of God comes among us in every second of our lives. Yes, that each passing minute and every hour the clock that marks are only dedicated to the Lord so that the pain of separation does not transcend beyond what it should be. This Christmas we open the windows of the heart and Let us kiss and embrace and love those who still are. Let us dedicate ourselves fully to them even if they are in another country and in the distance … Send a letter, send a message today, do not let Today, tomorrow … so take advantage and launched a tie amo!, A I Ate! … If my daughters, this Christmas the strange dream … I can not help us prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of Asnicar able to make us smile but the heart just want to mourn to remember. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done as in heaven and in earth. Matthew the Lord s Tablitas 6.10