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Obesity Surgery

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Obesity causes difficulties in health, such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. The Bariatric Surgery, like any other, also entails certain risks and complications, but the risk of obesity is much greater than the risk of Bariatric Surgery. In a support group at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, Lori Silverman announced that in the past seven months he has lost 48 kgs. Mrs. Silverman, 42 years old, weighed 138 kgs and expects to reach the 54 kg of weight. One by one, other members of the support group were similar victories: 64 kgs in 3 months, 39 in 3 months, etc. Many kilos less, more applause, more porras; testimonies from people who, thanks to the treatment for losing weight, no longer need medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart complications, arthritis or gout.

Some have been able, after several years, fit into the film or aircraft seats, Crouch and put on their own shoes. All these successes are not due to any diet. These people, who previously had morbid obesity, have tried and failed with all diets that have been invented so far. The extraordinary transformations in the lives of these people were due to the surgery, but not liposuction, which removes only some kilos, but bypass surgery gastric in which most of the stomach is cut to achieve a decrease in the amount of food that can be eaten, and that rearranges the small intestine to reduce the amount of calories that your body can absorb. The surgery, which can be done in different ways, is known as Bariatric Surgery, a term that means treatment of overweight. This procedure, which increasingly becomes more popular, reflects the increase in obesity and the failure of diets, exercise and medications for weight loss. In 1990, 44 per cent of Americans were overweight, now, more than half of Americans suffers from it.

Bad Beliefs Change

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Every circumstance that benefits us or affects us we have created it, there is conscious decisions such as deciding to prepare well before an exam, find job opportunities, or be late to an appointment of business, etc. But there are unconscious decisions we also like the fact get a superbly gainful employment, allow our vehicle theft us, accept wealth in our life, etc. Many people will say this is absurd, how is it possible that I have commanded that steal me my car? Consciously sounds out all logic but level of belief and the spiritual forces without doubt that so happened, the good thing about this is knowing that we can program our lives, of course that this is taking its time, but we can gradually take control of everything that happens to us. In the book by changing our system of beliefs to achieve the success of Steve Alpizar is teaches us how our own world, there will understand as their deep beliefs are that condition their world, by reading this book you You will find the appropriate techniques to change their expectations and internal perceptions, i.e. you can modify the negative information that is in you and little by little the problems will disappear. Reading by modifying our system of beliefs for the success of their vision of the world and his own life will change forever, know that you have the power necessary to start controlling the circumstances of life, in reality you internally have the ability only to accept that which benefits, which gives you peace, joy, health and abundanceYou’ll know that the time has come for overcoming major problems and barriers that are only on you. Every bad experience that we think that there is something within us that we should change it, answer the why? It happened something is extremely complex because he has not been able to explain the way the subconscious mind works exactly, but if we know many benefits from it, that is why we must use them.


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To know how to get pregnant, enough with that think about it seriously and then act, and do not despair, even though you’ve subjected you to other treatments.Stress is one of the many factors that can make it difficult to achieve a pregnancy, so stay away from stress factors as much as possible is the best. Lets ask getting pregnant? It is best to relax and enjoy. Secondly, buy any prescription or non-prescription medication now isn’t so sure, EA does not know if they are harmful or if they may have affected their chances of getting pregnant, it is always good to read the contraindication of everything you take, due to EA can be worse than when it started, and so reduce your chances to achieve pregnancy. If you want to know how to get pregnant, you first need to know that there are many factors why couples have problems having a child. The reasons vary, from biological problems, lifestyle unhealthy, or perhaps due to stress. The situation It is very difficult for women, already are which assumes should become pregnant and those that are often to blame if they fail. Infertility in men is often associated with the absence of his sperm, or of low quality. In addition to genetic factors, many of the causes of female infertility also apply to men.

They must also focus on diet and let their bodies are put to optimum levels. Many today seek alternative methods based on effective herbs for infertility. These treatments cost less and have few side effects, and generally are quite successful. Do deep breathing exercises also is useful because it relaxes you both our body and mind that in turn, accelerates the healing process of our system. In addition, the deep breathing exercise can also delete your body’s stress and concern of how to stay pregnant, therefore will be much easier. The Chinese have been using alternative treatments based on plants for thousands of years, with favorable results. They have extracted from plants of these herbs, roots, flowers, bark and berries to provide an effective treatment for many diseases. Instead of treating the symptoms (infertility), they point to correct the problems that cause it. These include the mobility of the spermatozoa, hormonal imbalances, and uneven periods.