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Art Director Kerstin Fuder

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“The tennis player from Austria gets new website by euro Web performance designed by euro Web relies on large and moving portraits, the special is the implementation as a single page with the flying” tennis balls. The site is equipped with a clear menu structure and simple navigation. Visitors and fans of the page get so easily about Jurgen Melzer and his sport career. The distinctive layout is energetic and athletic: using oblique forms, strong contrasts and strong lettering, a coherent overall picture emerges. The background stands out by black bars, which includes tennis power draw as a tennis court, the characteristic yellow green hue of the tennis ball was included as a playful relaxing component. The extensive photo gallery with albums, dating back to the year 2005 is especially interesting for fans. In addition tells the Web site under the heading of Jurgen”in a short Vita the History of the tennis player of who goes back to his childhood.

The website of the Austrian tennis player Jurgen Melzer was designed by Art Director Kerstin Fuder wood from Dusseldorf and implemented by the Coder Dominik Kressler: we have in the design on a sporty impression set, which immediately revived the characteristics of tennis can be. Thanks to the good briefings with management cooperation ran perfectly! The Champ events GmbH wished that the complete Web site about a CM system running. A very elaborate plan, which we have implemented but like. “About Euroweb Internet GmbH the owner-managed Euroweb Group headquartered in Dusseldorf is one of the largest, working for the cross-industry SME Internet agencies in Europe.” The full service concept includes Web design, corporate videos, Internet marketing and extensive Internet services for medium-sized companies of all industries. Since inception in 2001 was an extensive service network in Germany, in Austria, the Switzerland and Bulgaria established with more than 40 branches and approximately 650 employees. Euroweb employees realize their social commitment in the Euroweb Foundation and the Euroweb sports funding, under other gymnastics star Fabian Hambuchen and performance Austrian swimmer Markus Rogan promotes.

IT System

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IT-system and consulting company will award 10,000 euros for sport for the disabled, diagnosis – caring for children and young people, as well as dementia Hennef tables, November 7, 2011. Six organisations in the Rhein-Sieg-Kreis are the winners of the CONET donations this year. 2,700 euros go to electric Hockey Club Sankt Augustin e.V. for the financing by professional gangs. In addition will receive 1,500 euros the Club Abdo Hennef e.V. to support dementia, the children and Youth Foundation Hennef domestic violence have experienced to support their reading inspired project for children and young people, the social service Catholic women e.V. for the HAKUNA MATATA project for the care of children, the crawling beetles “Gymnastics Group on disability and development-delayed children of Kinderschutzbundes Siegburg for the financing of a horseback riding therapy vacation, as well as the society of friends and promoters of community primary Hennef Gartenstrasse e.V.

for the provision of a lunch for” socially disadvantaged children. Nearly 50 organisations, associations and initiatives of the entire Rhein-Sieg-Kreis and Bonn have involved in 2011 from the competition. This shows not only the outstanding commitment to the integration of disadvantaged people in the society, but also the high need for financial resources to support the work of volunteers in most cases. Our decision for the six bodies is not as a classification in terms of the meaning – or Verdiensthaftigkeit of work to understand not winning this year because all organisations deserve our full recognition for their achievements”, emphasizes Rudiger Zeyen of CEO of CONET technologies AG. The Club Abdo Hennef e.V. promotes sustainable and future-oriented senior work throughout the city of Hennef. The 1,500-euro donation will be used to expand of the offerings for people with dementia. In addition to the home care group offers and excursions to be financed, more to involve in social life ill. The children and Youth Foundation Hennef, short Charith, promotes Hennefer children and young people from socially disadvantaged Families.

Baltic Sea

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Live acts and DJs from all over the world provide party mood, also cinema, sports and fun are on the program. Price includes two night stay: 135 euro per person (accommodation in the bungalow at ten occupancy) April 26-28: the Baltic soul Weekender increases already for the seventh time on the white houses Beach: danceable music from five decades is on five separate dance floors, there are international soul greats (in this year, for example, Gwen Dickey by Rose Royce) as also well-known DJs, including Smudo of the Fantastischen Vier, on the stage. Price: from 149 euros per person including two nights accommodation (accommodation in the apartment for five Pax) Festival from November 8th to 10th November 2013 rolls the pop wave to the Baltic Sea and provides for three days party fun. “Is already certain: the party Emperor” Jurgen Drews is again and sings and moderated for the third time through the weekend. Price: from 129 euro per person including two nights accommodation (accommodation in the apartment when eight adult occupancy) 15-17 November: the metal hammer for the first time this year a heavy metal event is on the Festival program. More than 4,000 fans to the common headbanging on the Baltic Sea awaits. The Festival is organized in collaboration with the concert promoter FKP Scorpio.

