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Health and Government

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These fragilities of the democracy would be, partially, supplied at the moment where the groups politicians and/or of citizens, when concurring for the governao, presented, with the respective program of government (any that is the level: central office, regional or local) the cast of the personalities that would constitute this government. This transparency would allow the voter to know in who was of fact to vote, and so that public offices each candidate concurs. In principle, all the human being inhales to freedom under any one of its dimensions, however, many freedoms, in the practical one and for diverse, natural or imposed circumstances, are inaccessible to the majority of the people, as the freedom of consumption, freedom to the total privacy, freedom of access to the education, the health, to justice, the work, because a condicionalismo or oppression, economic or politician exist, respectively, and thus: ' ' The freedom desire is born of the experience of the oppression, that is, of the sensation of not to be able itself to leave to make what it would be preferred not to make () or of the sensation of not being able itself to make what fazer.&#039 would be desired; ' Ibid: 81) It has, therefore, a long way to cover so that this value essential of the dignity human being pass of almost the utopia for the reality of the peoples, because while will have poor persons, devoid of immense essential goods to the life, the freedom will continue, for these, to be an utopia, because so important as the other dimensions or objectivos of the freedom, is that one that if it arrests with the capacity of, freely, to accede it what, at least, he is basic. Therefore it fits, in lower court, to the governing to create: ' ' The freedom more as capacity stops in them governing proper we of what as desire of that the government leaves in them in peace, was the dream of the revolutionary movements that had introduced the world occidental person in its history moderna.' ' (Ibid: 152).