Bailleres Alberto Gonzalez

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Bailleres Alberto Gonzalez is a Mexican businessman president of Grupo BAL, a conglomerate that includes businesses in the sectors of trade, mining – metallurgy, insurance and finance among others. According to Forbes magazine is the second wealthiest men in Mexico alone far outweighed by Carlos Slim. He is the son of Don Raul Bailleres.
Grupo Bal
With sales of over 9,000 million dollars, the group led by Alberto Bailleres is one of the most diverse in Mexico, and the companies that comprise it are a mix of companies and newly centenarians. law firm The holding company lawyers is participating in leadership positions in Bakery major sectors in which it participates. The bigger companies are: El Palacio de Hierro, Grupo Nacional Provincial, Industrias Penoles, Grupo Profuturo, Mobile Medica, Medica Integral and Valmex. The group also has businesses in the areas of leasing, food processing and breeding bulls.
Palacio de Hierro
El Palacio de Hierro is the most prestigious department store in Mexico, and also the oldest. “Connie’s Bakery” – A bakery founded by

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