22-24 November: the Rolling Stone Weekender the Festival held since 2009 in cooperation with the eponymous magazine is known for its excellent selection of rock and pop bands. At over 20 live concerts, thousands of people are indulging relaxed music or visit varied programme with lectures and after show parties. Price: from 129 euro per person including two nights accommodation (accommodation in the apartment when eight adult occupancy) link directory: german/festival.html #c information and booking: Tel. + 49 (0) 4361 / 5540 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Oldenburg communication, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 8814159-90 E-Mail: Internet: of the holiday and Amusement park white houses is Beach on the Baltic Sea/Hohwacht Bay with its very extensive sports, adventure, wellness and accommodation unique in North Germany. Guests between penthouse, apartment, bungalow, 4-star hotel can choose to 462,000 square meters. In addition to classic Baltic Sea holiday on the white sand beach, the facility offers year-round weather-independent holiday: subtropical swimming paradise, wakeboard and water ski adventure jungle land, recreation Hall, animation, mini club for children, sports and game park, dune bathroom and eight restaurants. Highlights: the second largest tubes slide in the world in the swimming paradise and the wakeboard facility.


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The electrodes are drivers used to pass power to a non-metallic element, they began its development in the 20th century when the use of welding are implemented as main part of electronic inventions of the time. The electrodes offer a wide variety of functions which can be applied, some of them are: electrodes in sport: these are a great contribution to practices such as the passive gymnastics, since this relies mainly on the use of electrodes for the stimulation of the muscles, using small electric shocks. Electrodes in health: the use of electrodes in medicine can vary in two ways:-the first form is the use of electrodes in the measurement of body functions. The electrodes are attached to the patient’s body, to provide a minimum discharge of electricity, so that special instruments can detect the movement of some organs that react to this shock, a great example of this is the use of electrodes to visualize the functioning of the nervous system. -Another form of use of the electrodes for medical purposes are the implementation of these in the process recuperatorios. After some processes such as muscle injuries or an implant of skin, electrodes are shown as minor or an excellent tool to return the sensitivity through electric shock. -It should be noted that physiotherapy, where electrodes are used is in the main activity as it provides a fast and efficient muscle recovery.

Electrodes in science: current utilization of electrodes in science, is mainly applied in achieve the conception of electronic elements such as music players and some things widely used currently as rechargeable batteries, electrodes allow the passage of current non-metallic elements facilitate the conception of this type of articles. Currently the development of electrodes has made that they should be divided into several types. Some of them like: alternating current electrodes: are the most used in the design of appliances. Welding electrodes: this is widely used to merge the elements by which the electrical current must flow. Currently the electrodes open the door to the development of new items such as USB rechargeable batteries, which are a USB memory stick and battery at the same time, among others. Currently the use of electrodes is implemented for the development of activities such as hydrolysis, which consists in the purification of water through the discharge of ions in the same. It goes without saying that one of the most useful inventions of science are the electrodes, and still most useful was to discover its various applications in activities such as sports, medicine and science.


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With regard to the formation of professors, Lech (2007), salient that the attention is urgent that must be given the formation of the professor. As example, Bodah (2010) quotation that one of the main problems that faced in exerting professor, was due to preparation lack, arguing that: ‘ ‘ the institutions of education generally in them prepare for the pupil ‘ ‘ ideal’ ‘ , while the pupil ‘ ‘ real’ ‘ he has of being deciphered cotidianamente.’ ‘ (p.13). Thus, the formation of the professors of physical education must have disciplines practical as: sports, dances, gymnasticses you enter others, and also you discipline as: philosophy, sociology, psychology, didactics and the periods of training. Thus, the academic will have the chance to establish the relation between practical theory and.

Being thus, Pepper (2008) considers that: ‘ ‘ In the formation of professors, resumes must consider the research as cognitivo principle, investigating with the pupils the pertaining to school reality, developing in them this investigativa attitude in its professional activities and thus becoming the research also formative principle in docncia.’ ‘ (p.17). For in such a way, the process is understood that educative, occurs between the theory and the practical one, then, the education always practical will be intecionalizada by the theory. Considering the affirmations above, it is understood that the graduandos in physical education, through discipline of Supervised Period of training establish the relation between the theory and the practical one, making with that the graduandos know and problematizem the pertaining to school context, elaborate projects, they organize and they co-ordinate the teaching activities.

