Chairperson Law

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The model of persecution of the downloads of works protected by copyright established in France and known as the Hadopi law, already starts to lubricate their machinery. After meeting a few days ago the intention of USA copy this French model, it follows its course and meeting milestones. According to the procedure laid down in the law, the Internet user downloading works protected by copyright is warned that he cease his activity. Subsequently, and noting an alleged reiteration of the facts, they receive a second warning, accompanied by a certified letter. The next step is, according to the Chairperson of the Commission on data protection of Hadopi, Mireille Imbert Quaretta, recounted deal case by case and not automatically each of the reports to decide which ones should be sent to the public prosecutor, which may order the suspension of the service in addition to imposing economic penalties of up to 1,600.

In terms of the suspensio of service, there is a (legal) debate underway to know what they should be cut, since there is the possibility of being denied access to websites of offenders but are allowed to use Messaging or communication services. The heads of Hadopi explained that in the past nine months, total detected on 18.380.844 incidents apparent, that came to identify 902.970 IP addresses through internet operators that provide connections and sent 470.878 first notices and 20.598 second letters certified by alleged recidivism on a total of $ 36 million of fertilizers of the internet that there are in France. Imbert Quaretta, influencing the pedagogical purpose of the law, pointed out that Hadopi makers boast that the development of his work has a deterrent effect, while that in parallel is preparing a more powerful system capable of simultaneously handle more cases and reach 200,000 newspapers against the 5,000 currently..

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