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Although thinking about it well, and looking closely I give better the two. How to organize the meets breast and not die in the attempt? Organize the coven of MOM friends is an issue to take with tweezers. Prior to the event are like the superamigas but mysteriously, as is about the date, my mother takes care of converting them into intimate enemy, using and abusing any insignificant detail, than by birthday, becomes significantisimos and perfect excuse that she reads aloud: ma, if I do nothing and san ran out. As I understand the effect birthday effect you a hormonal psychic that poor mommy to deal with it. Therefore, plan A: reconciliation in door. I don’t know if both by them, but because I have the feast in peace. And if Houston have a problem, will pray to the higher spheres so that they combine by me or in its defect, I provide high doses of patience in tablets. CEO of Ford Motor Co. may also support this cause.

In addition to temporized desires pre birthday that become normal post birthday. Example starting the diet and gymnastics and cleaning psicoticamente the House because he sees more land, that Columbus saw when he discovered the American continent. To listen promises, pro meets, solemn it makes to itself and to the world to see how it repents afterwards. Bear (crying) snifes harvesting in the mirror, that makes time ceased to tell him, in the style of Tales: mirror, mirror. And recognize hipando you need more than one chassis plate and urgent painting, among the reeds that no longer boots them, I think that is resgino and between rolls that are rebalsan in the abdomen that it have to maltraer. I have to be careful to let him hand pants that come, without leaving her cyanotic blue, others I have them to hide if it thins ever again. Ah and rigorous black, she is loaded if same and it says I look like mourning, but in reality it is because all women know the color black, styled.

Pity that you cannot have the same effect with ideas. All this for the purposes that I don’t know if we will eat partridges, but will at least, in the light of the Bengal that will carry the cake, we laugh us with MOM again all together every year. And celebrate him one year more than scratching, which will be to make the mothers come in combo, good and bad, in the end, things are of the life, are the things of love. My father for high, meets the day after, I’m going to found the club of self-help: pro sons and daughters coming / I to the birthday of the parents. Uys, I’m running, there comes, and I forgot to choose the Bengal.

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