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Call now and in the gift you get a pedometer and heart rate Just a couple of weeks of training in these sneakers, I increased the volume of their lungs by 20% – Broadcasting from the screen which then handsome man thanks to this shoe, I improved my personal record by 5 seconds – caught blonde "" Sneakers, so "- Zip the mind of the seeds, -" well I shoes still needed, but now like all the self- swims in hands. " And he decided to dial the phone of the store "Good afternoon, online sporting goods store – a pleasant female voice answered on the other end. "I would have it that " – Simon suddenly taken aback. "What can you offer?" – supported a woman's voice. " Wonder beauties uh, oh shoes", suddenly came to Simon – "left and right And what firms sneakers do you have?" "Unfortunately the beauty in our current I let the cleaning lady. I'm busy and have cleaner puritanism, she the phone is not met "- she joked at the end of an excuse -" well over the shoe can offer the following there Asics with gel inserts gel sensei, gel beyond Mitre – they are so smacked his lips when walking 🙂 Mizuno c breathable mesh upper Air Mesh and extractable insole. Still able to offer soccer cleats or rugby what sport you enjoy? "" Sports "- this question and the presence of a large assortment of seeds in a small plunge stupor

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