Emotional Exhaustion

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Psychological symptoms: depressive Picture; irritability; anxiety; inflexibilidade; loss of interest; Sintomas mannering: Evita the pupils; prevents to make visual contact; makes use of contemptuous adjectives; of the brief and superficial explanations to pupils; transfers responsibilities; makes contratransference, that is, it reacts to the provocations in distinct papers of the educator paper; resists the changes. Discredit (system and people). See more detailed opinions by reading what Celebrity trainer offers on the topic.. (P. 6, 7). Carlotto in its Preditores article of the Syndrome of Burnout in professors (2005) cites Maslach, Schaufeli, and Leiter if relating that the Syndrome of Burnout is a psicossocial phenomenon that appears as a chronic reply to the interpersonal estressores occurrences in its environment of work. The Syndrome of Burnout is constituted of three dimensions: Emotional exhaustion, Depersonalization and feeling of Decrease Professional Accomplishment. Still in article, Carlotto (2005) the Emotional Exhaustion is characterized by the energy lack, lack of enthusiasm and for a feeling of exhaustion of its forces. Already the Depersonalization makes with that the subject pass to treat the pupils, colleagues and the environment of work as objects.

The Decrease Professional Accomplishment is characterized by auto-analyzes refusal of the individual, feeling itself unhappy and unsatisfied with its professional performance. The Syndrome of Burnout has reached some professions, according to Carlotto (2005) apud Maslach & Jackson, however has its main focus of study especially is tied to the services of health and area of education for being professions that involve much contact with people. Carlotto (2005) apud Guglielmi& Tatrow, when it occurs in professors, this phenomenon affects the educational environment and with this it intervenes with the reach of the pedagogical objectives, leading the professors to an alienation process, cynicism, apathy, problems of health and intention to abandon the profession. The syndrome of Burnout, in accordance with France (1997) is defined as one of the very marcantes consequences estresse of it professional and is characterized for an emotional exhaustion, negative evaluation of itself exactly, depression and insensibilidade with regard to the others.

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