Hollywood Stars Diets

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We probably would not hesitate to few extra pounds, if not for Hollywood stars. Their long legs and graceful, high chest, waist aspen and other inaccessible to the ordinary woman charms actively replicated media. Beauty and beautiful impudently smiling on the cover of glossy magazines and blue screens. About how some of them maintain their shape, we'll tell you. Liz Hurley remains thin due to the fact that the goes to restaurants with your devices.

Miniature fork and knife can have it all you want, while maintaining excellent shape. Of course, most of us in the restaurant runs infrequently and do not need to overshadow these rare events, but for home use, this method is quite suitable. When Claudia Schiffer arrived from Germany to the United States, she needed urgently to lose 8 kilos for the first photo shoot. She used the following diet: for breakfast yogurt, nuts and fruit juice for lunch wholemeal bread, meatless soup and juice for dinner the French and Chinese cuisine. And the constant struggle with the pastry. The new formula diet Meg Ryan before filming begins to actively engage in sports: 3 times a week jogging and practicing yoga. Courteney Cox hates the usual sports and solves the problem of weight through yoga. Brooke Shields uses his trademark mix of yeast and fruit.

Jennifer Aniston has tried many diets – she has a bad metabolism, due to excessive consumption of hamburgers, sandwiches with fries in the past. But now it all perfectly. Naomi Campbell rightly trusts peeling with which it achieves the velvety skin and soft lines, subdued the entire planet. Jennifer Lopez used to be thicker. Today's athletic and curvy shape – the result of a complete renunciation of fatty foods and active fitness. Jennifer Breakfast consists of whole-grain bread and coffee, on the star dinner drinks cocktail and dinner – salad with meat or fish. Melanie Griffiths in his 50-something looks good as ever. Every day at breakfast she drinks soy protein shake. Recipe: tbsp soy cup berries, a cup of ice and half a cup of apple juice. Chief Specialist of keeping his body in great shape is Sophia Loren. She – a true genius of self-discipline, managed to win his age. Sophie is passionate about pasta and never eats it. She rarely eats meat and drinks plenty of water. Sophie does not drink alcoholic drinks, chips, does not smoke cigarettes. Fruits, vegetables and cheese – the main composes her diet. As you can see, look wonderful and everyone likes easy. And, most importantly, it's not expensive.

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