Rolling Stone Weekender

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And also: effect slide, Turbo slide, wave slide, water game landscape, steep slide. Wild-water channel, Whirlgrotte, toddler pools… But also, Sanarium, sauna, steam bath and ice fountain. Who visits the adventure of jungle land, will see that already the South Seas begins 200 meters behind the Baltic Sea. Inside there are exotic birds, the pirate cinema, Bush bar, the Temple of the forbidden”, the giant terrarium plant with chameleons, snakes and a tropical fish and wildlife, gold wash, high ropes course, secret burial chamber and the only jungle restaurant of in Germany. Information and booking: Tel. + 49 (0) 4361 / 5540 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Oldenburg communication, Steinhoft 5-7, 20459 Hamburg Tel.: + 49 (0) 40 / 8814159-90 E-Mail: Internet: the holiday and leisure park is Weissenhauser strand Baltic Sea/Hohwacht Bay with its very extensive sports, adventure, wellness and accommodation unique in North Germany. To 462,000 square metres guests between Select 4-star hotel, apartment, bungalow and penthouse. In addition to the classic Baltic Sea holiday on the white sandy beach the plant offers weather-independent holiday 365 days in the year: subtropical swimming paradise, wakeboard and water ski adventure jungle land, recreation Hall, animation, mini club for children, sports and game park, Spa and eight restaurants. Highlights: the second largest tubes slide in the world in the swimming paradise and the wakeboard facility. Also: Billiards, bowling, badminton, mini-golf, trampoline, climbing, sailing, surfing, banana boat, horseback riding, hiking, cycling, archery, volleyball, basketball, walking, gymnastics and trips to Copenhagen, Lubeck, in the neighbouring Hansa-Park, to Fehmarn, as well as the large music events Baltic soul, pop wave, as well as Rolling Stone Weekender.

Chinese National Games

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(Cordyceps and Sports) History of a sensation 'Cordyceps' with a burst speed of the sprinter in the world of sports in 1992-1993. A little-known female Chinese national team begins to win the world championships and overthrow records stood for nearly 10 years. Newspapers are full of headlines like: 'Orgy of World Records',' The Chinese are brutalized ',' Giant woke up ',' Secret Weapon of Chinese athletes. " So, the Chinese National Games in 1993 Beydzhin city. In the race for 10 miles ahead beyond the 20-year-old Wan Yongxiang. She won this race in Stuttgart at the World Championships in 1992. As it turned out, it was only a prelude to this performance. Wang accelerates after mid-race distance, and each subsequent km it runs faster and faster! This has the sports world has ever seen.

After beating the world record by 42 seconds., Wan Yongxiang missing Chinese flag and ran with it a victory lap, hugging her coach and give an interview … It turned out that Van exceeded the 'impregnable' world record of 10 set by Ingrid Kristiansen km in 1986. She casually during the same race has broken records at distances of 5 and 3 km away! 2 days after 'dozens' was the race at 1,500 meters and at that distance was again Wan Yongxiang world record, with a score of 3.50,46. She is 2 seconds improved record TV Kazankina that 13 years was considered absolutely impregnable! Chinese women, one after another, easily ahead of world record (8.22,62, T. Kazankina, 1984), and in the final gold Wang won the same Yongxiang with a new record of 8.06,11. Only two days at this distance record was beaten by five girls: Wan Yongxiang it, Chu Yongxiang, Zhang Linley, Ma Liyuan and Zhang Lirong. For several days, the Chinese gymnasts overthrew the world record 14 times, and competed with almost no rest.

Cirque Du Soleil

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Number of tickets to Cirque du Soleil decreases with catastrophic force. Although du Soleil with its new show "Korteo" in Moscow will perform about 2 months from October 9 to December 12. In Moscow, there are several popular and well known in circuses around the world. We show your submission gymnasts, acrobats, magicians, animal trainers and clowns of course, as without them. Children, the main visitors to circuses, like most the last paragraph – the clowns.

They are funny, funny. The auditorium is transformed into one big, happy organism, which did not look everywhere smile. Another thing is Cirque du Soleil. Action for those who want to get into the story, feel full, genuine admiration directly as a child. That is, you realize that you buy a ticket to Cirque du Soleil show at the "Korteo" – this is an opportunity to get to another world.

