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Aesthetic Tourism

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El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated Central American country.It is surrounded by Guatemala, Honduras and the Pacific Ocean.Unfortunately, El Salvador has a bad reputation in terms of safety, however there is a strong police presence in tourist areas and a police escort during hiking excursions can be requested free of charge. Most of the major crimes are located in neighborhoods that are not of interest to tourists, however, you must be careful not to use eye-catching jewelry or an expensive camera that it is visible to all. El Salvador is a beautiful country with mountains, national parks, volcanoes and the best waves for surfing.These natural wonders, together with the desire of all its inhabitants carry the country towards security and democracy have much boosted its tourism industry. Generally speaking, convinces the majority of the people to experience the wonderful things that El Salvador has to offer, as it is aesthetic tourism. His movement towards democracy and its proximity to the United States they are putting to El Salvador in the fast lane to become a very important aesthetic tourist center. The private hospitals in the country are found in the most modern facilities and have qualified doctors who are able to spend the time needed and even more with their patients.The most popular procedures sought by visitors who wish to perform aesthetic tourism in El Salvador are cosmetic surgery and dental treatment, which can be obtained for a fraction of the cost compared with the United States.UU.


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Happiness does not grow in the garden of the envious. Life presents many times unprecedented facts, but which are real, posing as hard to believe, more when they are voiced by temperance, courage, faith identification, will, perseverance, constancy, and since then, by the desire to live and know the opportunity, as is the case of Tony Mendez inspiring history. But who is Tony Mendez that is worth stopping to comment on him? Nicaraguan, of the Earth where nation Sandino and is still debated to get ahead, unfortunately by their generations who have not been able to face big challenges, especially the Nicaraguans provide that quality of life that is entitled, but which unfortunately their Tibetan have not been identified with that responsibility, more dominant group to the national interests. Is known as reminds us Wikipedia, than Tony, he is the second of the four sons who formed the home of Jose Angel Melendez Escoto and Sara Maria Rodriguez. He was born on January 9, 1962 at the Hospital San Jose in Rivas, Nicaragua. Tony was born without arms and with the left foot twisted due to the ravages of a medicine called prescribed thalidomide to his mother.

She did not know that this medicine would have harmful side effects on your child without birth. The Thalidomide drug should soothe the effects of nausea in the first half of pregnancy, but its effects left serious consequences: to him, the drug resulted in thousands of children were born with deformities, without arms or feet. Similar to Tony, this drug caused thousands of children to facility with deformities, without arms or feet. About a year after Tony birth, his family travelled to California because his grandfather won the lottery of Nicaragua to operate and correct his left foot. Since then the family stayed in Los Angeles in the city of Branson MO, leading a busy schedule of concerts, motivational lectures that have been accompanied of the drafting of a book: A Gift Of Hope (a gift of hope), written in English, now translated into Spanish.

Herbal Tea

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centers This vitamins delightful tea vitamin blend eating combines low in calories green tea and orange pekoe tea with cardamom seeds, lemon peel and medical center hibiscus for an energy drink full of flavor. Green tea is known for its natural thermogenic properties (stimulates metabolism) and antioxidants. Studies have shown that regular consumption of green tea helps maintain memorial good health and weight control. liquid Mix 1 / 2 teaspoon of Herbal Te with 180 ml honey of hot water or cold and enjoy as part of benefits their weight control program hospitals or when you want more energy. Presentation: Pote of 50 gr. one of the best health insurance plans is offered to you by specializes in affordable plans that facilitate access to quality health-care services and 100 gr.