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PLUM Illness

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Ahead of this question which the cares that the nurse can give to the carrier of Parkinson? The objective of this study is to investigate the cares that the nursing professionals, can give to the carriers of the illness of Parkinson, in order to provide it quality of life better. The choice of the subject is justified for the interest in deepening the knowledge on the illness of Parkinson, in order to give the cares of nursing necessary to the carrier and thus to provide it better quality of life, considering and respecting the individual necessities of each parkinsoniano. One is about a bibliographical research. According to Gil (2002), bibliographical research is developed in elaborated material already, constituted mainly of scientific books, magazines and articles. After the bibliographical survey in pertinent literatures to this thematic one, was carried through a multicriteria election of the read material, evaluating the opinion of the specialized authors. Finally, the theoretical referencial for reach of the objective intended with the research was constructed. LITERATURE REVISION the illness of Parkinson (DP) is a degenerative riot that affects the pigmented neurons of the black substance of the brain, responsible for the dopamina production (inibitrio neurotransmitter) which controls and co-ordinates the voluntary movements of human being (SMELTZER; BARE, 2002). The D.P is proceeding from a disequilibrium of the central nervous system, not it is transmissible, it can acometer all the races and present high incidence in the world. The men more are affected than the women, the risk to develop increases with the age, the initial diagnosis is purely physician on the basis of the signals and symptoms gifts in the individual and the treatment can be symptomatic, surgical, and the multiprofessional performance is essential to the measure that the illness evolves (BENNET; PLUM, 1997). In accordance with Adoni (2011) the Parkinson term was a homage to the English James Parkinson the idea of of the o name of the doctor to the illness, was of the neurologist Martin Chacot (father of neurology).


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' You have seen a man precipitated in speech? Bigger hope has for a fool of what for ele.' ' (Sayings 29,20) ' ' The emptiness created by the incapacity of if communicating quickly is filled by poison, nonsenses and falsidades.' ' (Northcote Parkinson) You already if saw talking with somebody and this person seemed not to be giving the minimum importance for what you were trying to communicate it? You already committed as I, the indelicadeza to have somebody saying with you, and you to partially ignore, despite, the message that was being transmitted, because it was in the Internet? Seeing TV? Reading a book? Or still, making any another thing, that at that moment, found more important of what stopping to hear? You already had the displeasure to give to a message somebody to relay what you asked for and later being knowing that the message was modified, arrived at the different addressee of what you sent or still had until a quarrel because of it, everything because its speaks badly was interpreted? Problems as these, if they multiply every day, between the people. The world that we live uses and abuses the communications. We can speak today, to the living creature with people who are of the other side of the globe for video conferences, where subjects of the highest importance are treated and solved problems, without I inside take off the foot of of my house or company. In technology substance, never we advance in such a way in the process of communication, radio, TV, periodical, magazine, email, to twiter, blog, site, transmission saw satellite, at last, the forms of if to communicate if they had multiplied, however I have observed that in day-by-day, our interpersonal communication, the times goes of badly most worse. Marriages are desfeitos, the index of divorces grow frightfully, partnerships and societies are insults, friends leave of if to speak, companies lose billions in resignations because collaborating if they misunderstand between itself and they abandon the corporation for difficulties of if to communicate with heads and arrogant and presumptuous controlling that if find owners of the reason and do not stop stop to hear critical claims and of sobordinates, wars and battles they are stopped with social, religious or geographic balance of millions of deceased, because the two or most leader ones of nations they had not obtained to arrive at an agreement on definitive vision politics.

Parkinson Disease and Depression

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In the truth, the resultant chemical alteration of the degenerative process that is in the base of the illness of Parkinson can also affect implied regions of the brain in gnese of the depressive symptoms. Thus, motor symptoms and psychological symptoms are developed in simultaneous and progress the pair. It is necessary in this height to treat both the situations, even so the correction of the motor component with the appropriate frmacos can also improve the depressive component (CALDAS, 2008). The human behavior is object of study on the part of psychology, but it is the human brain that more interests for the psychological studies. The physical limitations and the decurrent psychological repercussion of this fact it is the objective of the psychological treatment of the carrying people of the Illness of Parkinson (DP) since the physical organism, emotions and feelings are constitution instances human being with much more relations in common of what initially if it can imagine (GRISOLIA, 2006). 3.

EFFECT OF the DEPRESSION the depression can be related to the reduction of a called neurotransmitter serotonina. Any new situation can make with that the patient if feels unsafe and fearful. It can prevent to travel, to leave and many they finish if retracting and preventing social contacts. Dependent of the family can lose the motivation and become excessively. The depression is a syndrome that can aggravate and bring problematic consequences in the evolution of the process of the Illness of Parkinson. In the cases where the depression is part of the called illness ' ' maniac-depressiva' ' , where the depressive episodes alternate in the time with episodes of great excitement, it can be necessary constantly to adapt medication of the neurological illness to the state of mood of the sick person, since in the depressive period it needs levedopa of what more in the phase where if it finds in ' ' mania.' ' (CALDAS, 2008).