No modern technology 3D, 4D, 5D, can not convey the full feeling under the big top du Soleil. Show "Korteo" – this is another original idea in the repertoire of Cirque du Soleil. "Korteo" in Italian means cortege. It was a motorcade procession past the theater or the audience is an illusory world of dreams circus clown with different themes, unusual characters, mysterious events. World Clown is extremely versatile and critically complex and simple, happy and sad. He opens his heart and gets the crowd to look at ourselves from the side. The atmosphere of the show "Korteo" cleverly supported by music specially modeled for the show. Songs are performed in more than 60 votes in a relaxed, playful and sentimental manner. Directors have even invented an unusual, dreamlike language for some tunes as a sort of collection of all languages. Several European languages on a par with his invention used during the show. The sound complements the show and it becomes a direct participant, helping viewers to go all the way Korteo a magical aura view. It remains to add that the show "Korteo" from Cirque du Soleil will be held several times a week in October, November and early December 2010 in the UK "Luzhniki" in the arena of the circus tent du Soleil. As they say, order tickets to Cirque du Soleil in advance ticket agency MosKiosk Tel: 8 (495) 227-61-64 mud on the site.

Imprisoned Intelligence

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this knowledge if of the one for them you live deeply professionals and staffs who permeiam learning and apprehending, this interaction body/mind is combined with the personality of each one. Such therapeutical procedure has great relevance in the corporeidade works, in hospital clinical Psicopedagogia/, where if aprendente works the citizen that it is distanciado of the conviviality with excessively aprendente in the scope of the school. Called from Somato-psicopedagogia, (that today the sensorial gymnastics is understood also), created for the osteopata Danis Oxen, in the decade of 80, Sculoxx, one originates from the Fasciaterapia, manual therapy of the same author above cited. It is observed that its purpose is to claim the integrity of the body, what we nominate of health, when losing itself this integrity and the distanciamento of itself exactly. Fernandez, psicopedagoga Argentine brides, in says in its book Imprisoned Intelligence to them, to the speech of the learning, tells that: ' ' The learning modality it is as it is as a matrix, a mold and a project to operate that we go using in the different situations of aprendizagem' ' (It brides Fernandez, p.19, 1999). To work the modalities of learning in symbiosis with the corporeidade agreement, are primordial to the work of the educator, to give aprendente a bigger focus of the knowledge of its body, not only in the aesthetic direction, but in a socializadora corporeidade that acquires knowledge the care with foods and one better quality of life, parallel to this educative action, the respect to the other, its space, and the individualities. Objectifying itself to restore the importance of the domain of the body and the mind in a therapeutical process. It is verified to be of utmost importance the internalization that the citizen aprendente has in a subjective contact with its proper body, meeting a corresponding direction, becomes to reflect that the body will be then flowing of knowledge? A relation with the body is established that if allows a learning through it and this action is linked cognitiva sphere, giving a perception of the understanding of the experienciadas subjetividades, the Somato-psicopedagogia, makes aprendente to have will to make to coexist the body and the mind, breaking itself of a new experiencial event and is learned with much intensity with the external stimulatons, enriches the comments, generates new incentivadoras of reflections and enables a bigger learning, in an interior boarding initially, never dantes perceived and that of the direction what it is gone to learn.

Emergency Situation

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A aspect that called attention in this question is that it had stories of that the grippe is an emergency situation When questioned on which procedure is taken in the occurrence of an emergency situation, 100% of the interviewed ones they had told that the aged one is directed for the hospital. It is observed that until arriving at the hospital, it could be offered interventions with the objective to minimize the suffering of this, that if finds in conditions of aggravates to the health. We understand that a survey of the necessities could be made, taking as starting point to the real difficulties of the field of performance of nursing technician. In accordance with Silva and Seiffert (2009) it is important to stand out that one program of continued education requires efficient and efficient planning to be, with necessary flexibility for the adaptation to the reality, the daily one of the work, the necessities of the professional, the sector of work, the institution and the technological evolution. Wehbe and Galvo (2010) mention that it is of basic importance the clarification and training for the attendance of the emergency situations.

Therefore, the constant update, is necessary, therefore, the nursing technician develops abilities so that they can act in unexpected situations of objective and synchronous form in which they are inserted. FINAL CONSIDERAES the boarding of the subject represented a great challenge for the lack of specialized literature the respect, since similar studies do not exist, that the comparison of the data allows. The data of the research had allowed in them to verify that the education continued with emphasis in situations of emergency to the aged ones is not implanted in way adjusted in the ILPI? s searched, but that the participants of the study, possess critical necessary on its importance, ahead of the requirements and challenges found in the ILPI? s.