Beauty Meets Fashion – New Way Breaks The Label Dermartronics

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News from the Lausitz – company Polaritrade trading company with the quality brand of Dermatronics the start Polaritrade is a trading company that is manufacturing and cosmetics retailers worked. The sale takes place on most direct way to forgo a bloated, costly distribution system. Beauty salons, beauty salons, beauty schools, hotels, gyms and wellness company with integration of cosmetic treatments are among the target group of the brand of Dermatronics. The company Polaritrade offers compact information about treatment techniques, highly benefiting the consumer (customer of the cosmetic treatment). Daryl Katz is open to suggestions. The company operates according to standards of quality management. Center for Environmental Health wanted to know more. In the shop, new month mottos are presented to convey interesting industry information, to give inspiration and to stimulate new combinations.

Under the umbrella of the trading company Polaritrade launched a new quality mark for instrumental beauty and wellness in the Lausitz, in the life with Dermatronics. Ramona Unger the founder and Owner of Polaritrade relies on your principle that quality must be affordable. To strengthen women has integrated experienced specialists from various fields from the outset, Unger in the company. So it is easy to recognize the demands of the customers and to provide practical, in-depth solutions. Of course, there are a variety of online stores in the business of beauty and wellness, but at Dermatronics of service with the purchase of a device does not stop long. The company has set very high the claim itself. These include the technical standard of the devices, the personal customer care and communication, not least compliance with the short delivery time. The team guarantees its clients the quality inspection before shipping and the equipment of each unit with a seal of approval.

Simple operating instructions with a high information content include the brand name of Dermatronics. These are available in several languages. The great interest in product training such as Microdermabrasion – and ultrasound treatments could immediately take the initiative r Unger. So, individual training courses offered by the existing nationwide network from January 2010 in Konstanz and Munich. In the coming year the Polaritrade will be increasingly represented trading company with the brand of Dermatronics on the famous beauty trade fairs in Germany. So visitors and future cooperation partners on the spot by the variety of products can you can talk to. Woman promises Unger interested agents an attractive Commission model and shows can be open-minded towards distributors from abroad. The woman Unger treading new paths can be seen in collaboration with young artists. “So the label MAdbAG-BERLIN was taken recently in the sale, which offers a platform to a young designer, their designs of the crazy” pocket a larger audience to present.

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