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Law of Parkinson

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One of the gold rules to improve the productivity is that to each activity you must assign a time to him and ceirte to him as far as possible. Otherwise, you are in danger to fall in the Law of Parkinson, that says: takes as much in finishing a work as time is had for it. In this article I go to darte some keys you put so that them in practice. The capacity to manage the time well is an ability that the companies value more and more in their workers because this factor well-known increases to the productivity and the competitiveness of the organization. The first step to obtain it consists of reflecting on which it is your mission in the company and what objectives you must fulfill in her. Retornar works is one of the most delicate points, but also one of most important if you really want centrarte in the heart of your activity. Once delimited your primary target, it will agree that reflections on the time that requires each one of the tasks that you must execute.

If the sum of minutes surpasses the total of hours of your day, you will have to study the possibility of reducing the assigned time to each task, by means of a new system of work. Sometimes, of time is inflict casualties by obsolete habits that nevertheless you continue using because you do fixed to your mind a very rigid working standard. But really the volume of work surpasses to you and it is not possible to you to carry out all tasks nor with the best one of the planning, then it will agree that you consider to speak with your superiors and to set out the situation to them. The key to really optimize the working time is to have healthful habits of management of the time, and these habits are: It reviews the planning, is for being fulfilled. Carlos Galician Creative of the Course Domina Your Time DUPLICATE Your Productivity in 7 Days, you click in DominTuTiempo.