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Bodies Illness

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In the Illness of Pick and the Bodies of Lewy, the definitive diagnosis is only possible through autopsy, as well as in the Illness of Alzheimer. Although in the majority of the dementias not to have cure, its evolution can be late and until reverting some symptoms, as, for example, to recoup the cognitivo damage. Patologias that can evolve for a demenciativo picture *** DepressoDoena de HuntingtonDoena de Parkinson – With decline of the cognitivas functions – She is hereditary – It evolves for dementia – Occurs in adults between 25-50 years of age – Neurodegenerativa – Reaches the coordination – It can evolve for dementia when drawn out or in people above of 70 years Characteristic distinguishing of the patologias can evolve for dementia Bodies of Lewy? accumulation of these substances in the cerebral cortex; Illness of Pick? comprometimento frontal and fronto-weather, but mainly, is not common in aged and is very rare; Vascular dementia? trombose or has spilled? blockage of small cerebral arteries; Depression? serious depressive picture, drawn out, where it has a comprometimento of the cognitivas functions; Illness of Huntington? The gene that provokes this illness bes situated in the short arm of chromosome 4; Illness of Parkinson? diagnosis of Parkinson; The Illness of Alzheimer Amongst the dementias, the Illness of Alzheimer is most common. One is about a degenerative, gradual illness, that it leads to one total disability of the individual throughout the development of the illness. The diagnosis is difficult therefore other dementias presents similar sintomatologia and its cause is unknown.

In this in case that, the necessity of a constant adaptation of the family exists to support, among others situations, the proper difficulties of the evolutivo cycle of the illness. To follow we will detach important aspects on the Alzheimer, central subject of our study. KNOWING THE ALZHEIMER ILLNESS (D.A.). 5. KNOWING THE ALZHEIMER ILLNESS (D.A.) The Illness of Alzheimer is degenerative, characterized for a gradual atrofiamento of the cerebral cells, leading to the death of the same ones. They are cerebral injuries caused by a called protein beta-amilide*, that it has toxic effect on the neurons, forming senile plates. Another damage observed in the image examinations, is entangled in the essential structures of the neurons, having formed true we. Consequently it has a gradual deterioration of the language (aphasia), of motor abilities (apraxia) and of the perception (ack of knowledge). Its cause not yet well is defined, however, the genetic inheritance is enters the greater possibilities

Allergen Immunotherapy Or Avoid Diseases ?

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In principle, any substance, any chemical compound, every plant, animal and food cause an allergy. Allergenic substances and materials are called allergens. These allergens can cause different types of allergies. It is however for allergy sufferers to avoid any possible allergens to 100 percent. Even after as "successful" rehabilitation carried out house-dust mites, the number of relevant antigens is not zero, but only much smaller. Also, there is no guessing to bring dogs, cats, birds and other animals in the house if they have allergies or asthma have already shown with relatives.

It speaks, however, some evidence is slowly becoming part of a decades-old dogma after allergy risk children are best protected if possible triggers are banished from their environment as much as possible. But the diagnosis of allergy is not as easy as most patients mean. It shows, now that the human immune system towards those substances "tolerant" is with which it comes in frequent contact. Certain substances with which people have to do less to stimulate our immune system often violently. This relationship has been occupied by some studies: in particular children who had many contacts with cat allergens were sensitized to this allergen in view at least. Through repeated contact with the allergen, the allergen to the immune system to "be more resistant. This "therapy is called" desensitization is – but its effect is still not fully understood. Alternatively, physicians and health practitioners unken already "this is the homeopathic principle", but with the "sledgehammer approach".

So far we understand only that share certain specialized immune cells in the body's immune system comes into contact with many allergens one and the same type do not misguided "alarm chain with inflammatory reactions in the body in motion, but the antigens recognized as" safe. " If a Patient is aware, however, has the body in the event of the antigen, "declared a state of alert" and it torments him then of course, particularly when it is exposed to a high concentration of allergens. A Norwegian study showed that since the nineties typical and already known results, are that in sensitized patients, the concentration of allergens with inflammation of the lower respiratory tract in context. The investigation also showed that the keeping of cats was not fit to an increased risk of developing an awareness as possible. Currently, scientists are still arguing whether someone who has hitherto shown no allergic symptoms, may better protect by avoiding allergy triggers or deliberately exposing himself to them in high concentrations. Agree, the scientists are only so that patients have the symptoms should avoid allergy triggers consistently. This means in consequence that pets should be abolished. Detailed information on allergies and an allergy treatment, see:

Power Plays

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From our earliest childhood we have learned, most of us in classrooms, which are three public authorities. And they also taught us that tridivision is one of the most important because it excludes gains popular possibility that one person rules the same time issuing laws and dispensing justice, as in the territories oppressed by tyranny. In biblical times Herod and Pilate, leaders representing the Roman power, had at the same time the inauguration of judges to judge and convict the defendants on a clear expression of the powers concentrated in the same person. Today, when most free countries have firmly established the three branches of government, which must also be autonomous and independent, are speculating about what the fourth estate. What power of all is the most important after having governors, legislators and judges? A media and especially the press is mentioned frequently as the “fourth power” precisely because of its influence on public opinion and how that impacts to traditional powers will be accepted or rejected by the majority. However, the iconic journalist, writer and professor Javier Dario Restrepo has another opinion. In his book “Forty lessons of ethics states,” …

the power of the journalist is not traditionally wanted to mean by the term ‘fourth estate’. The fourth power is real society, with its vote to appoint or remove holders of the three traditional powers “According to the cited author appears as society as the real fourth estate, but it is obvious that in an age like ours and in a country like the one we were born, there are other powers of equal or greater scope than those already mentioned. Economic power, for example, is not only a force, but something very like a god who decides everything, is imposed and changes. Even appeals to society, so that this, in turn, appoint or dismiss the powers traditional. If something or someone does not engage in this power, is destined to disappear. And hospitals have disappeared once cared for the poor. And they are about to privatize universities where years have been formed by the sons and daughters depopulated.

But there are other powers, some not so obvious, such as fear, which prevents us from acting like we want and we should for fear of reprisals. And organized crime is able to seize the most important institutions of society through their networks envelopes overflowing excessive wealth and corruption. Finally mention the most enigmatic of powers: the power behind the throne. When we discover what or who it is we’ll know why this is what happens in the country.