Genetic Engineering

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ALB-gold presents pasta products with the new nationwide without genetic engineering logo before about two weeks it presented: the new Federal logo for the labelling of foods without genetic engineering. Now, at the pasta manufacturer ALB-gold in Trochtelfingen produced the first packs with the new seal on the Swabian Alb and delivered in the next few days in the trade. CEO Klaus Freidler is an absolute supporter of the marking. He is of the opinion that genetic engineering in food has lost nothing. With his company he campaigned with briefings and Panel rounds on the topic of green gene technology for food and agriculture without genetic engineering. ALB-gold every company with its individual character is one of about 20 companies that label their products since May 1, 2008 to the present day. The introduction of the new logo is for us – as a producer of high quality products -“an important step in terms of consumer education, explains the pasta producer. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta will not settle for partial explanations. The freedom of choice of consumers will be significantly strengthened in my opinion.

Also I see a positive sign of the policy for food and agriculture GMO – and thus for sustainable food production in the nationwide seals”, so Freidler next. He admits however as well, that the issue for many stakeholders still questions. Agricultural producers, intermediate processors and food manufacturers also need more transparency and a comprehensive information campaign. So, the use of the logo for more food manufacturers can be attractive. Also for the partners of the trade, this is of immense importance further emphasizes the producer of pasta. Pages of consumer organisations and interested food business called a uniform label for marking for a long time – Finally, around 80% of users reject genetic engineering in food.

In the future will show, whether the consumer enough pressure to the grocery trade and the major food groups exert by neglected products without identification. Insert ALB-gold is the new label from now on all sale packs his brand pasta from the ranges of ALB-gold”and za fresh pasta”. For owners Klaus Freidler, it is clear that he is with his pasta, his quality thinking and transparency in the production on track. Noodles and dumplings are absolutely traditional food and must of course remain possible as genetic engineering has lost nothing in it for him.

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