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The World

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E to run away from this sacrifice for Lester, means the expression of its physical compulsion and spiritual, a time that under the mentally ill work this is not possible. Lester opts then, to carry through a simple work as employee of one ' ' drive-trhu' ' it stops to enjoy of more free time for the leisure, for its personal life and who knows, the reconstitution of the affective bows with the family. The attitude of Lester opposes it the exacerbado desire of its Carolyn woman to have success as broker of property, to the ambition in reaching ' ' rankinng' ' of sales of its competitor, taking to forget it to it the affective life with the husband and its express son what the familiar disaggregation. For it, the success is tied the condition TO HAVE more money TO BE so important how much its competitor. ' ' With the valuation of the world of the things it increases in direct ratio the depreciation of the world of homens' ' (P. 159). The attainment of more money was above of the love and the affection that Lester and Jane needed, thus generating, a conturbado familiar triangle.

At the same time where the money is the way that joins all the social bonds, it also it is the way that separates. It half constitutes true of separation and the union, the force galvano-chemistry of the society. … divine force of the money, inhabits in its character as to be generic mentally ill and auto-alienator of the man. It is the mentally ill power of the humanity (MARX, op.cit P. 232-233). Lester passes to be detestado by Carolyn, rejected for its Jane son. The affective lack makes with that Lester is gotten passionate for the pretty ngela, friend of its son and becomes friend of the young son of the military man, that will become later, boyfriend of Jane.

Healthy Climate In The Office

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Who has not found himself in a similar situation? Come to the next office, and look at you dozens of eyes of employees of this company, and you stand and think, where did you invite now, here's a man covered with papers and files table, or it, beside which stands a chair expressly for the visitor, but is firmly engaged in a pile of folders. Sad place, you think, with regret knowing that somewhere here you will need to solve business issues. Organization of work space important part of any company. Effectiveness of the company in direct proportion to how comfortable employees feel in the workplace. But not every firm can afford a stylish, designer decorated office interiors, office. Learn more at this site: Cindy Crawford.

What now must be content with such irrational office? Of course, all the best ideas are simple and easy to perform, they lie on the surface. Here are a few tips for the comfort of your office, and as a consequence, increase staff willingness to work. Office space and a private job first thing you should consider before changing environment, it is the seating of staff in the office. On the advice of scientists and psychologists, it is important to stick to two main criteria when planning the working area of each employee. The first is privacy of employees in the workplace increases their efficiency. And the second observation: the possibility of staff to communicate with each other in working on an important factor in professional success and reach the goals. Thus, productivity depends not on the forced constraints working area, and the creation of a multifunctional space that combines both these principles.