Flavorings And Food Additives

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To improve the taste and smell of food in the diet are widely used flavors: spices and seasonings. They do not contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but rich in flavor and aromatic substances. Flavors have pronounced physiological effect, caused by a reflex secretion of gastric juice under the influence of these substances through the organs of smell and touch to the food center. This increases the appetite, "In addition, flavorings are chemical stimulants secretory activity of digestive glands. It is well known, and the negative impact of these substances in the body. For example, excessive use of vinegar causes the breakdown erythrocytes.

To spice or spices include pepper, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, ginger, vanilla, cumin, etc. are used as a seasoning salt, mustard and vinegar. Black pepper – dried unripe fruits of tropical plants family of pepper grown in the southern latitudes of the globe (India, Philippines, Java). Hot pepper flavor and its flavor due to it contains essential oil and piperine alkaloids. Cinnamon – bark of evergreen cinnamon (Cinnamomum ceylonicum) of the laurel family, dried and rolled into a tube. The aroma of cinnamon is due to the contained cinnamic aldehyde and acid.

Cinnamon is used for baking pastries, with the making of sweet dishes, sauces, marinades, national dishes. Pink – dried flowers unblown allspice from myrtle family. Used in the manufacture of cooking stews of meat, fowl, in marinades for mushrooms and vegetables. Vanilla – dried or dried unripe fruit of a tropical plant of the orchid family.

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