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Beautiful Brown Square

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Ahead of the data collected in 16 Battalion of the Military Policy of the year of 2009, and the research made in I lease for the team, evidenced a great number of police occurrences in the city of Serrinha, in special in the Beautiful Brown Square by means of the clipping of the quarter Gymnasium. The used methodology to reach the considered objectives, consisted of the following phases: at a first moment they had been used of secondary sources as bibliographical survey for the revision of literature on the subject in quarrel. Parallel to the bibliographical survey, they had been gotten given together 16 Battalion of the Military Policy that will be represented in language statistical: graphs, pictures amongst others and to collate with gotten information to leave of primary sources as the comment in the field and the diverse agents who make use of the Beautiful Brown Square, as proprietors of snack bars, diverse commercial points, public students and agencies whom if they locate in that square. ESPACIALIZAO OF the URBAN VIOLENCE AND the NECESSITY OF CONCEPTUALIZATION Exist some applicable directions to the word violence and throughout the history etimolgicas of this term it can be perceived magnifyings in I use and its applicability.

Thus being as its homonyms in other Latin languages and until not Latin, violence drift originally of ‘ ‘ violentia’ ‘ , of the Latin, that it meant ‘ ‘ force that if uses against the right and lei’ ‘. Seeing under this prism ‘ ‘ violento’ ‘ he was who acted with impetuous, extreme force, exagerada’ ‘. With passing of the times, violence passed to mean any rupture of the half order or any job of imposing an order. As well as it can be observed, violence, in its etimolgico direction, to the few was come close of the concepts of ‘ ‘ to be able and domination.

Beautiful Aboriginal Mount Revolt

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the CAP is today the biggest workmanship of the Program of Acceleration of the Growth, and is a workmanship that the government wants to make at any cost, and is running over the process, saying that already this is arguing has much time and the project suffered to a revision for Studies from Ambient Impacts that they had been presented recently, however the society not yet had time to analyze, much less the aboriginal peoples. Beautiful Mount will go to deviate 80% of the volume of water of the River Xingu. If constructed, this will be the third bigger hydroelectric plant of the Planet. Twenty a thousand people will be dislodged, while others one hundred a thousand will be attracted for> the FUNAI and the Minister Edison Lobo did not consult in to construct them to the barrage . Then, therefore, we are making this manifestation against the construction of the barrage . What we want? That the bush, the forests, the land, the animals continue livings creature to serve our feeding .

We have children, grandsons, children and adults and live in the forest, our land, we say Iredjo Kayap, we need the forest we stop feeding in them. Therefore, I, eat woman, am fighting together with the men to hinder the construction of the barrage of Beautiful Mount Here in the Aboriginal Park of the Xingu they have fifteen Peoples, all here are represented to make this manifestation . A sufficiently curious thing of this meeting is that it was convoked and organized for the proper aboriginals and who centered this organization was the Raoni Chieftain, historical figure in the fight of Beautiful Mount that, in 1989, together with Sting, twirled the world after a great meeting that had in Altamira and that it was the landmark of the Brazilian ambientalismo daily pay-Echo 92.

Enchantments Beauties

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Enchantments, beauties and mysteries Age midnight. Elma did not stop to think about what its neighbor counts to it. Sleep did not obtain to gain it and the sweat covered its immovable body. It did not want to believe, but something said to it that the possibilities of the fact were not null to be true. It praid. E, when it only heard snaps for the house, the words ran away from its mouth and it forgot the conjuncts. Its husband slept, its children slept and entrancing silence got worse the sensation of that the more frequent snaps were each time.

Brandina owner liveed in lugarejo has many years and knew its enchantments, its beauty and its mysteries. The white hair and the bending coasts showed of far that the arduous work of roa makes with that, throughout the years, its body was to the few if delivering. However, its memory was of a girl. Costumava to visit Elma, therefore was the neighbor next to its house. Its visits were always when entardecer, therefore the work all occupied its time during the day. Before the night, it headed for house, where it lived alone, since its son marries it has many years.

Brandina owner, however, in its last visit, while she counted its memories, did not perceive that the time passes and the night folloied already it. She observed it to Elma, while it looked at for the soil road and seemed hipnotizada. At this moment, the old lady counted one of the mysteries of that place. In the way until its house, she had an enormous tree. Such tree grows on one old cemetary abandoned e, according to it, who passed that way at night heard chains dragging, racket of rocks being plays and children playing of wheel. Nobody obtained to see nothing, to feel and only to hear.