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Tibet Disease

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Glomerulonephritis – are the most severe kidney disease with the flow and the severity of the forecast – the development of renal failure. Manifestations of this disease are diverse: edema, increased blood pressure, changes in the urinalysis, anemia (anemia). As the disease progresses kidneys no longer effectively clear the blood of toxins and the body accumulates toxins. It is advisable to use the following products Company: 1. Stimulants Piocal improve information transfer and thus lead to a state of balance metabolism, which is extremely important in glomerulonephritis. Optimize the allocation of toxins from the body. 2.

Harmonizer or Information matrix will remove an oppressive sense of doom that occurs at this severe disease. 3. Sorbents facilitate the diseased kidneys work to rid the organism's internal environment: Beloyar (with licorice extract), hits or Polihit. 4. Collecting Herbs life number 1 reduces swelling, adds trace minerals and vitamins, pronounced deficit which occurs in this disease. 5. Lohelan improve liver function by cleansing the body of toxins than the partially facilitate the work of diseased kidneys. 6. For the gastrointestinal tract are useful teas Magician, Tibet, and Joy, concentrate bifidobacteria and lactobacilli . 7. Useful in containing vitamins and macronutrients Kedrosil, Vitali, Apilam, migi.