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In Intensive Care

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They were three o’clock in the afternoon on a hot day than those in which we believe that we melted and were at the site where one must not be when the temperature threat with burst the thermometer: the public hospital emergency room. Anxieties of 28 patients (already don’t call patients but if they don’t have patience will die of despair) was 39 degrees of temperature seem us twice and the cries of the critical ill her catching to others, so that we all felt on the verge of despair: a Lord, with the hand on your abdomen shouted disconsolate; a child with sunken eyes had no tears nor the strength with which cried when she arrived in the arms of his mother an hour earlier; an elderly woman said only a moan! So plaintive all the pain of the world and of all time seemed to concentrate on his anguished expression. An old woman threw screaming could be heard far away. His daughter, a girl of fourteen years who could barely walk by the weight of his enormous belly where grew peacefully at least one creature, begged that they met her soon. A young man with fractured septum and an arm broken in two, victim of a motorcycle accident, made useless effort so that the bride would not mourn. Doctors and nurses took to provide care because, as someone dressed in white, as he walked hurriedly informed us they were attending even more seriously ill. When I heard it I had an attack of disappointment and I sat on the physical ground, closed my eyes and asked God two things: that we soon met and you would have mercy on those who were already being served because if they were more serious than my room mates, his situation was truly regrettable. Suddenly, something unexpected happened: a lady, pale, white as a role, half abandoned by life and forces, came as he could to stay and fell to the ground, almost struck at the death.

Personal Economics

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The same goes for amplitude modulation broadcasting. It is very difficult to reach a settlement that does not already have at least one FM radio. When a “snoops” on the lives of these small communities, notes that appear cooperating schools, hospitals and police stations. The Centers for Retirees and Pensioners are a must. And also the branch of a bank normally the province concerned and / or a cooperative. In addition, clubs are mutual credit operations.

There is also a center or chamber of commerce. Life of people embedded in their respective families, is placed in these institutions. Not to leave, if possible, nothing implied, although it seems obvious at least 1440 locations and many of the lowest population density have electricity, water, telephone and Internet services has entered in all those places. But there’s something so obvious not perceive the inhabitants of these settlements and whether the observer from the rarefied metropolitan habitat. The inhabitants of these settlements have inferred from what was lost in big cities: THE QUALITY OF LIFE. In addition to quality of life in these settlements there, unused capacity, to receive the settlement of new families in a gradual way, not to impair the quality of life. This idle capacity, increases its potential to the extent that they apply or expand existing training programs, support or promotion of Home Economics, which is a good example the program “Community gardens” that has been developing since 1990 the National Institute Agricultural Technology, which is nothing more than an updated version of similar programs had been implemented in Argentina, sponsored by the then Ministry of Agriculture through its Agricultural Almanac and then making, use of radio media in the mid-decade forty.