Berlin Estrel Convention Center

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\”World money fair 2009 – successfully with many news world money fair 2009 successfully with many novelties Berlinale ‘ of the coin collector (pdn) what film lovers the Berlinale, is money for coin collectors the world fair (WMF), which at the same time last weekend in the German capital on the stage went to the launch of the film festival. The variety of exhibitors and the large number of visitors also 2009 impressively underpinned the success of the WMF as world’s largest coin fair. A red carpet as the Palace at Potsdamer Platz also some booths at the Berlin Estrel Convention Center could Berlinale present. Money fair much closer inspection take the world however, the visitors were allowed to the stars\”. As in the cases of many international mints and coin dealers sparkled Numismatic treasures to reach close to the bet. And so many collectors used the opportunity to buy a long-awaited ancient coin or a fresh mint coins first to take home. One particularly popular for example, the bright light stand of the Royal Canadian Mint enjoyed that, inter alia, the latest editions of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic coin programme \”had brought. The host of the next Winter Olympics at the same time was the guest of honor country for this year’s fair.

Who wanted was allowed to operate at the Canada stand immediately even by hammer blow as Mint master and take its own production as a fair souvenir home. From the winter 2010 to 2012 Summer Olympics there were money fair only a few steps on the world. Because the British Mint of the Royal Mint was at the fair for the first time their London 2012 Olympic coin program \”before the official sales launch is planned according to Marketing Director Dave Knight for April 2009. There were more examples of impressive coin motifs, inter alia on the stands of the South African Mint or the Australian Perth Mint to admire.

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