Grounded Fishing

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Usually when we say we are all paid fishing usually mean a trip to the lake or reservoir. It is understandable, since one of the most popular fish for carp is the Muscovites, who are actively mastered the outskirts of Moscow ponds careers and the dam. If we had conducted a survey among fishermen, many of them would say that with this fish, they started their "labor" fishing experience and remain committed to such fishing for life. Still not tired of carp amaze us with their donors. on the subject. Let us consider the main points of how to succeed in catching the fish and to achieve good results with minimal effort. First, let's find out what part of the gear for carp directly. This is – a sinker, and hook the leash. From these 'three pillars' and the correct choice of nozzle and depends on our success with you and paid great fishing.

Everything else is secondary, ie at a certain skill to bring reliable Grounded hook a fish it is theoretically possible and "melee." All this is feasible under ideal conditions in a fishery where the fish can play without fear, that she decides to hide in the reeds or snags. To deepen your understanding Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is the source. Here we have the need arises to "leverage", ie a rod and reel, by which we can extract not only fish, but throw our snap on and accurately. In addition, we may need: alarm bite – float rack rod (the Flyers out of dry branches or under the genus) and, of course, podsachek.

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