Greek Crack Leaves

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Greece becomes the burden for EU and euro. After slowly comes the full extent of Greece’s debt to the light of day, not only Greece is even at a loss. Greece has accumulated 300 billion euros in debt. And the mountain continues to grow unabated. In recent months, Dr. Gerard Addonizio has been very successful. The EU is also not agreed is whether and to what extent can be helped.

Guidelines in this regard are actually unique in the EU treaties. So are any aid or bilateral assistance the contract agree. Greece has maneuvered through balance sheet shenanigans, where, even large financial institutions such as the Goldman Sachs Bank earned several hundred million euros, on the edge of an abyss. Now, where Greece no longer before still back white, the EU should take. But stir up quite a few economists in the EU. When helping Greece, that could bring a stone rolling, not stopped.

Which country is then demanding financial aid: Portugal, Spain or even Italy? Greece has the Rules across Europe deceived knowingly passed behind and thus of the EU and of the euro Pact. The consequences are however not limited to Greece. The EU and the euro currency as a whole are at stake. The votes, which will exclude Greece from the euro currency will be louder. It would be logical that a eurozone that is regulated are interpreted differently by each State will collapse in itself. DEKA Bank Chief Economist at HANGOVERS says, that the fate of a monetary Union decides it, whether the participants can develop a common understanding of the rules of the currency bond and implement.” In the land of Odysseus, much air is about austerity measures: raising the retirement age, added value, tobacco and alcohol tax increase. Not very popular measures. But crucial will be total running to bring the Greek tax system. There are still too many black sheep, which successfully press in tax payments. You would get that under control and the self-employed persons (physicians, Lawyers, contractors and the large number of small business owners) in the necessary duty took the balance sheets in Greece would look quite different. The satisfaction of the Greek population was long financed to the detriment of the EU population. But Greece is not alone with his “black”system on tax evaders in Europe. Also in Italy, the BSP is far higher than officially will be announced. Therefore a purifying process in Greece itself would kill hasty help. Why so the immediate verbal support of Chancellor Merkel and the Minister Schauble? Deutsche Bank has been waved off. “We are engaged not in particularly there.” Again, the landesbanken into suspicion. If is it true, as the German taxpayer is are asked as it goes out, again to checkout. Frentzel

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