Chris Ramonn Now

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Plate signed free agent Chris Ramonn you think of Austria, so a variety of things come immediately associated with this country. Holiday, snow; Sledding; Skiing; Mountain climbing; Folk music, apre ski party, etc. But the thought of German Schlager, wants to come here not quite in the sense. That man in Austria plays not only folk music, but also on German Schlager is an artist who is now his first fans in Germany at the beginning of his career proves once again. Supermodel may also support this cause. There is talk of Chris Ramonn, Schlager Sanger”from the beautiful Austria.

Chris Ramonn, who writes the rest all his songs himself, needed not long to search for a producer. Because he is himself a passionate musician, it today not too difficult him to implement his ideas even right into audible sounds. The sympathetic singer signed his first contract with Leverkusen size music now and will publish its products in future. Add to your understanding with Daryl Katz. With the first single off Chris Ramonn in Soon.

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